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"I won't say it again. Don't stand in my way."
— Setsuka

Setsuka (Setsuka 雪華?) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She is the third downloadable character of the second season pass in Soulcalibur VI and was made available on August 4th, 2020. This marks her debut in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

She is nicknamed Drifting Snow Blossom (雪だるま Yukidaruma?).


Soulcalibur VI

Snow-white skin, lustrous gold hair, and two deep-blue beads on its deeply carved face. Here in Ichii, in western Japan, its appearance is eye-catching. However, she stands still dignifiedly with a gaze directed at herself.

She wasn't wearing this nobility from the beginning. Violence in disgust, curiosity, and unspoken words that everyone in a mixed race would suffer. She too grew up in despair and closed her heart.

"I don't know the warmth of my parents." She was born aboard a ship from Portugal to Japan, and her parents died of illness without stepping on the land of Japan. The relatives unreasonably oppressed the stranger's blood-throwing daughter as the "demon girl," and finally she fled the house.

However, traveling as a child does not last long. Exhausted under the cold white snow, she meets a man. A young swordsman, who called himself Shugen Tomiya, called her, who was disliked and hated, the flower that bloomed in the snowfields. The new life, which was given the name of “Setsuka”, melts her frozen heart little by little.

Shugen began to teach Setsuka Shinden-Tsushima-ryu-Battoujyutsu. It was a way to protect and live, but she flourished. At some point in time, the training became more advanced, and Setsuka grew up to be a woman with both strength and beauty. They believed that they would live secretly, enjoying their bond.

But the times weren't right for them. The darkness of Shinden Tsushima-ryu, a technique that Shugen learned, did not allow the two to live quietly.

Shugen was injured in a certain duel and eventually passed away. Until the end, while being gentle to Setsuka and strictly teaching the sword. Setsuka, who lost the people who lived together, felt that he was once again immersed in the loneliness he had felt as a child. Still...unlike that time, she had the technique of removal that her teacher left behind. I know the name of the person Shugen attended. The first martial artist, Shiro Mitsudaira.

She moans in front of the grave of the snow-covered teacher. Shugen left behind on the edge of death. Forbidden revenge for the teacher.

--why? Because I am weak. With Atsushi's sword flash, I'm sure that I'll come back and get struck...

They both lived together and lost their natural existence, but they were not allowed to live in revenge. Setsuka, who was left alone, could not see the way to go.

Physical Appearance

Setsuka, being a mixed-race person of Japanese and Portuguese descent, has a very distinctive appearance compared to the people of Japan. She has light skin, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her hair is styled into a small roll adorned with a floral kanzashi. Several streaks of her hair are seemingly dyed black, perhaps as part of her attempt to fit in among the Japanese.


Setsuka used to be a sweet woman until Shugen Kokonoe's death at the hands of Mitsurugi, which drove her to becoming vengeful.


Setsuka wears a sleeveless white kimono adorned with snow patterns fastened with a western-style corset at the hip. Beneath them, she wears a navy blue strap undergarment with matching over-knee socks and fingerless gloves, both adorned with gold floral patterns. She also wears distinctive geta shoes with western-style heels. Over her shoulders, she draped a black haori with gold trimmings. The haori formerly belonged to her late master Shugen Kokonoe.

Like her past appearances, Setsuka's appearance evokes an east-meets-west theme. This is particularly observable in her wearing a corset as opposed to a more traditional obi, and her heeled geta shoes.

Her Color 2 recolors her whole outfit red and her hair black. This is a reference to her Soulcalibur III 1P outfit. The Color 2 also recolors her parasol red to further emphasize the similarities.

Her Color 3 uses her broken equipment and hairstyle which are recolored blue-white and black respectively. This may be a reference to her Victorian England themed 2P outfit from Soulcalibur IV.

Her Color 4 sports her only in her straps undergarment as well as her socks and gloves, all recolored black. She is also given her broken hairstyle variant which is recolored white. It reference to α Patroklos [1], although some fans point out resemble the character A2 from NiER: Automata, where the guest character 2B hails from.

Weapon & Style

Ugetsu Kageuchi

Shinden Tsushima-style sword that has been handed down to the Kuju family. It was a famous sword that used to exist with many folklore, but he left the Kuju family with a man who had doubts about his sword, and upon his death, went to his disciple, Setsuka.

She thought of her teacher and decided to cover this sword with a glossy robe. Ametsuki and Kageuchi, who changed their style, are held in Setsuka's hands without losing her feelings. When she runs the blade with that technique, it now has the image of the late teacher.

There is a true hit in the rain moon. When a swordsmith hits a Japanese sword, he strikes several swords instead of one, and pays the best of them as a true hit. The rest is kept at hand, but anything other than the true hit is called a shadow hit. Ametsuki/Matsu is a work of sword smithing that he described as one of the best in his life. It has become unknown.

Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyutsu

The sword technique of Shinhaya, which has been handed down to the samurai of Hizen Province for generations and is also called "Kujuryu-sword sword technique" because of its name. It is said that the essence is divided into several mysterious books, and one theory is that not only sword technique but also the method of freely releasing murderousness can be learned. The reason why I wasn't attached to the big words and laughs that tend to be found in the swordsman school is probably due to the many heroic stories left by the swordsmen who have mastered Shinden Tsushima swordsmanship. However, if you believe in that name, it will be a swordsmanship that has been passed down by God. However, considering the timing of the sword-making technique, there is a strong theory that this is an attempt to raise the rank of the school.

