The Samurai discipline is one of the many weapon sets available for custom characters and NPCs in Chronicles of the Sword mode in Soulcalibur III. Soul of Mitsurugi and Soul of Yoshimitsu are available only to Samurai. Overall, the Samurai discipline favors using Katanas with and without other weapons (which also includes Soul of Mitsurugi and Soul of Yoshimitsu).

"A warrior from Japan who vowed fealty to the feudal master. Values faith and loyalty more than life. Proficient with marshal (sic) arts, and excels in sword fighting."

Battle Styles Available to Samurai

Samurai of Importance

Stats of Samurai

  • HP: 245
    SCIII Samurai Card
  • STR: 120
  • VIT: 95
  • AGI: 81
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