Quick Battle is a single player mode in Soulcalibur V in which the player fights numerous opponents with different stats, ranks, and titles.

The player's main objective is to fight any of these opponents (whomever the player chooses), and, by defeating them, to earn experience points for their level and title for their Player License.

The opponents are mostly created characters with unique appearances. The rank affects the difficulty of the fight: from E5 to A1, E5 being the lowest rank and thus lowest difficulty, A1 being the highest. Some canon characters from the roster also appear as opponents, most of them are granted high stats.


Each opponent has a certain title that the player can earn by simply defeating them.

Once obtained, a title can be selected by the player for it to appear on their Player License and thus it becomes visible online.

Unique titles can also be earned by reaching a certain level, completing chapters in Story Mode, or obtaining certain achievements/trophies.

All title classes can be distinguished by their background: written on a blue stone, such as the Beginner title, they are lower class titles; while higher class titles, such as Edge Master, have a golden colored background.

These golden titles are used by high ranked opponents, an example being Calibur Master (using the character Edge Master). Sometimes, the title is also a hint to the opponent's play style, telling whether they are ranged or close combat fighters, if they tend to go for throws, block as much as possible and so on.

There are several "joke" titles that can also be obtained, such as:

  • Farting Baron
  • Paper Shield
  • Fake Edge Master
  • Romantic Swordsman
  • Just Kidding!
  • Look at my Title
  • Text Chat?

Among many others.



Beginner opponents' rank ranges from E5 to D3.

Name Style Rank Title Type of Character Area
BattleCross Patroklos E5 Wimp Regular United States
BloodyFrosty Siegfried E5 Missed the Final Cut Created United States
Chessy Pyrrha E5 Paper Shield Created United States
Lefera Viola E5 Frightened Lamb Created United States
Rangi Dampierre E5 Entranced by Death Created Japan
Tamajockey Pyrrha E5 Chicken Regular Japan
WellcooK Xiba E5 Amateur Created Spain
ApuApu Nightmare E4 Weak-Willed Created Japan
BIRD Maxi E4 Hermit Created United States
Hrist Hilde E4 Battle Debut Created Canada
Lesedi Viola E4 The King's Fool Created South Africa
NekoNyaa Z.W.E.I. E4 Refusing a Visitor Created Japan
PewTang Patroklos E4 Coward Created Korea
PluKkje Voldo E4 Lonesome Created Netherlands
Radadak Yoshimitsu E4 Immobile Man Created France
Raven Mitsurugi E4 Deserter Created Japan
Belladona Dampierre E3 Frivolous Created Poland
Bruce Aeon E3 Strongest in Town Created Australia
Eight Nightmare E3 Impatient Created China
MysteriousBudo Natsu E3 Field Runner Created Japan
T110 Voldo E3 Stalker Created Japan
unica Maxi E3 Wooden Shield Created Japan
Zer0 Pyrrha E3 Bad Boy Created China
hurimaru α Patroklos E2 Trainee Created Japan
Lexi Natsu E2 Escape Artist Created United States
Melrose Raphael E2 Wild Dancer Created Cuba
MiGaOh Mitsurugi E2 Broken Fanged Tiger Regular Philippines
NegInk6060 Ezio E2 Assassin Trainee Regular United States
OishiOishi Mitsurugi E2 Unforgettable Created Japan
syuki Cervantes E2 Waiting Man Created Japan
Yan Leixia E2 Just kidding! Created Hong Kong
DekoPon Aeon E1 Low Attacker Created Japan
Faraz2Newday Pyrrha Ω E1 Shearing Technique Created Iran
Gabriel Kilik E1 Champion of Ruin Created Italy
hige16g Voldo E1 Drunkard Created Egypt
Meranya Raphael E1 Aims for Low Attacks Created Canada
Ninguisung Leixia E1 Hip Swordsman Created China
Pepesilvia Z.W.E.I. E1 Little Scoundrel Created Canada
QuietWyatt Z.W.E.I. E1 Spoiled Brat Created China
DiamondJoe Hilde D5 Kind-Hearted Created Spain
Erieysa Pyrrha Ω D5 Copper Shield Created Canada
Joseph Siegfried D5 Old Soldier Created United States
KooPaVeLLi Patroklos D5 Training Soldier Created United States
Qatif Siegfried D5 Fake Genius Created Iraq
Shazraile Mitsurugi D5 Peaceful Man Created Malaysia
Viktor Dampierre D5 Farting Baron Created Russia
Yafuzi Viola D5 Retiree Created Brazil
Aerine Z.W.E.I. D4 Light Infantry Created France
Alistair Kilik D4 Fake Edge Master Created United Kingdom
Amaya Viola D4 Master of Charm Created Japan
DiegoUmeharez Patroklos D4 Rep. My Town Created Mexico
Kisa Pyrrha Ω D4 Adjacent Type Created Japan
Rozaya Z.W.E.I. D4 Beast's Instincts Created Mexico
ZoaH Natsu D4 In Fighter Created India
Abigaill Hilde D3 Efficiency Counts Created United Kingdom
Ghulam Siegfried D3 Going for Ring Outs Created Saudi Arabia
Hinata Tira D3 Gloomy Tira Created Japan
KazuneAya Tira D3 Jolly Tira Created Japan
Kerrigan Astaroth D3 Leg Crusher Created United States
LuXun Yoshimitsu D3 Door Knocker is Back Created China
Rundlescunder Voldo D3 Close Range Fighter Created Algeria
Saki Natsu D3 Wild Woman Created Japan
ShadowGX13 Pyrrha Ω D3 Hurricane Created Ecuador


