Natalie is a non-playable character in Soulcalibur VI who can be seen in Libra of Soul. She is a member of the Aval Organization, working alongside fellow members Grøh and Dion, and the Player Character to track down the Evil Seed and Astral Fissures. Natalie uses Sophitia's fighting style.


Soulcalibur Vl

Natalie is one of The Aval Organization's elite officers and is the youngest member of the task force set to defeat Azwel. Her primary duties include, among other things, coordination with the strategy and support divisions. Natalie was born into a family of French aristocrats who have sympathized with Aval's ideas and supported them for generations. Her parents noticed exceptionally agile mind at a young age and convinced the organization to let her join their research division. Natalie was able to achieve great success in her research, investigations, analyses, and predictions. However, Curtis one of the Twelve recognized that she had other talents and had her transferred to the officer corps, There, she learned Aval dagger techniques and earned a reputation for her combat skills. As Curtis's assistant, she spent much of her time helping him in his quest to prioritize safety over results a pursuit she believes to be extremely illogical. Some members of the organization choose to avoid her, viewing her strictness towards herself and others as a sign of inflexibility and unfriendliness. However, she is well-regarded by her superiors for her many success and deeply analytical mind. Natalie specifically requested to be assigned to the task force sent to hunt down Azwel. However, she refuses to say why.


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