The Sage discipline is one of the many weapon sets available for custom characters in Soulcalibur III. Soul of Sophitia and Soul of Cassandra are available only to Sages.

Sages are unlocked when you have reached Level 30 using the Saint class in Chronicles of the Sword, or completed 410 battles. They are also the only class to use the Chinese blade discipline (except the Sword Master, obviously).

In COTS their stats are fairly solid overall, only lacking a bit in AGI but making a decent character overall. The bonus character Luna uses this discipline.

"Pursuer of knowledge and seeker of perfected techniques whose vast knowledge and unrelenting hunger for perfection will transform even a simple twig into a powerful sword."

Overall, the Sage discipline favors using sword and shield weapons (which also includes Soul of Sophitia and Soul of Cassandra).

Battle Styles Available to Sages

Sages of Importance

Stats of Sage

  • HP:241
    SCIII Sage
  • STR: 75
  • VIT: 101
  • AGI: 101
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