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Soul Chronicle is a new story mode featured in Soulcalibur VI. It focuses on the main story while mixing in story parts of all characters. [1]

Soul Chronicle mode tells the series’ origin story (1583 to 1590), and restructured with the addition of new episodes. The main story will be shown in 2D demos, 3D demos, 2D illustrations, conversational parts, and battles. Episodes that aren’t part of the main story will be shown in 2D illustrations, conversational parts, and battles.[2]



Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.

Soul Edge, a legendary sword, and a devourer of souls... buried in the darkest reaches of history, it was brought back to light in the 16th century.

The notorious pirate Cervantes claimed the sword as his own, setting everything into motion.

Soul Edge adapted to its owner, by splitting into two.

Possessed by the evil weapons, Cervantes began a bloody reign of terror, slaying all those seeking the swords without prejudice. However, Cervantes was eventually undone.

Under the protection of Hephaestus, the god of smithing, a female warrior named Sophitia was able to destroy one of the swords. However, shards of the blade flew and lodged into her body, causing near-mortal wounds.

Seeing his chance, Cervantes raised his sword to deliver the final blow. Suddenly, there appeared a ninja known as Taki who rescued the wounded warrior. Taki defeated Cervantes in a battle to the death before carrying the injured Sophitia away.

However... one of Soul Edge's two blades still remained. Perhaps it was fate... the blade fell into the hands of Siegfried, whose mind was twisted and unwell.

A pillar of light pierced the heavens, the product of rampant evil and the Evil Seed. No one could have predicted it would become a catalyst for catastrophe across the world...

Our story takes place in the 16th century.



  • The fourth Soul Chronicle mission in the main story, a mysterious visitor, always features one of the player's CAS characters from Libra of Soul. This is to say it is the first sparring match with Kilik from his perspective. 
  • Special guest-character, Geralt of Rivia, from Andrzej Sapowski’s novel series The Witcher, appears as a part of the canon story.
  • DLC guest characters such as 2B and Haohmaru does not get their story episodes, with their inclusion are only for promotional purposes.
  • The main story’s main fighters mostly consist of the main default fighters of original Soulcalibur, with Grøh replaces Voldo for this role part.
  • Some of the characters’ story timeline chapters take place between the original Soulcalibur and the timeline where Soulcalibur II - Soulcalibur IV took place, which is after the main story’s chapter 20.
  • The 2D illustrations are made by Hiroaki Hashimoto. [3]
  • During some chapters has a character called "Lizardman Chief" he appears in several scenes with Astaroth, but it is not possible to defeat him like the other lizardmen, it is speculated this character is actually Aeon Calcos, but nothing has been confirmed.
  • Raphael and Zasalamel have special cases with their Soul Chronicle. Both have a secret episode and ending that can be unlocked by playing Libra of Souls and fulfilling certain requirements.
  • The DLC Soul Chronicle episodes (for the sole exception of Tira) have many distinctions compared to the Soul Chronicles of the base roster characters.
    • Amy and Hilde's Soul Chronicle are considerably longer, with each having 10 episodes.
    • Cassandra, in addition to having 7 base episodes, also has 3 additional episodes referred to as Episode 0, with each episode denoted with greek letters α, β, and γ. These episodes are unlocked by completing her base episodes and obtaining the first ending of her Soul Chronicle. Completing the 3 additional episodes unlocks her second ending and adds further context to her story.
    • Setsuka has a longer Soul Chronicle with 10 episodes which are not told in chronological order. In addition, playing through her Soul Chronicle also unlocks Mitsurugi Side Story that intersects with her story. Playing through all 6 episodes of Mitsurugi's Side Story is required to progress through her Soul Chronicle further and unlocks her ending. Setsuka's Soul Chronicle is also currently the only Soul Chronicle that featured unique pieces of background music that plays exclusively in her episodes.
  • Base characters such as Grøh and Mitsurugi got extended character episodes via patch(es) under the name “Side Story”.
  • If counting Side Story, Mitsurugi’s character episode is considered the longest of all character episodes for now.
  • All of Soul Chronicle events are narrated by the announcer except for Seong Mi-na's, where she tells her own story.