The New Timeline is the rebooted universe of the Soulcalibur series, starting from Soulcalibur VI onward.

Little is currently known about what the New Timeline entails as a whole, as thus far it's main story has shown to follow the events of the first Soulcalibur closely but with certain deviations, immediately followed by the new Libra of Soul story mode. It is confirmed to be a reboot, but there have been references and elements of later games in the series. This new setting will be told as far as 1590 A.D. trilogy from Soulcalibur II - Soulcalibur IV in VI.

It is explicitly a separate timeline from the original that started in Soul Edge to Soulcalibur V, but it is confirmed that the Original Timeline still happened elsewhere.

Deviations from the Original Timeline

  • Certain characters that weren't yet introduced, such as Zasalamel, Tira, and Hilde appear sooner than they originally did.
  • Others that are completely new, such as Grøh and Azwel, appear for the first time and alter the story from what was originally told.
  • Retcons involving the fighting styles of some characters are in place, to keep them in line with later appearances. This includes Nightmare holding Soul Edge with one hand (something that Siegfried originally never did as Nightmare. Inferno did however carry Soul Edge with only one hand in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV after he became the new Azure Knight), Yoshimitsu carrying a wakizashi, which is in fact the Fu-Ma Blade that his successor, Yoshimitsu II had in V, and Tira having the Jolly and Gloomy identities earlier which retcons her original timeline’s story where her soul split into the said two identities in the events of IV.
  • New story elements, such as the Aval Organization that the aforementioned Grøh hails from, are introduced.
  • The events of Libra of Soul occur during and after the New Timeline's equivalent of the first Soulcalibur’s story.
  • Some characters have had their backstory partially or completely changed or altered.
    • Tira was originally freed from the Bird of Passage due to the release of the Evil Seed burning her masters mind, she was then adopted into a family who named her Tira, before murdering them and becoming a servant to Soul Edge. This time however, Tira abandoned the Birds of Passage after her leader went mad. She then traveled across the world slaughtering anyone who got in her way. Additionally, Tira is older than she was in the original timeline - being seventeen at the time of the Evil Seed. She already have two split identities earlier prior to the last of 1590 AD trilogy game Soulcalibur IV.
    • After Siegfried's downfall, the Schwarzwind is led by Salia, who then reforms the group into a group of mercenaries that help the innocent, and they also wait for the return of their leader. Meanwhile, in the original timeline, the reformation only happened before Soulcalibur V, and by Siegfried's hand after his return.
  • Zasalamel receives a vision from his future self, who some speculate to be his Original Timeline counterpart, that causes him to change his plans from trying to achieve death to collecting both soul swords to unite humanity for a better future. Notably, this happens before Zasalamel enacts said plans at all.
  • Cassandra ends up in Astral Chaos upon visiting the Shrine of Eurydice and grabbing the tainted blade of Sophitia. There, she encounters her Original Timeline counterpart, driven insane by her sister's death and the countless years spent in the realm. After being defeated, this Cassandra becomes lucid enough to warn her New Timeline self of a future dark and cruel; Sophitia will die trying to save Pyrrha from the shard of Soul Edge, who will be abducted by evil forces to become Soul Edge's next vessel. She pleads for Cassandra to save Sophitia before these events could occur before disappearing.


  • Zasalamel and Cassandra are the only characters confirmed to have any knowledge of the events of the Original Timeline.
    • Cassandra is the only character from the Original Timeline who's directly interacted with someone from the New Timeline, this case being the alternate version of herself.
  • Astral Chaos is suggested to serve as a void existing in the space between the Original and the New Timelines.
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