Pirate's Alcove
Pirates\' Alcove
Background music Eternal Struggle
Home to Cervantes & Maxi (SCII)

Pirate's Alcove is a stage in Soulcalibur II. It is Cervantes and Maxi's home stage.

Few know of the hidden dock inside a naturally formed cave lying in the westerly seas, for nary a soul dare to venture close to the wave-beaten precipice that houses it. This place was once the stronghold of a renowned pirate and his hardy crew. But there is no one here anymore, for the captain murdered all of his subordinates. Ten years have passed since anyone has stepped foot in this cavern, but the place is still lit, and a pirate ship can also be seen. Is this the projection of the memories of the slain pirates? Or, is this the memories of the captain, who has since disappeared?


  • Some fish (as well as sharks) and an octopus can be seen swimming in the waters of the alcove. Also, occasionally, a very large, red coelocanth fish can be seen swimming and circling the arena.
  • Per the stage's bio, it is highly possible that the ship shown in the stage may well be The Adrian (the ship captained by Cervantes and his crew), and that the Alcove was the "stronghold" Cervantes and his Crew.
  • Cervantes' stage in Soulcalibur III, Pirate Raid, may be located directly outside of Pirate's Alcove, the outside of the cave that is visible in the background of Pirate's Alcove resembles much of the background of Pirate Raid, and vice versa
  • In the Demonstration from the same game, if you have the Xbox version, Spawn will share the same stage with Voldo and Cervantes.

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