"The Masked Emperor" Holy Roman Empire also serve concurrently as the king of the Kingdom of Spain. Forces that maintain the aorta is a mountain of this Pyrenees. This mountain has been the Pyrenees mountains separating the longitudinal and the Kingdom of France Kingdom of Spain, many travelers have been accepted as a pilgrimage from ancient times. Way through the Basque country from Bayonne, and exit along the way to Navarra rugged and intricate that baffle us travelers.

Since the 14th century, an international band of thieves known as the Leone d'Oro is now put a branch in this area, travelers began to aim at us. Become so in the late 15th century can not be neglected initially damage was slight. Since the beginning of the 16th century and then, it has embarked on suppression of the Raiders, had just appointed to the King of the Kingdom of Spain at that time, it is a "Masked Emperor" after the Holy Roman Empire. Imperial Army, but be successful in the recovery of security of this mountain road by defeating parentheses Leone d'Oro to resist tenaciously in the guerrilla warfare of the customer, Leone d'Oro are still continue Isuwari to this mountain, and Kaikugu~tsu the eyes of the Empire it was attack the travelers.

In recent years had been used as a supply route Kingdom of Spain, of the Allied Forces Holy Roman Empire, as it approaches the Vienna Tate Ottoman army led by Barbaros, increasingly what we Evil plot to divide the supply empire to reveal the mountain road this has been.


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