Master Sword and Hylian Shield
Master Sword & Hylian Shield
The Master Sword and Hylian Shield
General Information
Wielder Link
Weapon Type Sword and Shield
Price Free
Special Effects None

The Master Sword and Hylian Shield is a magic sword and shield that have accompanied Link on many adventures and helped him repeatedly save the land of Hyrule. It is the well-balanced weapon for Link in Soulcalibur II.

Legend of Zelda mythos

The Master Sword made its debut in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and appears in most installments of the series as the most powerful weapon that Link can obtain, storywise. Originally, it was the Goddess Sword, a powerful weapon forged by the goddess known as Hylia, made to be used by her chosen hero one day. Guiding the hero was a spirit living inside of the blade known as Fi. By tempering the blade in the sacred flames of the goddesses Din, Farore and Nayru did it receive its more familiar form through gradual empowerment. Gameplay wise, if the sword plays a part in the story, expect stronger weapons. It is often aptly referred as the Blade of Evil's Bane due to its affiliation with Link slaying evil monsters with its magical blade. It is for this reason that Link must seek out for this sword in order to banish evil effectively. The Hylian Shield made its first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time where Link's younger self can obtain it before he becomes an adult. Due to its size and weight, Link can't use it in conjunction with the sword, serving as a 'turtle shell' as he ducks with his shield facing up to cover him. Upon obtaining the Master Sword and becoming older, he is able to wield it with the other hand. Similar shields have since then appeared in other installments before it makes its second official appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The very first Hylian Shield was forged by the thunder dragon Lanaryu in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword where it was presented to Link as a reward for overcoming eight of his trials. Forged by divine hands, the Hylian Shield was the ultimate shield Link could obtain as it could block all attacks and was impossible to shatter.


  • The Master Sword is the only sword in Link's arsenal to have a scabbard. The other weapons have no scabbard in Soulcalibur II if Link uses them. Additionally, if Link uses the Mirror Shield he no longer has the scabbard for the Master Sword.
  • The appearance of both the sword and the shield is the one from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
  • There is no distinction between the P1 and P2 versions of the Master Sword.
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