Northern Star (SCIV)
SCIV- Northern Star
Northern Star as it appears in Soulcalibur IV and SCBD
Wielder Xianghua
Weapon type Jian
Price 7,000 Gold
Attack 130
Defense 60
HP 35
Power 0
Impact 30
Boost 50
Gauge 30
Special 30]
Native skill None
Northern Star (SCIII)
Wielder Xianghua
Weapon type Jian
Price 26,800 Gold
Special Effect #1 Penetrate your opponent's guard and inflict damage.
Special Effect #2 Automatically Guard Break some attacks.
Northern Star (SCII)
General Information
Wielder Xianghua
Weapon Type Jian
For sale in Chapter 2
Price 900 Gold

Northern Star is one of Xianghua's weapons in Soulcalibur IV. It can be bought in Character Creation for 7,000 Gold after completing Story Mode with Xianghua.

A magic short sword bearing some special markings. Some ships' crews use this sword to ritually carve a star into the mast of their ship as a prayer for safe sailing. Its sharp point makes it good for attacking, but it is not suited for defensive use.

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