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"I'll show you the price of justice!"
— Patroklos

Patroklos Alexander (パトロクロス・アレクサンドル, Patorokurosu Arekusandoru; Greek: Πάτροκλος Αλέξανδρος) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. His first appearance was in Soulcalibur III yet he made his first playable appearance in Soulcalibur V. He is the son of the series veteran Sophitia, and the main protagonist of Soulcalibur V with his older sister Pyrrha being the deuteragonist.

What lies in his soul is: Dedication.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is referred to as Heir To The Title of Holy Warrior.



Patroklos Alexander is the son of Sophitia and Rothion Alexander, the younger brother of Pyrrha, the nephew of Cassandra Alexandra and Lucius, and the grandson of Achelous and Nike. When a mysterious customer gave Rothion a peculiar metallic fragment, the household went out of control, with the children fighting violently over what their father just received, while Sophitia was experiencing an aftermath from her previous wounds she sustained in her first battle against Soul Edge.

Soulcalibur III

A while after her younger sister, Cassandra, set off on her quest, Sophitia made her decision to get involved in order to save her children. When she arrived at Nightmare's former stronghold, she had an encounter with a green clad girl, who wanted to 'play' with her children. Upon returning home, Sophitia found them safe, for now. The girl in green met up with her again, saying that she would be back for them when the time is right. Sophitia knew that she had to stop her, especially with both Pyrrha and Patroklos' lives at stake.

Tira returned to the Alexandra household in her ending in Soulcalibur III, where (in her default ending) she entered Patroklos and Pyrrha's bedroom and started to talk with them. Tira's intention was for Soul Edge to choose a new host out of the two children (it presumably chose Pyrrha due to the fact that she was kidnapped by Tira and  became Pyrrha Ω in Soulcalibur V).

Soulcalibur V

Patroklos had been raised by his father, Rothion. Rothion would convey stories about Sophitia and her holy mission to destroy Soul Edge. Patroklos, as a result, desired to become a holy warrior, just like his mother and to one day meet her.

When he was fifteen years old, Patroklos won a sword-fighting tournament, but that same night, his father began to succumb to his illness. Before his death, Rothion told Patroklos the truth about their family. Sophitia was killed in battle by a group of malfested and Patroklos' sister had been abducted by a malfested wielding a ring blade. Patroklos vowed to rescue his sister and avenge his mother. After years of training under several masters of the fighting arts, including Setsuka, he learned of Graf Dumas' recruitment for warriors to hunt down the malfested. Patroklos chose to work under Graf Dumas in hopes of destroying the malfested.


Patroklos is determined, self-absorbed, very arrogant and mocks his enemies in a brash manner. Patroklos never doubts his actions, stating that they are justice and he even refers to himself as justice (which is inconsistent with his actions, making him a hypocrite as well). He is incredibly short-sighted, being easily manipulated, as seen in the Story Mode where he easily obeys Graf Dumas without question. He has tendencies toward rather radical measures, for example killing anyone who looks malfested without even confirming if they are, for he bears a grudge against them. This caused him to be called a rampaging murderer by Z.W.E.I.. He doesn't seem to be one to put much thought into his actions and is easily controlled by negative emotions. This is most clearly seen when he takes innocent lives with no provocation and automatically assumes that certain people are malfested with absolutely no basis or thought process. This makes him impulsive.

His personality is in contrast with Pyrrha, who is overly meek and timid. Ironically, it is said Patroklos was the more timid of the two when they were children. Upon growing up, Patroklos himself inherit brash traits of his aunt Cassandra.

Physical Appearance

Patroklos is a young man with curly blond hair and green eyes, similar to that of his mother, Sophitia, and his sister, Pyrrha. Both his primary and secondary outfit are caracal themed.

Fighting Style

Patroklos uses the sword and shield like his family, inspired by his mother and aunt's fighting styles. He can perform very aggressive combos that leads to a lot of options of finishing the opponent off, but some of his combos can either be recovered or aerial controlled. Patroklos's brave edges and his critical edge is something to look out for when facing an expert player. Overall, Patroklos's fighting style is quite balanced despite lacking areas of reach.

Critical Edge

Price of Justice: Patroklos sheathes his sword into his shield, and fiercely punches his opponent into the air. He then draws his blade and throws it into his opponent's chest then jumps to recover his sword, puncturing the enemy while doing so. When Patroklos returns to the ground alongside his fallen foe, he will say "As planned." However, if used against other villains (sans Pyrrha), and Elysium, he will say "Stay down."

