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"Ngh... I will not surrender to this nightmare!"
— Siegfried

Siegfried Schtauffen (ジークフリート・シュタウフェン, Jīkufurīto Shutaufen)  is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. He appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

His nickname is A Soul in the Purgatory (明日なき魂 Ashita naki tamashī?).



Siegfried Schtauffen was the son of the knight Frederick Schtauffen, but joined a bandit group known as Schwarzwind, becoming particularly close friends with Salia Olschmidt. During a raid on some knights who had deserted from the army, Siegfried decapitated their leader only to discover that he had killed his own father. Horrified, Siegfried convinced himself that someone else had done it and became obsessed with revenge, searching for the legendary weapon Soul Edge. Eventually finding it in Valencia Port, he claimed the cursed blade for himself and was Malfested, triggering the event known as the Evil Seed. Upon claiming Soul Edge, an entity from Astral Chaos entered Siegfried's mind and assumed the form of a silver-haired boy, manipulating him into embracing Soul Edge's will and becaming the monstrous warrior known as Nightmare.

Soulcalibur VI

After losing to Kilik and his comrades in the form of Nightmare, Siegfried awakened in an unfamiliar place. Though his consciousness was free from Soul Edge's grasp, he was unable to free himself from the unforgiving memories of his time spent as the cursed sword's puppet. Before long he was confronted with a memory he'd kept repressed deep inside: the memory of having killed his own father... "What have I done...?" he groaned. The remains of Soul Edge lay at his feet... For Siegfried, his true nightmare had only just begun.[1]

Despite being overcome with remorse and despair, Siegfried refused to let himself die at the hands of those seeking vengeance for his crimes as Nightmare, and dedicated himself to preventing Soul Edge from falling into a new wielder's hands. However, the more he fought and the more foes he slew, the more Soul Edge began to regain its power. Encountering Sophitia, Siegfried dueled her - thinking she had come to claim Soul Edge from him. After the misunderstanding was resolved, Sophitia attempted to cleanse Siegfried's Malfestation with her divine powers, her advice strengthening his resolve to seal away Soul Edge once and for all. Even so, his mind was slowly being taken over by the cursed sword. Though able to barely cope while awake, his sleep was dominated by terrible nightmares and he would awaken covered in blood and surrounded by butchered corpses: Soul Edge would seize control of his body while he slept - turning him back into Nightmare - and use him to do its evil bidding. However, a ray of hope appeared in the form of the voice of Soul Calibur, which had been trapped in Astral Chaos and was being consumed by Inferno. Grasping Soul Edge's hilt, Siegfried allowed himself to be pulled into Astral Chaos - fighting to prevent the Spirit Sword from being corrupted and absorbed. While he was successful, Soul Edge was able to increase its hold over him - trapping him in Astral Chaos for some time - and began focusing its will on corrupting both Siegfried and Soul Calibur. Siegfried's soul would however escaped from the Astral Chaos, only to disappear into the Astral Chaos over and over again when he fell asleep. This would allow Inferno to possess his body completely as well as take on the guise of Nightmare and slaughter people.

While trapped in Astral Chaos, Siegfried despaired at Soul Calibur slowly being corroded by Soul Edge's malice and was approached by Acht, a mysterious entity resembling an androgynous silver-haired child. Acht claimed to have once been a traveling companion of Siegfried's, and that at some point after claiming Soul Edge but before becoming Nightmare, Siegfried had earned the favor of the Holy Roman Emperor and become one of the most famous knights in the world by slaughtering untold thousands of Ottoman Empire soldiers. However, Siegfried possessed no recollection of these events and rebuked Acht's attempts to manipulate him into giving in to Soul Edge's corruption and surrendering Soul Calibur to her; resolving to break free and regain control of his body the moment the opportunity presented itself.

During his time at Ostrheinsburg Castle, Siegfried gained knowledge of where Soul Edge’s servants held imprisoned hostages; and was able to use the brief interludes where he regained control of his body to relay that information to Hwang before sensing he was turning into Nightmare again and departing, unwilling to cause more casualties.