Intermediate opponents' rank ranges from D2 to B5.

Name Style Rank Title Type of Character Area
Elizabeth Elysium D2 Rampant Spirit Regular United Kingdom
Globine Tira D2 Vampire Created Switzerland
Kotone Devil Jin D2 Mishima Style Pupil Created Brazil
Kusanagi Ivy D2 Ordinary Person Created Japan
Mr.HARAKIRI Yoshimitsu D2 Gambler Created Untied States
MysthMoon Pyrrha D2 Great Heaven's Rider Regular Brazil
SpeedLancer Hilde D2 Spear Soldier Created Finland
TormentorCIP Ivy D2 Ruffian Created Germany
VonCoso Raphael D2 Narcissist Swordsman Created Italy
Adrianna Raphael D1 Performer Created Romania
Cold84Darkness Leixia D1 Tricky Fencer Created Korea
DreadKnight Nightmare D1 Pure Soul Wave Created United Kingdom
Fatih Maxi D1 Beauty Created Turkey
GLIDE Astaroth D1 Entertainer Created United States
LJ Astaroth D1 Apprentice Grappler Created United States
Natasha Ivy D1 Leg Shearer Created Ukraine
Thorkild Astaroth D1 Raging Bull Created Denmark
vonCorra Xiba D1 Horizontal Flash Created Hungary
GailSilvermoon Pyrrha C5 Parry Aim Regular Germany
Gicchi Z.W.E.I. C5 Solid Man Created Japan
Groovy Pyrrha C5 Alluring Step Created Chile
Heaven Viola C5 Out Fighter Created Japan
HotRodDave Maxi C5 Catalyst Legend Created Japan
Ozanius Siegfried C5 Heavy Infantry Created Turkey
Tsubo-G Leixia C5 Call Me Master Created China
Vincent Raphael C5 Romantic Swordsman Created France
Agbayani Maxi C4 Guillotine Dance Created Philippines
BoaMorte α Patroklos C4 Lieutenant Created Brazil
Britsprzt Pyrrha C4 Angel Walker Created Sweden
Eka Xiba C4 Going Strong Created Thailand
Ghost Kilik C4 Advanced Soldier Created Russia
go2sleep Astaroth C4 Old Type Created United States
Julia Elysium C4 Reflector Created France
Leonel Ezio C4 Sniper Regular Dominican Republic
MaDuShI Xiba C4 Impact Barrier Created China
Midajah Natsu C4 Side Step Demon Created India
SafaraDiadem Xiba C4 Crane's Range Created Egypt
TERAMOS Algol C4 Split Second Watcher Regular Italy
tetubusi Astaroth C4 Wild War Cry Created United Kingdom
Thamires Leixia C4 Seductive Swordsman Created Japan
Worsel Z.W.E.I. C4 Seizing Fangs Created United States
attackerM20 Aeon C3 Earth Crawler Regular Japan
Beck Dampierre C3 Le Bello's Bluff Regular Portugal
Gandora Cervantes C3 Mercenary Captain Created Portugal
Helena Pyrrha Ω C3 Berserker Created Germany
Kamonegi3 Patroklos C3 Taste Justice! Regular Japan
Mr.Moustache Cervantes C3 Sturdy Beard Regular France
Oliva Leixia C3 Dancer Created United States
Puxenana Tira C3 Double-Edged Ring Created Brazil
Salem Patroklos C3 Wise Beast Created Germany
Sined Viola C3 Long Range Fighter Created United Arab Emirates
Jaguar Natsu C2 Blade Player Created Mexico
Kingvoldo222 Voldo C2 Mantis Crawler Created Spain
Meldonik Yoshimitsu C2 Match Expert Created Slovakia
Nouf Patroklos C2 Loyal Knight Created Saudi Arabia
Ring Ivy C2 Anticipated Newcomer Created Poland
Soultrip Voldo C2 Mantis Chiropractic Regular Australia
Tunkun Xiba C2 Reversal Magician Created Philippines
Woahhzz Z.W.E.I. C2 Fantastita Regular United States
AKANE Tira C1 Circular Magician Created Japan
Arexx Nightmare C1 Spoiling Flap Jack Created Netherlands
ChaK1rA Raphael C1 Vertical Flash Regular Japan
DEATHDEALER Cervantes C1 The Grim Reaper Created Greece
FionaVacante Nightmare C1 Unrestrained Spirit Created Italy
GuardianWolf Patroklos C1 Stop Consecutive-Win Created United Kingdom
Li Long Maxi C1 Angry Kickboxer Created China
Oum Aeon C1 Grappler Created Japan
Rin Mitsurugi C1 Shaver Fest Created Japan
Shadowhatchi Devil Jin C1 Soaring Wings Created Japan
theCursed Ezio C1 Raving Eagle Regular Romania
BrotherXVII Siegfried B5 Stancer Created Germany
Caleb Cervantes B5 Crusher Created United Arab Emirates
Daydream Nightmare B5 Soul Explosion Created Japan
HanHyoJoo Xiba B5 Breaker Created Korea
magicdolphin Devil Jin B5 Grappling Master Created Japan
oz-shiron Ivy B5 Beautiful Calamity Created Japan
Saitoh Astaroth B5 Bull Rush Committee Regular France
Scarlet Tira B5 Shriek Noise Dance Created United States
Valentina Raphael B5 Voila! Mermet de Vec Created Spain
WINGHILL Astaroth B5 Reckless Fool Created Iran
XAKI Cervantes B5 Perfect Geo Da Ray Regular United States


