Meat on the Bone (SCV)
AO Joke
Wielder Aeon
Weapon type Joke weapon
Unlocked at player level 53
Meat on the Bone (SCIV)
Wielder Lizardman
Weapon type Joke weapon
Price 11,600 Gold
Attack 65
Defense 30
HP 45
Power 30
Impact 30
Boost 30
Gauge 30
Special 30]
Native skill HP Burst

Meat on the Bone is Lizardman's joke weapon in Soulcalibur IV. It can be bought in Character Creation for 11,600 Gold after completing Story Mode with Lizardman. It has HP Burst equipped by default as a skill, which allows players to recover HP by pressing A+B+K simultaneously during battle, though their Soul Gauge will gradually decrease after a certain amount of time. It comically resembles a leg of meat as the weapon, and a grill lid for the shield.

Meat on the Bone is also Aeon's joke weapon in Soulcalibur V. This time around, it comes in the form of two legs of meat.

Like all of the joke weapons in Soulcalibur V, Meat on the Bone is unlocked by reaching level 53.

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