"It's time to play. Here I come!"
— Shura

Shura (修羅, lit. "Bloodshed") is a bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Hiroya Oku.

Her weapons, named Raijin-Maru & Fujin-Maru, are twin katanas. She also has two wakizashi swords, though she does not use them. Like all of the bonus characters, Shura's moveset is recycled from one of the main character's; she uses the same moveset as Cervantes.

What lies within her soul is Hate.


Shura has obvious Japanese influences in her design including her weaponry and dragon design on her clothes. She wears a black vest top with black underwear and chaps. These are accompanied by blue arm and leg wraps complete with red sandals. Her long hair is tied into a thin ponytail and she has a fringe covering her face. A prominent feature is the grotesque skull of a demon strapped to her left shoulder.


The woman was simply a killer, one who had never tasted satisfaction. She eventually began to destroy evil spirits to keep things challenging. She slayed many demons, until one day she became possessed by one. But even then, she did not stop killing. She continued her aggressive way of life, until the world was calling her "Shura", meaning "Bloodshed".

The spirit that had possessed her was in search of a powerful body so that it could return from the dead. As for the woman, she simply wanted someone worth killing. Together, they transformed from two strong warriors to a single, even stronger warrior.

The spirit still searches for a perfect body, with the woman still looking for someone strong enough to satisfy her.

Soulcalibur IV ending

Shura defeats Algol, though she and the spirit are disappointed at how weak he is. After destroying Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, they realize that they are surrounded by monsters that were summoned by Soul Edge. They both become excited about the opportunity of finding someone stronger.

The text-only epilogue states this: She left footprints in numerous cities, but none know her end.


Shura can be considered one of the most sadistic and sinister characters in the series. She likes to tease and goad her opponents before she defeats them. Some of her intro quotes reflect this like "'re so cute." and "I'll teach you a thing or two." She often makes suggestive remarks during combat including "Bad, bad child!" and "I'll tease you all you want!" giving her a somewhat dark and sexually suggestive humor. In addition, her backstory reflects her dark persona, her life focused on satisfying her insatiable appetite for a worthy opponent. Even after she was possessed, her desire to kill still continued.

Overall, Shura is a dark character with a penchant for killing. Her desire for satisfaction leads her to be suggestive and provocative during fights and she is often left unfulfilled with weaker opponents.



Soulcalibur IV

  • You look like a feisty one.
  • That didn't satisfy me at all.
  • It's time to play.
  • Here I come.
  •'re done already.
  • I'll teach you a thing or two.
  • Your moves didn't satisfy me.
  • Okay, let's get started.
  • Where did all your energy go?
  • What an odd person.
  • Come back anytime.
  • Pathetic!
  • All show, no go!
  •'re so cute.
  • Bad, bad child!
  • Not on my watch, you brat!
  • Where do you like it?
  • Doesn't that feel good?
  • Disappointing...
  • I'll kill you.
  • Good!
  • Okay that's enough!
  • Pass out!
  • You lack training.
  • Don't you assume you'll have your way with me.
  • Just come at me..I'm ready for anything.
  • You're greedy.
  • Not bad.
  • I'll tease you all you want!
  • You're silly!
  • Do you want..this?!
  • Leave it to me!
  • Take your punishment.
  • Excuse me?
  • Come on let's have fun!
  • I'm not impressed!
  • Oops... sorry.
  • I love it when you talk dirty.
  • So you wanna do it here?
  • This is ridiculous!
  • Not yet!
  • So childish.
  • Naughty naughty.
  • Poor thing.
  • Can you take this?!
  • So much spirit!
  • How's this?
  • Submit to me.
  • Come on, let's have some more fun!
  • Can you move now?!
  • How cute.
  • I love to watch you cry.
  • Not good enough!
  • I hate softies.
  • Did you enjoy it?
  • You like being humiliated right?
  • Let's play rough!
  • You wanna be killed?!
  • Be good now
  • You're so....Rough!!!
  • Meet your death!
  • Can you take... this?



  • In Soulcalibur IV's Chain of Souls, Shura is one of two characters shown exploiting both Siegfried and Nightmare, the second character being Zasalamel.
  • Unlike the guest characters in both Soulcalibur IV and previous games, Shura is included in a relationship chart released alongside Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, in spite of her absence from that game, unlike the actual guest characters. It should be noted that the chart excludes non canon elements like crossover characters and story elements from Broken Destiny's Gauntlet mode, yet still includes Shura and other Soulcalibur IV bonus characters.
  • Despite being included in an official relationship chart, her having any canon role in the series is still debatable.
  • Official art depicts her alongside Ivy despite seemingly no connection between the two.
  • When Shura was introduced in Soulcalibur IV, she became a surprisingly popular character along with Hilde and Algol.
  • Even though she does not carry a firearm, she can still perform all of Cervantes "shooting" moves.
  • Shura can be unlocked with her "template"; she is encountered in Cervantes' Story Mode. This trait is shared with Ashlotte, who can be unlocked using Astaroth.
  • Shura can be read as 修羅(しゅら) which means "Bloodshed".
  • In Soul Edge, Cervantes could use twin Katanas in Edge Master Mode.
  • Fans wanted Shura to be a playable character in Soulcalibur V, with her own moveset. However, she was the first character to be dissconfirmed by Daishi Odashima on his Twitter.
  • Her sub-boss title is 'Naked Twin Blades'.
  • Interestingly, it is possible to change her skin color only through hacking, unlike the other bonus character.


  • Toki kept a watch over her during his time as the Fu-Ma clan leader.


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