Penitentiary of Destiny
Background music Samsara: The Wheel of Eternity
Home to Kilik (SCV)
"The path to truth is narrow, and filled with darkness."
— Narrator

The Penitentiary of Destiny is a cave in central Spain, located deep within a forest. After travelling further into the cave by raft, Xiba, Maxi, Natsu and Leixia encountered a lone monk.

An astral gate behind the monk constantly emanated evil energy. It was here that the younger travelers first laid eyes upon the Kali-Yuga, which was overflowing with chaotic energy. The group learned of Kilik's quest of using the Kali-Yuga to absorb energy from astral gates in order to prevent the influence of Astral Chaos on the world. 

The stage is set on a raft travelling down a river in a desolate cave. Eventually, the raft hits a boulder, and the two combatants are flung onto the surface of a small shrine, where a statue holding the Kali-Yuga is seen standing in the background.


  • The stage is unlocked when the player defeats Kilik in Arcade or Legendary Souls.
  • Penitentiary is another word for 'prison'.
  • If one of the players has Kali-Yuga equipped as their weapon, the statue will not be holding it.
  • The statue in front of the astral gate was carved by Kilik.


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