Physical Appearance

Siegfried appears as a physically-fit young man with long blond hair and a scar across his right eye. He is clad in a suit of ornate steel plate armor and a long white scarf, with his upper body bare under the armor. Underneath his right gauntlet there are bandages, to conceal his previously malfested arm, which is now ashen due to it.

In a flashback to the ending of Soul Edge/Soul Blade, he lacks the scar and has short hair, wearing a different suit of plate armor with bandages wrapped around his hands.


After murdering his father by accident, Siegfried lost his sanity - convincing himself that someone else had done it - and became obsessed with revenge, seeking out Soul Edge for the power it would give him. Inferno took advantage of this, impersonating his father's ghost to manipulate him into becoming the malfested warrior Nightmare.

After his humanity is restored, Siegfried not only retains the memories of the atrocities he committed as Nightmare but realizes that he is the one who killed his father. Initially overcome with despair and self-loathing, he is reduced to a sobbing wreck. An encounter with Sophitia, who offers him words of wisdom while attempting to cleanse his malfestation, restores Siegfried's resolve and inspires him to atone for his sins - though he expresses doubt that's possible. Realizing that if he is killed, someone else will obtain Soul Edge and become a new Nightmare, he resolves to prevent the cursed sword from claiming another host. Upon realizing that with every battle he fights Soul Edge is growing stronger and threatening to turn him into Nightmare again, Siegfried willingly sacrifices his humanity to rescue Soul Calibur from Inferno - trapping his consciousness within Astral Chaos alongside the Spirit Sword - but remains determined to destroy Soul Edge once Nightmare is weakened enough for him to break free.


Siegfried's Color 1 consists of a silver knight armor with a black chainmail with golden accents, as well as a golden stole around his neck.

His Color 2 costume recolors his armor gold with silver accents and his stole blue.

His Color 3 costume recolors his armor all red at the cost of not wearing a stole.

His Color 4 costume recolors his armor ice blue, his stole purple, and his chainmail silver while also giving him white hair.

Fighting Style

The giant two-handed sword used by this style both fortress and weapon. Slash follows slash as intricate stance shifts allow its user to compensate for the blade's weight-indeed, to use it to quickly transition to yet another block or strike, confounding an opponent and breaking their guard. When on the defensive, mighty blows made with all the wielder's spirit behind them are powerful enough to shatter boulders, and can instantly turn a losing battle into a triumphant victory.[2] Siegfried's unique ability in game is his "Dark Legacy" mode, reached when his health is at 25% or lower as well as occasionally being given upon inputting the Grim Omen move (which works as a Guard Impact) a consecutive number of times (he begins to utter something else when close to it), shown as his body glows (and, in update v1.40, gains a phantom Nightmare arm of energy surrounding his formerly malfested limb). During this state, he gains access to new Lethal Hit moves, and Nightmare's shockwave. Furthermore, his Critical Edge (and his quote after KOing someone with it) implies that the remnants of Soul Edge's power lingers on him still.


A massive blade that Siegfried found to replace the cursed sword. The name Midnight Requiem embodies Siegfried's regret over his deeds as Nightmare. He wishes to settle the score with the cursed sword to atone for the father he killed and the people whose lives he took, even if that means he will face grave hardships along the way.

Siegfried walks a lonely path, but can he ever find redemption?


Though not naturally built to wield such a large sword Siegfried still chose the Zweihänder as his weapon of choice.

You might be fooled into thinking the style required to swing this sword is all power, however, it’s actually quite subtle. The blade’s great weight can be used for both offense and defense, while slight changes in the wielder’s stance allow for giant moves with minimal movement.

The strikes Siegfried employs are designed to crush more than cut, and can make mincemeat of armor. Those foolish enough to think they can seize victory if they get in close will likely find themselves swept up in a series of carefully-planned movements and strikes, all leading to the attacker’s inevitable demise. If you are unfortunate to find yourself hit directly by a blow from this sword, death is all but certain and immediate.

Siegfried’s discolored arm is a reminder of his time as Nightmare. Now, whenever the young man is wounded and backed into a corner, Nightmare appears in the form of a blue flame that taunts and tortures his soul. However, he has learned how to master and utilize this power in battle.

Siegfried has but one reason to fight: to fully free himself from the cursed sword’s grasp.

