Money Pit - Top Tier
Money Pit Top Tier
Background music Ordinary Pain
Home to Voldo and Yoshimitsu (SCII)

Money Pit - Top Tier is a stage in Soulcalibur II. It is Voldo and Yoshimitsu's home stage.

Four versions of the stage exist, A small-sized arena with no walls, a medium arena without walls, a large arena without walls and a large arena with walls to prevent ring outs.

This deep chasm is both the storehouse and the tomb of the Italian merchant of death, Vercci. This place, built on a nameless island in the Mediterranean Sea, is renowned to grave robbers as the Money Pit. Countless booby-traps--including a water trap based on the tides--line the pit, but the most feared deterrent is the enigmatic guardian that awaits within. None who have sought the treasures have ever returned.

This platform is the top lever of the Money Pit, located near the entrance opening. But grave robbers must be wary, for one missed step means certain death down the chasm. They may get to the treasure at the bottom, but it is meaningless if they are dead.

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