Wolf's Rain Symbol

Wolf's Rain Insignia

Wolf's Rain is a group of Warriors that has been formed and leaded by Leandra Scott   

Wolf's Rain has a total members of 19 Warriors with each having their own skills and battlestyles

Origins of Wolf's Rain

At the hideout of Wolf´s Rain Leandra sended a few Members (Byron, Duncan, Gail and Ilona) away for a Special mission somewhere out there after the presentation of the newest member of Wolf's Rain named Pyrrha Alexandra, Mentor Rosabella
Adrienne and Rosabella

Rosabella showing some moves to Adrienne

was busy to teach her student Adrienne some new moves, she showed them to her when Adriennne had to do it also herself to see or

she was improving her skills, after that Rosabella would go train her brother Darius

You are a good teacher, im glad you joined Wolf´s Rain Adrienne said to Rosabella

Rosabella said Thank you and showed some more moves to Adrienne,
Shara and Leandra

Leandra and Shara

Meanwhile Leandra and Shara where also practicing their own moves against eachother in a sparring match after a few rounds they stopped to take a break as Shara asked Leandra something

How did you formed Wolf´s Rain and how did you got all Members here, as i know when i came here with Naomi some had already joined Wolf´s Rain  Shara asked Leandra

Leandra looked to shara but she didn´t knew yet how to tell because the Origins of Wolf´s Rain had to
WR Rosabella1

Rosabella shooting an arrow

do with a huge and large battle but Leandra had no idea how to begin.

Meanwhile Rosabella and Adrienne where still training, but now Rosabella was busy with Crossbow training to learn how to aim directly to an opponent, as Rosabella was firing an arrow she said

The basics to learn how to shoot perfect in One shot is to use youre eyes very carefully Rosabella spoke to Adrienne

and Adrienne tried it also herself by shooting an arrow with her Crossbow but missed the first time as she was disappointed but Rosabella walked to her and said

Don´t worry even i was a beginner....

On another spot on the terrain of Wolf's Rain hideout Colin was busy with slashing some dummy's with his Sword and stabbing with his Spear

Take this you vermain Colin yelled while stabbing

Then he stabbed to hard on a dummy that he broke his Spear against a wall Damn it, its broke..... Colin said

as Anna showed up and picked up Colin's Spear while she said This is the third time this week that you broke a Spear, i will repair it again  Anna said

Colin looked to Anna as he thought Man that little girl has allot of patience as he grabbed a new Spear to practice with.

Meanwhile Leandra and Shara where still talking about the question Shara asked Leandra as she said

Alright the story goes like this


Main Members

The list of Members from Wolf's Rain

Other Members


The battlestyles from the members of Wolf's Rain

- Dual Swords

- Wolf-Creature

- Swords and Crossbow

- Dual Swords

- Zweihander

- Sword and Shield

- Ring Blade

- MagicBall

- Zweihander

- Sword and Shield

- Rod

  • Byron (Ax x2)
  • Duncan (Katana x2)
  • Darius (Swords & Crossbow)
  • Ilona (Zweihander)
  • Jessica (Nunchaku)
  • Adrienne (Swords & Crossbow)
  • Dan (Axe)
  • Colin (Sword and Spear)
  • Gail (Sword and Shield)
  • Naomi (Sword x2)
  • Hanelore (Iai Sword)
  • Mike (Snake Sword)
  • Kristen (Katana)
  • Darren (Rapier)
  • Lilah (Sharp Long Sword)

Armor of Wolf's Rain

The armor that Members are wearing have all the same colors (Dark Silver, Light Silver, Yellow and Black) only the big difference is that the armor of the Females are slight different then the Male armor,

On each armor 3 Wolf symbols are shown on the Chest and 2 on the shoulders

There are some members who are wearing a different version of The Armor as the regulair armor

Three members of Wolf's Rain are carrying 3 weapons with them those are Darius and Adrienne and they are Brother and Sister under the guidance of Rosabella as their mentor


  • Wolf's Rain has 24 Members
  • Some Members are using 2 Battlestyles
  • Owns 3 warriors with at least 3 Weapons equipped
  • Together with The Lions' Pride they form an Alliance
  • Both leaders Leandra and Helen are close Friends
  • Rosabella is the only Italian member of Wolf's Rain.
    • Rosabella also carries the most weapons out of the members of Wolf's Rain, carrying 7 weapons in combat. (Hidden Gun, Hidden Blades x2, Daggers x2, Sword, and Crossbow). Her apprentices only carry three, as Rosabella does not believe they are ready to wield so many weapons.



Wolf's Rain Theme

Wolf's Rain Theme

Theme of Wolf's Rain

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