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A soldier under training in Parousia's Academy, who is assigned to the Cadet's unit. Some dialogue in the game hints that before joining the army, she was an assassin, and that she may have been an orphan of war. Her aid in the rescue of the Halteese is grudgingly given, though her history with them is unknown. She accompanied the Cadet during the Mantis War battles, and is assigned to another unit once the war is over.

A year later, Riese is another of the soldiers who refuses to follow orders and attack the Arthias, and is puppeteered with a shard of the Soul Edge, that the Emperor has, and put against her former commanding officer. After being freed, she joins Arthias against Strife.

Chronicle 3


It should be noted that Riese changes her jobs. She originally used the Thief Job and then changes to the Assassin Job. Nevertheless, she still uses the weapons common in both, being the Wave Sword. As she is faced as an opponent she chooses Aya and Honga as her preferred weapons.

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Riese

Sex: Female

Job: Thief

Weapon: Wave Sword x2

Alignment: Good/Light


Eyebrows: 26,26

Lips: 02,16

Eyes: 20,25

Skin: 04,17

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Girl 1


-- Head:--

Hair: Unruly Short Hair(26,26)



Lower Torso:--

Mid Torso: Decorative Shirt(36,18)

Upper Torso:--

Arms: Thief's Gloves(25,25)(25,05)


Neck: Brooch Choker(29,03)(02,19)

Waist: Leather Belt(09,07)

Lower Legs: Chain Hose(05,06)

Upper Legs: Tight Skirt(36,23)



Feet: Pirate's Boots(04,17)

Riese's Stats

Chronicle 1

Alignment: Good/Light

Element: Water

Job: Thief

Discipline: Wave Sword

Weapons: Wave Swords x2

Level: 1

EXP: 0/300

HP: 241

STR: 75

VIT: 71

AGI: 106

Chronicle 18

Alignment: Good/Light

Element: Water

Job: Assassin

Discipline: Wave Sword

Weapons: Wave Swords x2

Level: 36

EXP: 22950/24350

HP: 328

STR: 156

VIT: 129

AGI: 153


  • Riese is German for "giant."
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