Advanced opponents' rank ranges from B4 to A1.

Name Style Rank Title Type of Character Area
Aria Elysium B4 Demon of Close Range Created United Kingdom
Dwelta Devil Jin B4 Weaponless Created Argentina
GirlinBlue Viola B4 Impenetrable Domain Created Croatia
koo_j Natsu B4 Phantom Regular Japan
HEATBEST Mitsurugi B4 Simple and Sturdy Created Taiwan
Ooofmatic Viola B4 Uncrowned Emperor Regular United States
shadowfoxy Leixia B4 Water Moon Created France
Tamiya α Patroklos B4 Aiki Heart Created Japan
Valendale Pyrrha B4 Angel's Blow Created Nigeria
Violet Yoshimitsu B4 Breaker Created China
Xavier Dampierre B4 Wizard of Knockdowns Created Belgium
Abigale Raphael B3 Alluring Swordsman Created France
Alice Z.W.E.I. B3 New Type Created United Kingdom
BYS Pyrrha Ω B3 Point-Blank Fighter Regular Japan
Dreamkiller Viola B3 Evading Master Regular United States
Eduardo Aeon B3 Green Scales of Rage Regular Colombia
Fantoma Voldo B3 Death Roller Created France
Hakim Patroklos B3 Impact Master Created Yemen
Laurel Patroklos B3 Rep. My Country Created United States
LiquidImpact Z.W.E.I. B3 Key to Returns Created United States
lolo Yoshimitsu B3 Initiation to Manji Regular Mexico
Mick Leixia B3 Ultimate Aiki Skill Regular United States
Phoenix Kilik B3 Runaway Train Created United States
Ramon Pyrrha Ω B3 Matchless in Force Created United States
Rellda α Patroklos B3 Seizer of Time Created Brazil
Runebook Cervantes B3 Combo Master Created Indonesia
Alexis de Leon Cervantes B2 Expert Fighter Regular (third outfit) France
Craig Siegfried B2 Black Knight Created Spain
Docvizzo α Patroklos B2 Laoshi Created Germany
Kristie Natsu B2 He Who Teases Created Canada
Laurana Pyrrha B2 Steel Shield Created Norway
Malek Ivy B2 Trembling Cage Regular France
Stella Hilde B2 Piercing Lance Created Hungary
SwitchBlade Ivy B2 Aloof Whip User Regular United States
Valhran Cervantes B2 Captain Created Bulgaria
Christina Siegfried B1 Firepower is Best Created Italy
FilthieRich Devil Jin B1 Blade Sealer Created Philippines
Hwang Devil Jin B1 The Golden Leg Created Korea
LostProvidence α Patroklos B1 Squall Blow Created Japan
Olib Edge Master B1 Master of the Sword Created China
RTD Z.W.E.I. B1 Black Wolf Regular United States
t3hmAsTarOth Astaroth B1 Hands of Destruction Created Bangladesh
Tsubaki Mitsurugi B1 Master Muichimonji Created Japan
Zenkar Astaroth B1 Unrelated Link Adept Regular Turkey
Maxou α Patroklos A5 Master of Sheathing Regular France
MinSeRin Pyrrha A5 Angel's Dance Regular Korea
Shadow Blade Ezio A5 White Death Created United States
SilentWall Nightmare A5 King of Destruction Regular Canada
Trelll Xiba A5 Pole Successor Created United States
BaronvonBurf Aeon A4 Jet-Black Tempest Created Germany
Faciano064 Xiba A4 Ling-Sheng Su Master Regular Hong Kong
Isis Elysium A4 Phoenix Regular Egypt
Kunpaetku Astaroth A4 God of Destruction Regular Unknown (map marker placed in Algeria)
Lobo Mitsurugi A4 Tenpu-Kosai Master Created United States
AniMat Yoshimitsu A4 Master of Range Regular Canada
Partisan Patroklos A4 Major Created France
