Motion and Stillness is one of Azwel's weapons in Soulcalibur VI.


In his search for waves to apply to the cursed and spirit sword fragments in the Palindrome gauntlets, Azwel narrowed down the possible fundamental principles involved to but a few through experiments in battle. Among his discoveries was that "motion" was highly compatible with a set of weapons he had already made: the Spear and Shield of Arbitration.

The following passage was found among the sage's research records:

"Humanity has advanced by the application of the principle of panta rhei(ancient Greek meaning "everything flows"). All motion becomes stillness, and stillness is a sign of motion to come. Halting that pattern and allowing it to decay would be nothing less than a rejection of evolution itself. Thus, it is my duty to use agitation, to bring the souls of my beloved to a higher plane."

Note: Parenthetical comments are translations for clarification.


Motion and Stillness is the default weapon for the player in Libra of Soul if Azwel's style is chosen, his formed weapons being green and yellow for Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, respectively.


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