Phantom Pavilion
Phantom Pavilion
Background music Phantasmagoria
Home to Voldo (SCIV)

Notable Features

Phantom Pavilion is a new stage in Soulcalibur IV, notably used by Voldo. It has two different forms when playing. The main stage is a double walled arena that resembles a cage that the combatants fight within. Around the arena is a barrage of circus animals such as bears and elephants performing tricks for an immense audience of people. Throughout the battle, various camera angles will provide an adequate view of these creatures. The lighting of the arena is unique in having most of it come from the flames that are placed among the front of the audience,and it provides a chaotic and strange atmosphere for the fighters. Should a character be hit against the walls, they will fall down, expanding the arena and allowing for more ring-out options. During a win animation, confetti falls from the sky and drifts about the stage celebrating the winner.

Seesaw Variation

The Phantom Pavilion "Seesaw" stage is wall-less, smaller, and takes the shape of a rectangle. Here, ring-outs are one of the main forms of obtaining a win. The stage also moves up and down depending on the position of the combatants upon it. The background of the stage is the same, with the aforementioned circus critters becoming more viable and closer to the stage. To unlock it, perform three guard impacts on the 14th floor of Tower of Lost Souls.

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