Palgaea Shrine
Background music Born from Chaos
Home to Astaroth (SC)

Palgaea Shrine ("The Evil Shrine") is a stage in Soulcalibur, notably used by Astaroth. The music of the stage is called "Born from Chaos".


The Palgaea Shrine is an underground lair that deifies the god of evil Palgaea. Located at the foot of a volcano, its grand hall is always filled with fiery lava. There is a triangular-shaped altar at the center of the shrine, where the grand priest Kunpaetku presides over various ceremonies. This is also the place where Astaroth uttered his birth cry.

The materials used to construct this shrine are not known, however, the various surrounding statues as well as the face of the serpent spewing lava suggest that they are extremely heat resistant. No one knows whether these materials are man-made or born of evil magic.

Palgaea Shrine 1

There is a dark order searching for Soul Edge. Their main shrine is located underground beneath a desert.

You are now unconscious, captured by the order. The grand priest of the evil order intends to perform diabolical experiments on your body because of your notoriety as a warrior.

And thus, you are now being carried to their altar hall...

However, you regain consciousness as you're exposed to the heat within the shrine. You jump the guard priests at the first opportunity and procure a weapon. The only thing left now is to escape...

Alas, a powerful force field has been projected along the perimeter of the altar hall to prevent your escape. If you should step into this field, you would surely receive a blow that would throw your body across the hall.

The enemy begins to close in on you. You summon your strength for the impending battle.

Palgaea Shrine 2

Kunpaetku, the evil grand priest of the dark order has ordered his minions to search for Soul Edge...

When you hear this story, you become concerned about the potential threat to you that might come from the giant whom you engaged in mortal combat before.

You decide to see for yourself if the giant was alive or not. And so you infiltrate the order's shrine this time.

You disguise yourself as a priest and make your search throughout the shrine. But something goes awry when you arrive at an all to familiar altar.

The brethren of the order somehow saw through your deception and dispatched assassins who surround you now.

But there is something odd about these assassins. Your body is naturally repelled away from them! It's almost as if you're fighting Cervantes again!

From the stories you heard, the members of this dark order have the power to control a person's body and soul. The force that is repelling you must be a manifestation of their black arts.

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