Plata is a non-playable character debuting in Soulcalibur VI's story modes. She is Talim's cousin, a Wind Priestess like Talim and uses the same fighting style.


  • "Come. Let's be off."
  • "No one can best me."
  • "You wish to fight me?"
  • "Fine. I'll play with you."
  • "Watch this!"
  • "I give my all!"
  • "Is that all?"
  • "This ends now!"
  • "You're finished!"
  • "Oh well..."
  • "Oh no...!"
  • "I... didn't plan for this."
  • "I'm losing ground?"
  • "Wide open!"
  • "I'm not done!"
  • "I won't lose!"
  • "This is fun!"
  • "You overdid it!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Done already?"
  • "Miss me!"
  • "You can't... win like that."
  • "Understand... now?"
  • "An obvious outcome."
  • "That was kind of fun."
  • "See how pointless that was?"
  • "Another pest, exterminated."


  • Plata means "silver" in Spanish language.


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