Sinking Merchant Ship
Background music Let My Soul Burn
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"Keep hope close, for it may not be there at the end of your journey."
— Narrator

Sinking Merchant Ship is a stage in Soulcalibur V. It is set on the deck of a sinking merchant ship. There are many pirate ships in the background, constantly attacking the stage. It is almost identical to Sailor's Rest from Soulcalibur IV, except that it is not surrounded by an island and lacks a wall. It also shares similarities with Cervantes's Soulcalibur III stage Pirate Raid.

The stage is multi-tiered: Once a player reaches a decisive round, a cannonball from The Adrian hits the merchant ship and both players fall to a lower level of the ship with three walls and an opening.


The merchant ship originally departed from a port in Goa, heading for Lisbon through the Cape of Good Hope. It was attacked by Cervantes in his legendary ship, the Adrian. The Adrian's skull-shaped naval ram split the merchant ship in two, sealing its fate. 


  • In the first demo of the game, this stage used the "Till Fate Writes My Epitaph" BGM.


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