The following are the Rules of Fanon on this Wiki. All Users must follow these policies. Before you start making Fanon be sure to sign your Wiki signature on the Signatures page. Fan Characters/Minor Characters, Fan Games, some form of Fan Fiction (see "Fan Fictions" below) and Fan Universes are the only type of Fanon allowed on this Wiki! Do not add any other type of Fanon like "Fan Stages" as they are not allowed.

Please do not post pages saying non-confirmed characters not of the Soul series are going to be in future Soul Calibur games. The earliest example of this occurrence was when people were posting up the Kratos page when he was rumored to be in Soulcalibur IV. Since it wasn't confirmed, the page was deleted. Despite the fact that he was a guest character in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, it counted as abuse because it said that he was to be in IV before anything was confirmed. Even if it begins with FanChar in front of it, it still counts as abuse. The rule extends to making presumptions about sequels, such as assuming one particular character will be the villain of Soulcalibur V. Be warned, vandalism and infringement will not be taken lightly.

Note: We advise Users to edit Fanon (or any other page) in Source Mode. That way it is easier to add Templates, Infoboxes and such. If you don't know how to edit in Source Mode follow this guide.


1. The ability of creating a page for your fan created character is a privilege, not a right. Despite the merge with the Soulcalibur Fanon Wiki, this rule is in effect.

2. Do not infringe on copyrighted or trademarked characters. Saying that they’re in a fan game (see fan game below), Fan Fiction (see Fan Fictions below), or a Fan Universe (See Fan Universes bellow) is allowed, but please don’t create pages for them under the fanchar template. It still counts as infringement and is prohibited. But... characters that are parodies are allowed.

3. Do your best to be original when creating pages for your Fan/Original Characters. Saying that they’re things like ‘force users’ is allowed, but originality is something to be respected.

4. Please note that editing someone else’s Fan/Original Character without their permission is prohibited. Moving a Fan Character's page, editing its categories, or any other constructive/minor edits are allowed for the creator of the said page and Administrators only.

5. Always add User Fan Characters to the category section of each Fan Character Article you make. To post them in the Main Character, Guest Character, or Bonus Character categories is Prohibited.

6. Editing Main Character pages to match them up with Original/Fan Character pages is prohibited.

7. If you want to make a page for your own Fan Character then make sure you name the page like so: FanChar:CharacterName:Your Username. For example: FanChar:Hyper Zergling:Tian is the page name for Hyper Zergling's fan character Tian.

You can also add a Fan Character to your User space by making a page called: Your Username/Character Name. For example SMS1996/Jonah will take you to SMS1996's Fan Character Jonah. However, the above page link is the most commonly used one.

8. As of April 26, 2010, the number of characters allowed per user is limited to five. All users who have exceeded this number before the said date are exempted.

9. As of October 25, 2012, you cannot use screenshots from games outside the Soul series. You may use screenshots taken from the Soul series and fan art.

9. As of August 30, 2016, screenshots from games outside of the Soul series are permitted so long as there is IN-GAME CHARACTER CREATION and the User MADE THE CHARACTER THEMSELVES. RECOLOURINGS OF MAIN CHARACTERS ARE PROHIBITED.

10. The main image/s of your character in the {{Infobox Character}} template must be taken directly, in-game, from one of the games in the Soul series. Fan art or media from outside the Soul series must be placed in a gallery, not the main infobox.

11. Limit your fan characters to the Soul series of video games, please. No pages for your fan characters from other games. This is not Skryim or Fable or any other non-related series, it's Soulcalibur. This means the entire basing of your fan character cannot be from another game. You're allowed to say they also appear in other games, but their purpose must be Soulcalibur related.

12. Making a FanChar page for any canon Soul series character is prohibited.

Minor Characters

If users feel a whole FanChar page is not needed then you can make a Minor Characters page. A Minor Characters page will show a bunch of Fan-made characters by a certain User that doesn't need a full page to themselves (for example: if a character has a full page that contains little to no information). A Minor Characters page can also contain Fan Made versions of Canon Soul series characters. Having a Minor Characters page is also helpful if an Admin mentions to you that a page of yours is classed as a "blank" page and will be deleted (See Rule 7a). Don't forget to add the Category Fan Minor Characters to any Minor Character Articles you make!

To make a Minor Characters page simply make a page called:
FanChar:Your Username:Minor Characters

Using other Users Characters

There are a lot of fan characters here at the Soulcalibur Wiki. Users may find some interesting and, if they are making a fan game, may want another users fan character to appear in that game and/or it's story. If you would like to use any other users fan character/s then please ask the owner for permission! Do not just add any fan characters you want, always ask the owner if you can use them, and if their character is going to have a role in the story make sure you stay true to their character and even discuss their role with the owner if you want too. If you add someone else's character without permission then the owner has the right to edit your fanon page and remove their character/s from your fanon. If you continue to add other users characters without permission you could be subject to a block or your fanon being deleted.

Fan Games

1. Always add the Category User Fan Games when making your Fan Game page.

2. When saying that a copyrighted or trademarked character is going to be in a Fan Game, please note that posting a page for them (even if under the FanChar template) is still infringement.

3. Editing someone else’s Fan Game without their permission is prohibited.

4. When creating a FanGame, please don't say that its something like SoulCalibur VI for example, unless you add a subtitle. And this rule is now being enforced.

5. Name your Fan Games like so FanGame:Game Name. For example: FanGame: Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny will take you to JaseyJasee's Fan Game.

