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  • I am female
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  • Hi there, I have went ahead and rolledback the edits you made to Tira's page as you have not been writing the quotes in the correct format!

    I have told you in the past (via edit summary) to write quotes correctly, and linked you to the page that tells you the correct format, and yet you still do not.

    I originally went and edited your first few edits to make them the correct format, leaving you an edit summary to do it correctly. Even after that, you made more edits incorrectly.

    It's very annoying and tedious for us admins to have to go back and edit newer edits that are a bad format, especially quotes, when the rules clearly state how to edit correctly.

    You must read Editing rules and common mistakes before making any kind of edit to the wiki! I appreciate your help in trying to improve our wiki but if you are not going to follow our rules and edit correctly then please do not edit.

    If this happens again in the future you may have to be blocked!

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Thank you!


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    • Yea, editing from a phone is not the easiest task. If you do not recall, I used to edit and create most of the pages on this wiki around the time of SC5 release and used to be a mod myself. I'll fix the issues.

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  • Hello maybe you can help me. During a certain attack Viola from SCV says something like "Orc Around" (lol) She does have a weird accent but I can't figure out what she's saying. Is it *Orb Around" "On the Ground" or maybe something entirely different I know this is a very trivial matter but it's killing me pls help!

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