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  • I need help setting up my Fanon article, I have no idea how to set it up.

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  • Hi. My name is Thecontributor22. Most of the time, I go on wikis to either add new and unlisted information (if it hasn't already been done), or to report to wiki admins about vandalism.

    I saw that one particular person on this wiki who goes by Schnuffelrocks has made a change to Sophitia's and Cassandra's pages. On both, he has changed the styling of Cassandra's name (he made it so that the "ass" in "Cassandra" is italicized). I have no idea if this counts as vandalism, but I wanted to report it.

    It is possible that by the time you read this, someone else may fix the problem, but I want to ley you know about it regardless. I hope this information comes in handy in some sort of way, and thanks for all you have and continue to do. Also, be safe out there. Thecontributor22 (talk) 10:55, May 15, 2020 (UTC)

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  • You didn't really give me a chance to respond to what you said, but no hard feelings. lol

    At any rate, your saying that "none of the games actual events are mentioned on the timeline as they take place after September 1583" is not true. That entry is itself an in-game event, namely Mitsurugi's second battle in his Edge Master mode. Not even the first, the second battle. You are literally playing the game in 1583.

    As stated from the page:
    "御剣平四郎が、「そうるえっじ」捜索のために能島城を訪れる。 "
    "Heishiro Mitsurugi visits Noshima Castle in search of Soul Edge."

    (Now, the English version of the game mistranslates this as "Notō" Castle, but you can confirm that the kanji are the same in the Japanese version.)


    English Version "Notō Castle"


    Japanese Version 「能島城」
    (You may have to pause as they flip the page pretty quickly.)

    But, here's the thing. There are no official sources--in-game, artbook, etc.--that I can find that would indicate that Soul Edge occurred in 1584, SC1 in 1587, etc. Not in English nor in Japanese. Only 1583.

    Outside of Soul Edge, Soulcalibur V, and Soulcalibur VI, anything regarding the timeline was only spoken about in non-specific terms. "The 1550s", "For over 20 years", "The end of the 16th century", "3 years later", etc.

    My guess is that, given that SCV was supposed to be super story driven before it got its funding cut, prepping for SCV was the first time that they laid out everything in detail at all. They included all the stuff that had been mentioned in the previous games and artbooks, but spelled out the concrete years, hence the timeline page from the art book.



    And all this compiled info can also be found in SCVI's museum. So, it seems like this is the official canon we're working with.

    I can only conclude that the original sin was that perhaps someone, years and years ago, saw Mitsurugi's birthday somewhere, 6/8/1562, also saw that the game took place in 1583, and then saw that the game lists him as 22, and made the assumption that the devs don't know how to do math. But, I really do believe that this was a wrong assumption that every fell victim to.

    The reason being is that Mitsu's birthdate in the "alternate history" page above is very much meant to be a historical take. That page exists to tie Soul Edge into Japanese history and in addition, his and the other characters from East Asia use classical height and weight measurements (shaku/sun 尺・寸 and kanme 貫目 respectively).

    Thus, they probably used the classical Japanese age reckoning for the birthdate as well.

    Now, I can't say for sure that going into Soulcalibur onward, they really stuck to using classical age for the relevant characters. But, no other official sources have birth years listed anywhere. Not even Mitsu's full birthdate was never included in-game for Soul Edge. Only the characters' ages in any given game or artbook.

    But, the timeline image above does state that Hilde was 11 in 1583, putting her birth year as 1572 (the wiki says 1573 currently) and also says that Ivy's mom was impregnated in 1558. From there, if Ivy's birthday is really in December (probably just the day she was found on the doorstep), given how human gestation works, that pretty much means that she was born in 1558. The wiki says 1559, and the only way that would make sense is if her birth mom kept her several months before giving her up. But, we don't know that. They didn't get that specific with it. It also says that Cervantes claimed Soul Edge in 1553. So, if that stopped his aging, he'd be born in 1505.

    Given all of this, I would highly advise at least fixing the in-game years (1583/1586/1590/1607) as that seems to have always been consistent and those years are front and center while playing SCVI's story modes. If you'd insist on keeping them as they are, could you at least point me to the other sites that you are trying to keep in line with, and/or tell me what official sources you're working with for the in-game years?

    Now, as for the characters' birth years...I honestly don't know. They were never sourced, so you could just wholesale delete them and not have to deal with any discrepancies. Or, you can place a footnote on the East Asian characters' ages, and adjust any non-East Asian characters' birth years back one. At any rate, specifically Hilde's, Ivy's, and Cervantes' birth years have come into question.

    I know that was hella long, but thank you for your time.

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    • Hey, it's me. Here to cause trouble again for the holidays. lol

      But, this should really be the last of it.