RedRightHand Siegfried A4 Hold Master Created Ireland
Harada TEKKEN Devil Jin A3 Mishima Style Master Created Japan
Hibiki Mitsurugi A3 Master of Mist Created Japan
HiyaD Patroklos A3 Awakened Soul Regular Japan
Musashi Mitsurugi A3 Eternal Pursuer Created Japan
Stiltzkin Hilde A3 Moonlit Dancing Created Austria
theCursed Ezio A3 Master of Grappling Regular Romania
Vanessa Leixia A3 Baffling Sword Dance Created Vietnam
Aris Voldo A2 Puppet of Loyalty Regular United States
Blackout Ezio A2 Master Assassin Regular Italy
BLT Hilde A2 Dawn's Victory Regular Japan
Chaos Kilik A2 Red Lotus Regular Japan
Cheo Tira A2 Death Bird of Ring Regular Taiwan
Daishi Pyrrha Ω A2 Soul Successor Regular Japan
DantheNightmare Nightmare A2 Nightmare of the End Regular France
dusk0naka Natsu A2 Swift Sealing Knife Regular Japan
FUG Cervantes A2 Pillager of the Seas Regular United States
Ha7Me125 Aeon A2 The Murky Eyed Regular Japan
Haruki Dampierre A2 Lying Dreamy King Regular Japan
Irasea Pyrrha A2 New Generation Regular Czech Republic
Jericho Mitsurugi A2 Strong Sword Villain Regular United States
KillerGreg Astaroth A2 Executioner Regular Japan
MCZ Kayane Leixia A2 Stream Dance Regular France
MINAMI NAIKOS Algol A2 Rough Giant Star Regular Japan
oosaka Maxi A2 Flower of Dark Night Regular Japan
plasma Siegfried A2 Flash of Conviction Regular Japan
sorel shuntaroh Xiba A2 Supernova Regular Japan
Thuggish Pond Raphael A2 Serenade of Madness Regular United States
Yoshivy Ivy A2 Cursed Bloodline Regular Japan
Alissa α Patroklos A1 Katana Master Created France
Belial Mitsurugi A1 King of 100 Swords Created Russia
Calibur Master Edge Master A1 Edge Master Regular Unknown (map marker placed in China)
Sigfrancis Siegfried A1 Hero of Turmoil Regular Germany
YOTORY Mitsurugi A1 Legendary Swordsman Regular Japan


  • All opponents were created based on characters from the people who were testing the game.
  • In the Creation Menu, the option to create a new character is highlighted with an image of an elven swordsman and a girl wearing a tiger-striped outfit and kabuki face paint. These characters appear in Quick Battle, used by the opponents Vincent and SafaraDiadem respectively.
  • One opponent, with the nickname theCursed, appears twice in Quick Battle, with two different ranks: C1 and A3. In both, he plays with Ezio.
  • The opponent DiegoUmeharez's nickname is a wordplay on professional player Daigo Umehara.
  • Hwang and Li Long appear in Quick Battle. However, they are only custom characters with Souls of Devil Jin and Maxi, respectively.
  • Katsuhiro Harada, under the name of Harada TEKKEN, appears as a challenger here. He can be fought by searching in the Japan area with the Advanced opponents option. He is rank A3.
  • Dampierre and opponents with his style appear in this mode whether or not the player has downloaded Dampierre.
  • Some players with their Country set to United States erroneously have their map markers placed in Canada.
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