Critical Edge

Deep Scar: Siegfried swings his sword. If the target escapes, or is downed, the move ends here. If it catches an airborne or standing opponent, they will be launched to the air, whereas Siegfried grinds his sword to the right, sending the falling enemy to the air once more. Charging his sword with the remnants of Soul Edge's power on his body, he spins clockwise and strike the opponent with both his sword and the flames created by the cursed sword's power. The move does 8 hits.

If he attempts to hit the opponent with the Critical Edge, it gives him one Dark Legacy point. If connected with the Critical Edge, it gives him additional five Dark Legacy points. If he has at least 6 Dark Legacy points and the "A+B+K" input is held during the animation, he can trigger his Dark Legacy mode.

In the version 2.0 update, Siegfried can also perform his Crimson Scar, which is the same as above, except it starts in his Chief Hold stance.



Soulcalibur VI

Ostrheinsburg Castle: Hall of the Chosen


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Let's do this!" — Selection Screen 1
  • "I will end this nightmare." — Selection Screen 2
  • "Step aside. I've sinned enough already." — 1P Entrance
  • "Why hasten your death?!" — 2P Entrance
  • "My life... is not for your taking!" — 1P Entrance
  • "I've no time for you... Let's end this quickly." — 2P Entrance
  • "I cannot lose!" — Spoken when using Soul Wave: Aftermath
  • "Get away from me!" — Spoken when using Soul Wave: Aftermath
  • "Just leave me alone already!" — Spoken when engaging a battle with Sophitia
  • "Admit it! We are the same." — Spoken when engaging a battle with Nightmare
  • "The Princess of Wolfkrone...? How vexing..." — Spoken when engaging a battle with Hilde
  • "I'm ready." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge
  • "Okay, let's go!" — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge
  • "Time to end this!" — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge
  • "Take this." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge
  • "I'm ready." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge while low on health
  • "It's all or nothing!" — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge while low on health
  • "It'll be over soon." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge with enemy on low health
  • "Is that so?" — Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge against Grøh
  • "Stand down!" — Spoken when struck by fully charged Reversal Edge
  • "Get out of my way!" — Spoken when struck by fully charged Reversal Edge
  • "It's not good." — Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge three times in a row and onwards
  • "Your terror ends with me!" — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge against Nightmare.
  • "I will finish this!" — Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge against Nightmare, as well as at end of his Critical Edge with low health, and also after reaching Dark Legacy either via Grim Omen, "Deep Scar" or "Crimson Scar" Critical Edge.
  • "Why will you not give up?" — Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge against Sophitia
  • "I don't need a savior." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge against Sophitia
  • "Are you so desperate to die?" — Spoken either when starting Reversal Edge against Sophitia or during Soul Attack
  • "Forgive me, but I must do this." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge against Hilde
  • "I cannot get to you..." — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge against Hilde
  • "I need no pawn." — Spoken when winning Reversal Edge against Hilde
  • "Let me through!" — Spoken when winning Reversal Edge against Hilde
  • "I have no choice!" — Spoken when winning Reversal Edge against Hilde
  • "What's with that hair?" — Spoken when starting Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "Get out of my sight." — Spoken after second hit of Reversal Edge
  • "Not quite." — Spoken when evading Reversal Edge
  • "Not a chance." — Spoken when evading Reversal Edge
  • "How could I lose?" — Spoken when struck by Guard Crush
  • "My strength fails..." — Spoken when struck by Guard Crush a second time
  • "Will I ever... be saved?" — Taunt
  • "I shall not... forget this pain!" — Taunt after knocking out the opponent
  • "It's... time!" — Spoken when using Nightmare Killer
  • "The nightmare... ends with me!" — Spoken when using Nightmare Killer throw against Nightmare
  • "Stand... aside!" — Spoken when using Nightmare Killer throw against either Sophitia or Hilde