Weapon Arts

Weapon Arts are special moves in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords which act very similar to the Critical Edge system from Soulcalibur V.

  • Ideal Impulse: It's an unblockable attack called Holy Form: Ideal Impulse.
  • Justice Evolved: That's an enhanced version of Saintly Revolution now guaranteed even if the enemy is caught in mid-air and Ever Transcending Justice is the finishing blow of this Weapon Art.
  • Saintly Noble: It's one of his strongest attacks in SCV.
  • Evil's End: That's a quicker version of his Brave Edge called Reckoning Saint with Pyrrha's Unveiled Persona at the end.
  • Price of Justice: This is his Critical Edge from Soulcalibur V.



Theme Music


Soul Calibur 5 Patroklos's Theme

Sample of Patroklos' theme from Soulcalibur V

Soulcalibur V

  • "Sword of Resolution"


Reception to Patroklos's fighting style has been mixed, his playstyle is a more aggressive version of Cassandra which was off putting to some while others enjoyed powerful toolkit added to the sword-and-shield playstyle and the fact that there is now a male sword-and-shield fighter (past Link in Soulcalibur II). Many however wished for series staple Cassandra to return instead and felt alienated by her absence while some applauded at how well Patroklos was designed around the new meter mechanics with a multi-use Critical Edge, strong Brave Edge attacks, and moves such as Justice Flaunt that build an extremely high amount of meter. His additional replacement of Setsuka alienated another group of players, many of which finding α Patroklos' shoulder tackles a less interesting version of Setsuka's umbrella moves.

In the Soulcalibur Series Character Popularity Poll, Patroklos placed at the near-bottom ranking lower than almost everyone else, including minor characters. Even Project Soul openly mocked Patroklos on their page [1], noting how they were "impressed" that the hero of Soulcalibur V ranked so low, even below Dampierre.


