Rapier (SCIV)
Wielder Amy
Weapon type Rapier
Price Free
Attack 130
Defense 20
HP 45
Power 0
Impact 40
Boost 0
Gauge 0
Special 30]
Native skill Soul Gauge Boost C
Rapier (SCIII)
Rapier (Amy)
Wielder Amy
Weapon type Rapier
Price 13,000 Gold
Special Effect #1 Increase defense power.
Special Effect #2 Automatically Guard Impact some attacks.
Rapier (SE/SB)
Rapier (Sophitia)
General Information
Wielder Sophitia
Weapon Type Sword and Shield
Power 6/10
Defense 3/10
Strength 2/10
Durability 3/10
Weight 2/10
Innate Abilities None

Rapier is one of Amy's weapons in Soulcalibur IV. It, along with Albion, is available by default. It has Soul Gauge Boost C equipped by default as a skill, which allows players to start a match with their Soul Gauge full.

Rapier is also one of Sophitia's weapons in Soul Blade.

This is also the first weapon for Lloyd Irving in Soulcalibur Legends.

A pair of swords designed specifically for thrust attacks. These swords are well balanced and easy to use. The weapon's design in the game is taken from the 2P version of Raphael's Flambert.

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