Sacred Mt. Fuji - Lava Bed
Sacred Mt. Fuji ~ Lava Bed
Background music Through Molten Chaos
Home to Yoshimitsu (SCIII)

The sacred mountain, Mt. Fuji, has been regarded as the realm of Gods since ancient times. At its base spreads a great forest that blocks the path of those who would enter. Beneath it lies an underground waterway that carries spiritual energy to every corner of Japan. Also beneath its surface flows a layer of lava. There' one can find a scorching hell hot enough to instantly vaporize the cold water that periodically flows in. This sacred mountain is the most definitely not sleeping peacefully, but is an active volcano pulsing with heat.

Soulcalibur III - Sacred Mt

Soulcalibur III - Sacred Mt. Fuji - Lava Bed

Anyone who sees this sight will understand in an instant that this is a magnificence far beyond human power, that only Mother Nature could create. It is the very pulse of the earth itself, filled with power.

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