"I won't lose, father."
— Seong Mi-na

Seong Mi-na (ソン・ミナ, Son Mina, Hanja: 成美那, Hangul: 성미나) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appeared in the Soulcalibur VI, which marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. She is nicknamed Daughter of the Bladed Rod.


Soulcalibur VI

Upset over her father's insistance on finding a suitor to marry, she makes the decision to run away from home again. With the aid of her servants at her, she is successful in escaping. Little does she know, however, that a certain practioner of Seong School and coast guard arrives shortly after her escape and departs immediately after her.[1]

Physical Appearance

Seong Mi-na is well-built physique woman, as well as standing at 5'4, making her as taller than her fellow women compatriots.


Like her first and second appearances, Seong Mi-na is a sassy, free-spirited, and a tint of childish personality. She is a character who proves herself that she can be like Hwang Seong-gyeong who can be able to protect her homeland despite the gender discrimination.


Her outfit is a redesign of her pink bonus costume from Soul Blade. Its palette swap is a reminiscent of her green-colored costume from her alternative outfit in Soulcalibur - Soulcalibur III, and main outfit from Soulcalibur IV.

Fighting Style

Seong-style Longsword and Staff Techniques

Move list

  • Whirling Willow Frenzy
  • Lightning Fang
  • Sky Blossom
  • Retreating Sands
  • Riding Mustang

Critical Edge

New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor: Knocks her opponent down, then slashes her opponent up. She then juggles them by spinning herself and her blade, and charges the blade before finishing them with another strike.


  • Scarlet Thunder
  • Emerald Nimbus
  • Ambassador
  • Halberd
  • Hraesvelgr
  • Hyup Do
  • Primitive Spear


Soulcalibur VI

  • "I'm gonna go all out now!" – 1P Character Selection
  • "Let's begin!" — 2P Character Selection
  • "Let's get this over with."
  • "Hmph! Say what you like."
  • "Nothing personal." - spoken when performing Reversal Edge
  • "You're gonna pay now!" — activating Critical Edge
  • "I have no plans to... lose!" — conclusion of Critical Edge
  • "Can you stand?"
  • "Learned your lesson?" - Spoken after executing Critical Edge
  • "Would you knock it off?" — upon winning a battle using Critical Edge.
  • "I won't be beaten... so easily, you know!"
  • "'s time to go wild!" - spoken when activating Soul Charge
  • "Father, watch over me!" -spoken when activating Soul Charge in low health
  • "I won't lose, father."
  • "How about training at Seong dojang?"
  • "Go!"
  • "Hoo... what a cinch!"
  • "I will never lose!"
  • "Here you go!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "Ready!"
  • "Now... take this!"
  • "Fly!" — spoken when she executes Sky Blossom.
  • "You're open!" — spoken when she executes Lightning Fang.
  • "Dodge...this!"
  • "Not today!"
  • "But how...?!" - spoken during a Ring Out.
  • "I'm speechless!" - spoken during a Ring Out.
  • "No way!" — spoken when she executes Retreating Sands.
  • "Whoa! His hair's gonna stab me!" – Spoken when activating Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "Go!"
  • "I'm mad now." — spoken when she executes Whirling Willow Frenzy.
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Say... goodnight!" — during Riding Mustang throw.
  • "From here!"
  • "You need more training."
  • "The climax."
  • "Get serious."
  • "You're mine!"
  • "Get ready!"
  • "No chance!"
  • "Surprise!"
  • "Too easy!"
  • "Size isn't everything!" — spoken when engaging a battle with Ivy.
  • "I'm not jealous... Not one bit!" — Spoken after being victorious against Ivy.
  • "You're so mean. Urrgh!" — Spoken upon losing a Time Out.
  • "You jerk!"
  • "Fa...ther..." — Standing KO
  • "I lost to her... in every way." — Spoken upon losing a Time Out against Ivy.
  • "No frustration here." – Spoken when activating Reversal Edge against Ivy
  • "You're strong…"
  • "Whoa! That hair's gonna stab me." – Spoken when activating Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "Ha-ha. Weehee!" – Taunt




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