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  • In regards to what you wrote on the Administrators talk page you haven't actually made a constructive edit to the Wiki since 5 March, 2015 you edited Cassandra's page back then. All that you have edited since then has been Fanon, Threads, Talk pages and Blog posts.. So technically your rights should have been revoked 7 weeks ago. So, I'm actually asking you, where do we go from here?

    EDIT: I was actually thinking about extending the time for Bureaucrats to 12 months before rights are removed, while other regular admins would stay at 10 months. I'm not sure though as that could cause a rift with regular admins who think it is unfair. If that extension were to happen then you would have 1 week to make constructive edits to keep your rights, however I hope you have read what my worry was on the admin talk page about giving said warning.

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    • I originally had a big long reply, but for some odd reason it didn't post. So I'm just going to go to the conclusion. I know that I didn't make any constructive edits in a long time. Therefore, I'm willing to accept my fate and forgo my rights as a bureaucrat. I don't see the use in having power that I'm not going to use. However, I'm glad you didn't strip me of my rights just yet as I was able to help the former admin regain access to his pages that he locked for protection. But... I do think you changed the rule for cannon pages being the only ones to count too suddenly and without warning before you revoked his admin rights. I originally became an admin back when the fanon and canon wikis merged in 2009 to help clean up the bigger mess it was back then, it's the reason I wrote the rules of fanon. As for where to go, it's up to you. But if you ever want my advice, I'm willing to give it as a former head of admin.

      Personally, I think it would be unfair to do that for the bureaucrats only. That would cause a huge rift. As I said, I'm willing to accept my fate. However... I did come up with a solution to both your worry and my issue, consider it my final contribution as a bureaucrat. On the expiration date of losing their administrative rights, write on their wall that they are being given only a week's extension as an admin to get their affairs in order. This way if they did what the former admin I helped did and lock their pages to admins only, they can fix it themselves. And even if they make constructive edits in that time frame, they cannot use that to weasel their way to keep their admin rights. It solves your worry because they can't just edit to stay an admin and it solves my issue because they are at least warned that they are losing their admin rights and are given time to solve their affairs. What do ya think?

      With that said, mind giving me one more week to handle my affairs before stripping me of power? I don't have the time to do it all today and it can serve as an example of the new policy I proposed.

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    • Thank you for being so understanding and not making a big deal over losing your rights. You were a good Admin and a great Bureaucrat and I understand how hard it can be to be active and maintain the Wiki all the time. So I respect you. However, do you mind removing your rights yourself? Only you or Wikia Staff can remove Bureaucrat status so would you mind doing it? That way I won't have to contact Wikia Staff and ask them. I actually spoke to another Admin about changing it to canon pages, we were discussing what an "constructive edit" actually is and realized that editing your own fanon isn't very constructive to the Wiki, but yeah I should have given a warning, I understand that. Yes, I will come to you if I ever need help with anything as you are an experienced Admin! Don't forget though, you can reapply for Adminship six months from the date your rights were removed, so you can always become one again!

      Yeah that's what my initial thought was, so I will leave the rule as is. Yeah I completely agree with that! That's a great suggestion, and will solve the problem! It will need to be added to the Admin Policies page and/or the general Administrators page (feel free to add that information to the page if you want too, to be like your final act). Thanks for the suggestion, it will work greatly!

      Yeah that's absolutely fine, it is the new policy after all! Like I said at the top anyway, only yourself or Wiki Staff can remove Bureaucrat status so I wouldn't have the power to remove your Bureaucrat rights anyway. It's actually sad to see old Admins going, they were a great team. Bittersweet, hopefully in the future some may return but for now it's on to the new generation! Thank you for all that you done while you were an Admin! Also, a personal thank you for making me an Admin in the first place! The Wiki wouldn't be what it is right now if it wasn't for that so thank you!

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    • Do my posts not seem to make it on my wall or something?

      Still, I did have another long reply, but I don't see it right now. So I'll try to make a shorter one.

      It was an honor to be an admin and a bureaucrat on this wiki. But as I said before, I don't see the use in having power that I don't really use anymore. I'll do it on Saturday as I did ask for that week's extension. I personally think that Wikia staff should give the power to remove that status to the person in charge of a specific wiki, but they have their reasons. I do understand why you changed it to canon, as fanon pages are not really that constructive. Then again, this is one of the few wikis out there with both fanon and actual canon. I mainly offered to give you advice when you ask for it because I've been in your shoes before. The only difference is that you wanted the job and it was forced on me by other admins who left. I'll think about it in six months.

      It's not a bad rule in the first place. I'm just glad that you liked my idea. But I must say, I personally disagree with some of the admin policy. It's the duty of an Admin to enforce the rules and help users who need it. And it's the duty of the Bureaucrats to write the rules and decide how they should be enforced. That's why I find the "must do a constructive edit" thing silly. As long as both the Admins and the Bureaucrats do their jobs, things should be alright. However, there are a lot of us inactive admins that haven't even been doing what I just said. So by adding that rule, I would be doing a constructive edit. However, I'm still going to willingly retire regardless. I like that final act, it will be the most constructive thing I've done for the Wiki since I first wrote the Rules of Fanon. You're welcome, I prefer to find methods that are fair to both parties involved.

      Thanks for granting my week's extension. Though I still think the staff should have given you the power regardless. I know it's sad to see admins come and go, but life goes on. Right now, it's your generation's job to keep this Wiki going. I did do a lot as an admin, but in the short amount of time you have been in charge... you have done so much more. I guess because I made you an Admin in the first place, it makes you my protege? Just kidding, I just always wanted to say that.

      And now here's the rant of a retiree. I did do a lot of things, including write the Rules of Fanon. At that time, I was one of the two heads of the fanon side. The other head, SMS1996 ended up leaving after a few months and I was stuck with the job. However, I didn't write those rules alone. It was working with the other Admins and Bureaucrats that made the rules how they are today. I first started them, but I didn't write all of them alone. And after time, other Admins left and I was stuck with the title "Head of Admin" before I knew it. Thing is, it wasn't for me. I was barely able to bring in other Admins to help with the fanon side, let alone run the Wiki. When you first came in and asked to become an Admin, I was a little skeptical. However, I could tell that you also wanted to improve the Wiki. So I made you an Admin. And after that, the Wiki improved drastically. And when you asked the staff to allow you to adopt the Wiki, it finally caught up with the other Wikis out there. So I didn't mind that you took control, you were better for this Wiki than I was. Actions speak louder than words, and you spoke loudly. It's true I did a lot for this Wiki, but you have done so much more as I said earlier. So I'd like to take this chance to verbally pass the torch to you. Just remember, be strict and gentle at the same time with the users. When they break a rule, tell them what they did wrong and help them fix what they did so they will know how not to break the rule again. Even though you have become the leader of this Wiki months ago, I leave everything to you and the other Admins of the new generation. Please continue to keep this Wiki a place for all the SC fans out there.

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