Shrine of the Snake God Palgaea
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Background music Chainless Disaster
Home to Astaroth (SCV)
"In the ceremony of battle, the defeated are blessed with death."
— Narrator

Shrine of the Snake God Palgaea is set on a very long and narrow level of the Palgaea shrine. It is multi-tiered and whenever a player is thrown out of the ring, both players will start the next round on another lower level which leaves only one side for ring-outs. Also, snake statues holding a large scythe can be seen.

Along the Black Sea's shores, Fygul Cestemus constructed an elaborate underground temple. The cult had recently just recovered from being nearly being wiped out, and desired a new place of worship and operations. Members of the cult referred to the halls, lined with giant statues of a half-snake deity, as the "Chain of Genesis". 

The "Chamber of Genesis" is the lower level, in which only high ranking priests could enter.



  • On the lower floor, one can see mass-produced Astaroths in tubes and another one which is in the construction state.
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