  • "Fate shall bend to me!" — Spoken when using Thrust Throw against Nightmare
  • "Is that it?" — Spoken either after doing the Stomping Kick or Calamity Fall throw, spoken differently when winning Reversal Edge
  • "You're out of luck!"
  • "Not done yet!"
  • "I got you now!"
  • "This is not good."
  • "Get out of my sight!"
  • "Victory will me mine!"
  • "How's this?"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Back off."
  • "Now watch!"
  • "I'll never retreat..."
  • "I fear nothing!"
  • "Give in."
  • "Give up."
  • "Ready?"
  • "No escape!"
  • "Eat this!"
  • "Perish."
  • "Time to die!" — Spoken when using either Non-Soul Charged Rook Splitter or Non-Soul Charged Fiend Shatter when the opponent is downed
  • "Forgive me!" — Spoken when using Non-Soul Charged Rook Splitter on either Sophitia or Hilde
  • "Step aside."
  • "It ends here!"
  • "This ends now!"
  • "Oraora!"
  • "What's wrong?" — Spoken when using Guard Impact
  • "My hand!" — Spoken when using Grim Omen
  • "I will not run!" — Spoken when using Grim Omen, two times away from reaching Dark Legacy
  • "Not done yet!" — Spoken when using Grim Omen, with the next one achieving Dark Legacy
  • "Sorry, but... your path ends here." — Spoken when activating Soul Charge
  • "I will... continue on!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge with low health
  • "I do not desire... a false salvation." — Spoken when activating Soul Charge on Sophitia
  • "I will... reclaim my heart!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge while fighting Nightmare.
  • "Join me in hell, demon of my past!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge against Soul Charged Nightmare or while fighting Nightmare when Siegfried is at low health.
  • "I will submit to judgement, but not yet." — Spoken when activating Soul Charge on Hilde
  • "Let's do this!" — Spoken when activating "Deep Scar" Critical Edge
  • "Taste... the power of my sword!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "Haven't had enough?" — Spoken at end of "Deep Scar" Critical Edge
  • "I will finish this!" — Spoken at end of "Deep Scar" Critical Edge when in Dark Legacy
  • "Will I ever be saved?" — Spoken when activating "Crimson Scar" Critical Edge
  • "Though, what must I do?" — Spoken at the end of "Crimson Scar" Critical Edge
  • "Die already!" — Spoken either at end of either "Deep Scar" or "Crimson Scar" Critical Edge against or when using Neutral Judge throw on Nightmare
  • "I'd hoped I wouldn't have to rely on this strength..." — At end of KO Critical Edge
  • "You can never get rid of me!" — Spoken on decisive round against Nightmare
  • "I'm just getting started." — Spoken on decisive round against Sophitia
  • "Looks like I have no choice." — Spoken on decisive round
  • "You will go no further!" — Spoken on decisive round for both sides
  • "How could I lose?!" — Spoken when KO'd by Nightmare.
  • "Forgive me..."
  • "Ngh... Curse this evil..."
  • "I must hurry... before I lose myself entirely..."
  • "I cannot die... without fulfilling my duty."
  • "I shall pay... for my sins myself." — Spoken in a victory against Sophitia
  • "Ngh... I will not surrender to this nightmare!" — Spoken in a victory against Nightmare
  • "Must I continue to add to my sins... even in the waking world...?" — Spoken in a victory against Hilde
  • "This is what I deserve..." — KO'd standing
  • "I cannot fall like this!" — Ring Out, 1st quote
  • "I don't have time for this!" — Ring Out, 2nd quote
  • "Is this... it for me?" — spoken when lost by Time Out
  • "Your life is too radiant for me." — spoken after losing by Time Out against Sophitia
  • "I can't let you leave here." — spoken after losing by Time Out against Nightmare
  • "Is there nothing I can do?" — spoken after losing by Time Out against Hilde


  • Nightmare is his alter-ego after being possessed by the Soul Edge
  • Manipulated by Inferno into collecting souls as Nightmare while posing as his father
  • Son of Frederick, whom he killed by accident. Siegfried would then lose his sanity and become very vengeful, eventually becoming Nightmare when Inferno impersonated his ghost via Soul Edge
  • Lost to Kilik and was later freed as Nightmare
  • Partially healed by Sophitia of his Malfestation
  • Gives Hwang the information about the imprisoned hostages in the Ostrheinsburg Castle just before he gets turned into Nightmare again.




SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - Siegfried (Character announcement trailer)

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