The technique of cutting off the blade in an instant as soon as you pull it out is nothing but a sword for assassination. Even if a word derived from an old song is used for the name of a sword technique and a pattern, and even if the blade is wrapped in a colorful umbrella like Setsuka, it is hard to say that the essence can be completely covered. In fact, this school has a dark part called "Ura-konju", and they have a dark history of burying their enemies in the dark according to their main orders. It is rumored that the assassins in Urakonoe had learned not only ten operations and sticks, but also the dark arts such as a cane and an umbrella, and even a mysterious witchcraft.

This school, which gains infinite sharpness by cultivating and refining the spirit, demands skill in the unhuman domain in both handling and handling the sword. It is said that those who desire the three secrets under the names of "snow," "moon," and "flower," devote all of their own powers and find themselves in a predicament. ――The sword technique passed down by God――. Perhaps it is only the person who has left the path of human beings and has entered the extreme point of tireless seeking to understand the true meaning of the name.

Critical Edge

The Demon's Lament: Setsuka swings her parasol upward to stun her opponent before opening it to get behind them and perform an upward vertical slash. The slash, upon contact, creates a festive geisha background with scattering cherry blossoms.



Soulcalibur VI

Murakumo Shrine Grounds


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Blink, and all will be over." — Character selection, 1P
  • "Actions, not words." — Character selection, 2P
  • "Flowers bloom... and are blown away..."
  • "Why do you stand in my way?"
  • "It seems... I must also draw steel."
  • "Life is fleeting... That much I know."
  • "You offer nothing. What a disappointment."
  • "My blade... I am still not skilled enough!"
  • "Are you happy? To have wasted your life?"
  • "This blade of mine... It does not thirst for justice."
  • "I will strike you down... and keep moving forward!" — Spoken when engaged in battle with Mitsurugi or Haohmaru
  • "Master Shugen... I wish..." — Spoken after winning against Mitsurugi or Haohmaru
  • "You can't hide it... We're the same, you and I." — Spoken when engaged in battle with Maxi, Nightmare, Grøh or herself
  • "You reap what you sow, and your seeds were weak." — Spoken after winning against Maxi, Nightmare, Grøh or herself
  • "I won't say it again. Don't stand in my way." — Spoken when engaged in battle with Xianghua, Talim, or Amy
  • "Hurry up and run, run to someone you care for." — Spoken after winning against Xianghua, Talim, or Amy
  • "How unfortunate!" — Spoken before Critical Edge
  • "Flower petals...shall mark your grave!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "Stay down." — Spoken after Critical Edge doesn't KO an opponent
  • "Fight me for real!" — Spoken after Critical Edge doesn't KO Mitsurugi or Haohmaru
  • "This is the work of fate, I merely played my part." — Spoken after Critical Edge KO's an opponent
  • "Shugen Kokonoe's art... lives on through me." — Spoken after Critical Edge KO's Mitsurugi or Haohmaru
  • "You asked for it, my true strength!" — Spoken while activating Soul Charge
  • "I cannot die... until he does!" — Spoken while activating Soul Charge on low health
  • " master's legacy!" — Spoken while activating Soul Charge against Mitsurugi or Haohmaru
  • "I'll offer nothing. Take it!" — Spoken while activating Soul Charge against Maxi, Nightmare, Grøh or herself
  • "Face your pain... coward!" — Spoken while activating Soul Charge against Xianghua, Talim, or Amy
  • "Give up and die!"
  • "Die with honor!" — Spoken during Reversal Edge (offensive quote)
  • "Any last words?" — Spoken during Reversal Edge (offensive quote)
  • "For my master!" — Spoken during Reversal Edge against Mitsurugi or Haohmaru (offensive quote)
  • "Heh. You're no match." — Spoken during Reversal Edge while opponent is low on health (offensive quote)
  • "Heh. Now that's a look." — Spoken during Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "I shall never yield." — Spoken during Reversal Edge against Maxi, Nightmare, Grøh or herself
  • "Heh. Calm yourself." — Spoken during Reversal Edge against Maxi, Nightmare, Grøh or herself
  • "Prepare to be punished." — Spoken during Reversal Edge against Xianghua, Talim, or Amy
  • "Learn to fight." — Spoken during Reversal Edge against Xianghua, Talim, or Amy
  • "You missed!' — Spoken when dodging Reversal Edge
  • "Try to hit me. My blade awaits."
  • "So long."
  • "It's over."
  • "How could you?!" — Spoken when suffering from Guard Crush
  • "One, two, three, four, five!" — Spoken during Divine Throne Air Combo
  • "Farewell." — Spoken after Divine Throne Air Combo
  • "I had just where I wanted you!" — Suffering a Ring Out
  • "How dare you...!" — Suffering a Ring Out
  • "Finally..." — Standing KO
  • "Master..." — Spoken during Geralt's Axii Glyph or 2B's Limiter Release: Self-Destruct
  • "Graceless oath." — Taunting
  • "I have waited...for this!" — Taunting Mitsurugi or Haohmaru
  • "I'm... not finished yet."
  • "You're too young... for this much depth." — Taunting Xianghua, Talim, or Amy


  • Shugen Kokonoe: Adoptive father who raised her after she ran away from her home. Until he died from his wounds in a duel.
  • Sakan Inobe: A friend of Shugen and a fellow Kokonoe clan defector.
  • Heishiro Mitsurugi: Her primary target for revenge.
  • Gyobu Kokonoe: Enemy of her adopted father, who views her as a "savage".
  • Haohmaru: Mistaken him for Mitsurugi. (non-canon)



Soul Calibur VI - Setsuka Trailer


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