      I've been doing some more reading, and what I can gather is that at least for the New Legends of Soulcalibur book (where that large timeline originated), they're not really adhering to old-school East Asian age reckoning if you read the events surrounding characters like Xiba and Natsu.

      Specifically, it talks about how Kilik left Xianghua and has been dealing with Astral Fissures for the past 17 years (leaving no room for Xiba to technically be 15 and not 16). As well as how it says that Natsu was possessed by Arahabaki 17 years ago (meaning that she had to at least have been born and really is 17 by our standards).

      But, the info in that book still adheres to Soul Edge being in 1583 and so on and so forth. So, that likely leaves one of two roads to go down.

      a. The Soul Edge characters: Mitsurugi, Taki, Hwang, Li Long, Mi-na, and Han-myeong use old school age reckoning and are technically 1 year younger than they are. But, anyone introduced from SC1 onward didn't adhere to that. Since everyone's ages are listed together in the same games, it creates weirdness and makes the original SE characters' ages questionable. And a note could be added onto their pages saying as such.

      b. Since Mitsu's was the only concretely listed birth year before SC5, it may be the simplest to posit that that was retconned away and he was actually born in 1561. And since we don't know if they took into account that the Western characters in SE wouldn't use the same age system, everyone's birth years and ages from whatever country can now coincide without trouble. (I'm partial to this one if I'm being honest.)

      The reason I bring this up is because there's nothing stopping anyone at a later date from doing more math in their head and putting everyone's birth years back up on the wiki. And it is convenient to have the years listed on the profiles, given the games take place over a span of time. Everyone can grasp at a glance how individual characters line up with each other without knowing what year each individual game is in. And it provides an anchor going forward since SC6 takes place over 6-7 years.

      But, it'll never be perfect since we know that the events in previous games at least took place over months and whatever day it was, someone's birthday may not have come yet and that means that their stated age is wonky no matter what (that's true for a lot of media, really). And so continuing to leave the birth year blank alleviates this to a point.

      So, I'll leave the final say on whether the birth years should be here on the wiki or not to you all. If you want them back, I'll do it since I was responsible for removing them in the first place.

      Let me know, and Happy Holidays.

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    • Thanks for the hard work, even though I was kinda disagreeing with you on 8WR at the beginning! I guess we should ask Okubo on Twitter to know exactly how to handle it ^^

      Happy holidays to all!

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  • Sorry about that. I do want to make sure everything is correct here. As in my most recent post that I made to the community wall, Project Soul didn't make a mistake with the years. As such, the years should really be kept to what all the official media says.

    Even way back from the first game, it's been consistent. I dont know if you can read Japanese or not, but this is from the Soul Edge archive. Note the 1562 and 1583 years for Mitsurugi's birth and the events of the first game.

    I wasn't trying to step on any toes. Just trying to correct the record. Thanks for your consideration.

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    ColColton closed this thread because:
    Issue has been closed for now.
    01:17, December 20, 2019
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    • The reason why it's off is because of the reckoning age that I mentioned before. Up until the 20th Century, Japan started their ages at 1 and not 0. So, the games state his ages as 22-25-29-46, but by modern conventions, he would be a year younger. 21-24-28-45.

      Given this, the years line up. If the only concrete birth year we were going off of was Mitsurugi's, then that should be taken into account across the board.

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    • You can't just assume that the east Asian reckoning age was used within Soulcalibur lore. The game is very westernised despite coming from Japan and it is never explicitly stated that it was used. Every other page on the internet uses 1584-1587-1591 and we weren't even the first site to do so. Also, in this timeline it states "Another History" surrounding the evil blades. Going up to September 1583, however, none of the games actual events are mentioned on the timeline as they take place after September 1583, starting properly with 1584.

      Anyway, for now I want to put this issue to rest as we match up with all other websites at the moment and until any sufficient enough evidence can be provided (not just the possibility that they used the reckoning age just because they did in real life) we are dropping the issue until further notice.

      Thank you.

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  • Hi Colton, I'm Bluerock, and I'm the new Wiki Manager, taking over from PsiSeveredHead. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or need any help with the Wiki!

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  • Hi there! i was Wondering if i could become an Admin or a Content Morderator here on the wiki? if not that is completely fine! :3

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  • Wikia Staff
    Hi! My name is PsiSeveredHead, and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the SoulCalibur Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall or talk page. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) contribs 19:42, May 20, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Where do I make deletion requests?

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  • I need help trying to understand the Soulcalibur lore. Specifically, I see that this wiki is able to explain the lore for each game, but I wish to know where the editors are finding this information for games such as Soul Edge/Blade or Soulcalibur, which do not have intro cutscenes that explain lore or any lore setup in the manuals either. TL;DR: where is the legitimate source of lore information for Soul Edge/Blade and Soulcalibur?

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