Soulcalibur V

  • I am justice!
  • Take up your sword, and accept your death!
  • Malfested? My own sister?! - spoken when engaging in battle against Pyrrha Ω.
  • Do you mean to interfere? - spoken to Voldo in story mode
  • The malfested will not hold back. - spoken when engaging in battle against Pyrrha.
  • The malfested must die! - spoken when engaging in battle against Tira, Nightmare, Algol, Dampierre and Voldo.
  • Mother, why are you- - spoken when engaging in battle against Elysium.
  • Fine! You'll die next.
  • Malfested vermin have no right to live! - spoken after defeating Tira, Nightmare, Voldo, Algol, and Dampierre.
  • Pyrrha, I will find you.
  • I will show you... the price of justice! - during Critical Edge.
  • As planned! - after Critical Edge.
  • Stay down! - after Critical Edge on Low HP.
  • Forfeit!
  • Just shut up!
  • Damn it!
  • Ready?
  • No escape!
  • Fear my skills!
  • Dammit!! - when defeated
  • Why, you...! – when getting up on Low HP
  • You'll pay for this!! - spoken when defeated by Z.W.E.I.
  • Hmm... I haven't lost yet! - spoken when losing by time up
  • Stop running and fight! - spoken when losing by time up to Z.W.E.I.
  • This is justice!
  • You're finished!
  • Pyrrha! Brace yourself! - spoken when using a throw on Pyrrha
  • ... the hell?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • I win! - spoken during low kick when opponent's HP is low.
  • Hm? What's wrong? - Taunt
  • Look, they're the same! - taunt against Pyrrha.
  • Hmph... This can't be... - taunt against Pyrrha Ω.
  • No!
  • Let's... Finish this! - while fighting against Pyrrha Ω.
  • Dammit! - while fighting against Pyrrha Ω.
  • Eat this!
  • This is not...! - spoken when ring out.
  • You scared of me?! - spoken when ring out two time or more
  • Dammit! You coward! - taunt on Low HP.
  • Damn it! He's gotten away. - spoken after defeating Voldo in story mode.
  • Sorry! - after Critical Edge on Pyrrha.
  • Pyrrha!! - spoken when defeated by Pyrrha.
  • Is Pyrrha stronger than me? - spoken when timed out by Pyrrha.
  • Pyrrha! I didn't- - spoken after defeating Pyrrha.
  • Mother! But why?! - spoken after defeating Elysium.
  • It can't end! Not like this! - spoken after defeating Pyrrha Ω.
  • This is the flag of the emperor that bestowed favors to the graf. - spoken in story mode to rebels.
  • And you must be the malfested that are destroying this town. - spoken in story mode to rebels.
  • I am the Holy warrior! Know my might!
  • At last, you understand how weak you are!
  • Don't feel bad about it. You couldn't have prevailed.
  • You're a good fighter, but I'm a superb one.
  • This is your fault, you took my sister and destroyed our family! - spoken in story mode.
  • You're pale and filthy. You must be a malfested as well. - spoken in story mode to a civilian.
  • Is that so? - spoken in story mode to a civilian.
  • How unfortunate there's no way to prove it. - spoken in story mode to a civilian.
  • It is my honor to estabilish order in your name, Graf Dumas. - spoken in story to Graf Dumas.
  • Such vile creatures! - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • But I was again unable to find the malfested with the ring blade, my lord. - spoken in story to Graf Dumas.
  • Yes, my lord. You had said that she would be in Ödenburg. - spoken in story to Graf Dumas.
  • I shall leave at once, my lord. - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • Stand aside! - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • Who are you calling a murderer? - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • He's a malfested. They're not even human! They're demons that have sold their souls to the Devil! - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • They've taken my sister and killed my mother! What's wrong in avenging these crimes?! - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • What do you know about her Z.W.E.I.? - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • Yes, he possessed strange powers and commanded some kind of a monster. - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • You know of him, my lord? Is he a malfested? - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • He seemed to know about my sister. My lord, does he have something to do with her? - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • I have served you faithfully and done everything you've asked. - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • Yet you have made no effort to search for my sister. - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • I'm no dog! I am a holy warrior! - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • So, you've lied to me all this time! - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • Don't walk away, you coward! - spoken in story mode to Graf Dumas.
  • It's been days since we set off. - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I and Viola.
  • There's been no sign of the ring blade nor of any malfested. - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I and Viola.
  • Are you sure the information was accurate? - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I and Viola.
  • What was that? - spoken in story mode.
  • Who the hell are you? I've never... - spoken in story mode to Tira.
  • That's a ring blade! - spoken in story mode to Tira.
  • It's the perfect weapon to rid the world of you filthy malfested! - spoken in story mode to Tira.
  • Now I'll show you what my mother's Athenian style is capable of! - spoken in story mode to Tira.
  • What did you do with my sister? Answer me! - spoken in story mode to Tira.
  • Huh? - spoken in story mode to Viola.
  • Stop hiding your insults with these riddles! - spoken in story mode to Viola.
  • I'm leaving with my sister. If you have a problem with that, then don't bother coming alone! - spoken in story mode to Viola.
  • Shut up! I'm tired of your threats and gibberish! - spoken in story mode to Viola.
  • Just give me a moment. - spoken in story mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • Please, just let me think. - spoken in story mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • We are a family. - spoken in story mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • But why is this happening to our family? - spoken in story mode to Pyrrha Ω.
  • Who are- Mother? - spoken in story mode to Elysium.
  • You mean she'll be cured and become human again? - spoken in story mode to Elysium.
  • What? Why? - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • Another's cause? - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • I'll show you my resolve. - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • You bitch! - spoken in story mode to Tira.


Patroklos means "glory of the father" in Greek. He is named after a character from Homer's The Illiad. In the story, Patroklos is Achilles' "companion", and is said to have slain 53 Trojan men before being killed by the Trojan Prince, Hektor.




