Shrine of Eurydice
Background music Wings of Faith
Home to Sophitia (SC)
Shrine of Eurydice is a stage in Soulcalibur. It is Sophitia's home stage.

The gods constructed a circular shrine atop a great sacred mountain. Legends say the gods created this shrine to defy themselves. As if to prove this legend, the path to the shrine was a cascade of giant stairs that human feet could never step upon. "If the gods do not wish us to enter the shrine of legend then we shall construct a second shrine for them to come to us." Therefore, this second shrine stood next to the mountain. All who visited the shrine surrounded by clouds and divine light felt as if they were floating in air. What could have been the hopes and bows of people standing on this shrine looking at the circular shrine of legend in the distance? And of Sophitia...

(Note: known as Shrine in the Air in the Arcade version).

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