Fan Characters and Fan Games Protections

1. This is a notice that you have your own right to protect your own articles for not getting copied and editing without permission.

2. You must use the {{Writer|YOUR NAME}} template when making Original/Fan Character or Fan Games. And make sure to add UserCharacter or UserGame above of this templates: <


3. If someone is copy or editing (excluding staff) without your permission, you may directly report Admin(Most active) and we will put it under investigation.

Note: Users don't have to use this Template anymore as the new Fanon Template {{Property}} state the creators name and also states that the Fan page can not be edited without permission from the creator. Therefore the Writer Template has been deleted and is no longer in use.

Fan Fictions

1. Please note that this wiki is not really the place to post Fan Fictions. You may post pages about your Fan Fictions under the FanFic Category and link them to either FanFiction.Net or Deviant Art where they are posted.

Fanon universes

Fanon universes (a.k.a. FanVerse) are the newest addition to Fanon on this Wiki. They are universes for Fan Fictions that are linked by either the same or different users. Just be sure to name the page like so: FanVerse:Name of Universe. For example: FanVerse:Circle of Legends. Add a small description and list of fan fictions that are part of that Fanon universe. Don't forget to add the Category Fanon universes.

Fanon Galleries

Fanon Galleries are Galleries made if Users wish to use the {{Tab Template}} to separate certain information and add a Galley to their Fanon Articles. If Users make a Gallery tab page then users must use this Template {{FanGalleryOwnership|<Your Username>}} (do not include < > when writing your Username).

Fanon Gallery
This Gallery was created and is owned by Example (talk), it is completely fictional showing pictures of Fan Characters.
Unless the edit is constructive and/or minor (such as fixing a template), please do not edit this page unless given permission from the author.

Required Templates: General Fanon

On all Fanon pages (except for Fan Galleries) you must use this Template: {{Property|<Your Username>}} Put the Template at the top of your Fanon article (do not include < > when writing your Username). Using it will produce this (with Example being your Username):

Fanon Article Ownership
This Fanon page was created and is owned by Example (talk), and as such is not part of the Soul series canon.
Unless the edit is constructive and/or minor (such as fixing a template), please do not edit this page unless given permission from the author.

If you and another User have created a page together then use this Template: {{Property-multi|<Author 1>|<Author 2>|<Author 3 etc...>}} This can support up to 10 different Users. Using it will produce this (with each Example being a Username):

Fanon Article Ownership
This fanon page was created and is owned by multiple users, and as such is not part of the Soul series canon. Unless the edit is constructive and/or minor (such as fixing a template), please do not edit this page unless given permission from one or more of the owners. Owners: Example (talk) · Example 2 (talk)

Don't like the default {{Property}} Template? Then go here to see how to make your own Metabox to use on your own Fanon Article.

Don't forget: On any fan character page always add the category User Fan Characters, and on any fan game page always add the category User Fan Games. Also, on any fan game or fan character page you must include the respective Infobox. This will be {{Infobox VG}} and {{Infobox Character}} for fan games and fan characters respectively.

Content Warning

If your fanon contains anything that you think would require a content warning (Example: Bad language) then please use the {{FanonWarn}} template. To use this simply add the template to the top of the page and fill out the required section. For example:

{{FanonWarn|<Warning 1 (Required)>|<Warning 2 (Optional)>|<Warning 3 (Optional)...>}}

For example, if you put:

{{FanonWarn|<Strong Language.>}}

It will produce:

Content Warning!
This article contains; Strong Language. Some readers may find this content offensive. Viewer discretion advised.

This template will automatically add Category:Fanon articles that contain a content warning to the category section of your fanon page. This template allows up to five different content warnings.

If you make a fanon article that an Admin thinks needs the {{FanonWarn}} template then they will post on your Message Wall to add it. Failing to do so will cause admins to take steps listed on the "Penalties" section below.


1. Breaking any of the Rules of Fanon will not go without consequence.

2. All Users must sign with their Wiki Signature on the Signatures page. If you do not sign then you will not be able to make Fanon.

3. If you attempt to make Fanon without signing then you will be told to go and sign the rules. You will be given 24 hours to sign them and if you have not signed, then the fanon article you made will be deleted. If you do it again, you will be blocked for at least 3 days. If after the block you do it again without signing then you will be blocked right away for 7 days and so on.

4. If you make a new fanon page and name it wrong, do not include the correct templates, categories or anything else stated that you need for a fanon page, then you will be given a warning from an Admin to correct your page.

5. Another warning will be given if you do not make the changes requested by the Admin. The third and final warning will result in your fanon article being deleted from the Wiki. Note: Warnings must be given at least 24 hours (or more) after the last warning.

6. If once again you make a fanon article incorrectly you will be given one warning. If no changes are made after 72 hours then your fanon article will be deleted. If you are found editing your fanon within the 72 hour period, but not making the required changes, then you will be given a message that your fanon is being deleted right away and/or your account will be blocked for a minimum of three days.

7. If you once again make a Fanon article incorrectly your account will be blocked from editing right away, you will not be given any warnings to change your fanon article.


  • Penalties 4-6: If you are found to have multiple fanon articles that are against any of the policies then your account and/or fanon will be effected by penalty 6 immediately.
  • Admins may correct things on Fan Character, Fan Game, Fan Fiction, and Fan Universe pages. Please note that this is only going as far as making constructive/minor edits, correcting/adding Categories and moving pages.
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