  • Patroklos's English voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, is known for voicing characters from both video games and anime. Such roles include the Prince from the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and the Two Thrones games, Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV and the Dissidia Final Fantasy series, Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Suzaku Kururugi from Code GeassSasuke Uchiha from the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series, and Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4. He has also voiced Arcturus (male voice 1 in Soulcalibur IV Character Creation.) This makes Patroklos one of three characters whose English voice actor was also used for custom characters in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, the others being Amy and Leixia.
    • Just like another character voice by Lowenthal, Sasuke Uchiha, Patroklos also has the same goal of avenging his family.
    • Similarly, both Patroklos and Suzaku were manipulated by the villains who exploited their senses of justice and lived on to regret and atone for their actions.
    • After re-learning the fighting style taught to him by Setsuka, Patroklos becomes more confident of himself, just like Simon (another character voiced by Lowenthal), who matures into a man following the death of his mentor, Kamina.
    • Coincidentally, Lowenthal is married to Tara Platt, who provided the voice for Setsuka.
  • Patroklos's Japanese voice actor, KENN, is known for voicing Judai Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
  • Patroklos is the tallest known member of the Alexandra/Alexander family, standing at 177 cm (5'9⅔"). This is most likely because he is the only male member of the family that has ever been a playable character.
  • His shield is also his scabbard.
  • His Tekken counterpart is Lars Alexandersson. Both are the replacement of the main protagonist (Siegfried and Jin) in one canon fictional game.
  • Patroklos is the second male humanoid character within the Soul series to wield a sword and shield in combat, after Link of Soulcalibur II. (not counting Aeon Calcos)
  • Patroklos profoundly admires, and honors his mother, Sophitia (substantiated by his determination to follow her steps such as inheriting the title of the "Holy Warrior" from his mother, and claiming to use his mother's Athenian style when confronting Tira).
  • Ironically, the character (from the Greek story Iliad) of Greek mythology whom Patroklos shares his name with, shares no common character traits. Instead, Patroklos seems to resemble Achilles' personality.
  • Though a supposed holy warrior, he has sworn more than any other character in the series to date. Tied with Spawn, a total of 8 times.
  • Patroklos' appearance is somewhat similar to the slim version of Bob from Tekken.

Soulcalibur III

  • Along with Pyrrha, Patroklos was first seen in Tira's Good Ending, although just their heads and fair hair were visible.

Soulcalibur V

  • His family name is written incorrectly as "Alexandra" - the feminine form of the name - on the Japanese website. However, in the Story Mode screenshots, it can be seen that this mistake was corrected and his family name is now spelled "Alexander", the masculine form. However, the description for Episode 1 of the story mode has his name incorrectly written again.
  • Despite killing (unknowingly) innocent humans, Patroklos never became a malfested, though he was infected at birth with the essence of Soul Edge. This may be due to the fact he has a small amount of the said essence, compared to his sister. This may also be due to his own sense of justice that ordered him to kill, instead of rage and fear that Pyrrha experienced, or the combination of both.
  • Like the rest of the Alexandra family, Patroklos is a baker. He was taught by his uncle Lucius in the absence of Sophitia and Cassandra.
  • Patroklos's mother, Sophitia, was infected with the essence of Soul Edge during a battle with Cervantes in the year 1583. Unbeknownst to her children, she passed the essence down to both Pyrrha and Patroklos through birth, though Patroklos only contains a small amount of evil energy within him opposed to Pyrrha requiring a constant source of the evil energy due to being incapable of surviving without its influence.
  • Project Soul producer Hisaharu Tago told Christian Donlan for Eurogamer, "The main character is Patroklos, son of Sophitia. Patroklos is inspired by the gameplay of Sophitia, but is 'sharper' and 'more agile'. He has new moves, but they’re all inspired by Sophitia’s."
  • Patroklos' render was majorly reworked, making him resemble his official artwork more.
  • Patroklos was the first character to have his 2P costume revealed, which was designed by Takuji Kawano. This costume shows him wearing a veiled scarf and could be a keepsake of the memory of his mother since she wore a veiled outfit in her 1P costume in Soulcalibur IV.
    • If looked carefully on the costume on the back of the armor, it shows a small "Elk Shield".
  • Patroklos's armband can be used in Character Creation.
  • Patroklos's DLC costumes can be used in Creation mode, where his 1P is the "Justice" set while his 2P is the "Oathbearer" set.
  • Like the rest of the Alexandra family, he refuses to reveal his weight.
  • Patroklos' shield has the same design as his mother and sister, Sophitia, and Pyrrha's shield; both of the shields have golden angel-like wings.
  • For unknown reasons, Patroklos believes or thinks that Dampierre is a malfested. He also believes or thinks that Algol is a malfested, although this may be because he has a weapon that is similar to Soul Edge as well as the fact that his appearance can be described as looking malfested as well as his voice.
    • Oddly, Patroklos does not say "The malfested must die!" before fighting Raphael, who is a malfested. Ironically, this would make sense, as Raphael himself is a malfested.
  • Most likely due to his actions while working for Dumas, Yoshimitsu views Patroklos as an evil-doer.
  • When confronting Tira in Story Mode, the announcer refers to Tira as "Patroklos' mother's murderer", implying that Patroklos believes Tira murdered his mother. He most likely gained this false assumption from Rothion's own mistaken belief of Sophitia's fate.
  • His B+K input is borrowed from Abelia's command list.


  1. ^ Screenshot from the official Project Soul Facebook.
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