Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire in Vienna there is a castle of three. Two is the inner bailey surrounding the fort was transferred to house recently and the outer shell surrounding the whole city, the "emperor of the mask" of them. Robust in other cities without Hisuru outer, inner ward also, it also led to the inner ward is 18 yards 25 yards in height and thickness.

Imperial Army was able to be concentrated in the walls of the outer gunport, and roll back the specter of an invasion of their own in the crossfire when Barbaros was laid siege to Vienna. At the same time, led them to forgive the intrusion to the interior of the Ottoman imperial capital of the army will destroy a portion of the outer shell, however.

When the Ottoman army broke through all the inner ward, led by Barbaros is not only the outer shell, that it is the end of the Holy Roman Empire is where the whole army Imperial has been implicitly understood.

The soldiers today, your back to the walls, which is defying the Ottoman army, and to so. Set the ranks in front of the walls to protect the family and lover, he and engage the enemy wall. Walls of the Imperial City of Vienna and the third is that of their soldiers.


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