Sophitia and Mitsurugi in the middle of a Reversal Edge

Reversal Edge is a brand new mechanic introduced in Soulcalibur VI. It will send players into a cinematic state and puts them in a "rock, paper, scissors" situation. It is activated by pressing G+B (RB or R1) and the opponent must be hit in ordered to go into the mechanic.

The players has eight different options to chose from in Reversal Edge. Which is a vertical attack, horizontal attack, kick, guard, side step, back step, crouch, and guard impact. Certain options will defeat others and be possible add follow ups. If both players chose the same option, they will clash and have another chance to input another option, if clash once again, it will end the Reversal Edge.

When activating a Reversal Edge, the character who activated will speak before it starts. It will slow down the battle, freeze time, and make characters' weapons glow. Characters will also add remarks if they beat an option with the side step or crouch. In some occasions, it will make a close up on one of the characters when they do their attack. The stage music also gets louder drums while this happens.


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