YM Joke
Wielder Yoshimitsu
Weapon type Joke weapon
Unlocked at player level 53
Wielder Yoshimitsu
Weapon type Joke weapon
Price 13,000 Gold
Attack 90
Defense 30
HP 40
Power 30
Impact 50
Boost 0
Gauge 30
Special 30]
Native skill Auto Unblockable Attack B

Omikuji is Yoshimitsu's joke weapon in Soulcalibur IV. It can be bought in Character Creation for 13,000 Gold after completing Story Mode with Yoshimitsu. It has Auto Unblockable Attack B equipped by default as a skill, which gives players a chance of turning the next high damage attack into an Unblockable Attack.

Like all of the joke weapons in Soulcalibur V, Omikuji is unlocked by reaching level 53.

Japanese Culture

Omikuji ("御神籤") is written divination about a person's near future that can be found in Shinto shrines across Japan. They give advice based on superstitions such as a favorable direction, travel, business and misfortune. Omikuji are left outside in a wooden box near Buddhist shrines with a sign displaying the price. While traditionally that they are completely self-serve, actually paying the requested amount is entirely made on by conscience. From ancient times Japanese people have used lotteries at festivals to decide the God's will in important matters.

Fortune Level Translations

Fortunes are divided into different levels of luck and misfortune.

  • 大吉 - Daikichi - Excellent luck (Immediately go gamble and buy lottery tickets)
  • 吉 - Kichi - Good luck
  • 中吉 - Cyukichi - Fair luck
  • 小吉 - Syokichi - A little luck
  • 半吉 - Hankichi - Semi-good luck
  • 末吉 - Suekichi - Uncertain luck
  • 末小吉 - Suekokichi - Uncertain but a little luck
  • 凶 - Kyou - Bad luck (Misfortune)
  • 小凶 - Syokyou - A little misfortune
  • 半凶 - Hankyou - semi-misfortunate
  • 末凶 - Suekyou - Uncertain misfortune
  • 大凶 - Daikyou - Certain disaster (consider buying a karmic life insurance policy)
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