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  • Hey! Since you're here, I'd like to invite you to Zerg and my wiki, If you're interested, then you can read up on the bios and ask Zerg and I about stuff. Hope to see you join :)

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  • Sakura told me what she told you, and then what you had to say about it. I apologize for my suspicions, and would like for you to return. I was told that you would be on a hiatus anyway due to vacation, but am uncertain as to whether you intend to leave permanently or will be coming back to fanon. I do not expect you to continue to collaborate with me; I would just like to know whether your departure is temporary or permanent.

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    • Oh okay, that works. But if that's the case, Henri and The Organization should still be working very closely together at that point. I did forget to mention that Xie Tian was targeted specifically to lure Helen out to make the Lions’ Pride leaderless.

      So at the end of Circle of Legends, would Kieran and Susanna consider themselves members of the Lions' Pride?

      Also, if you can give me the creation details to Kieran and Susanna, that would be great.

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    • Alright I will get those details to you.

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