Soulcalibur[1] (or Soulcalibur: Endgame) is a movie adaptation of the Soul series.

During spring 2001, Sammo Hung committed to do a movie adaptation of Soulcalibur and had Kiefer Sutherland as Siegfried, Ian McShane as Nightmare and Jackie Chan in mind to star. The movie was set, starring Taiwanese popular actress such as Ma Su and other earlier planned actors as well. At first everything seemed to be going well, Sammo was given a $50 million budget and backed up by Namco. Sammo's official website announced their plans regarding Soulcalibur, but after a year later nothing developed. Eventually Sammo's official website removed their announcement and the Soulcalibur movie was presumed cancelled. Unofficial sources suggest that Sammo had lost interest in creating the movie after Jackie Chan could not commit a schedule to create the movie. Sammo had forfeited his rights to produce the movie and they were taken by an American producer.

Warren Zide's Anthem Pictures has since acquired the rights to adapt the game to film. It has been stated that the film's story, unlike the games', "revolves around two warriors who are chosen by Shaolin monks to recover and destroy a powerful sword that has fallen into the hands of an evil prince who plans to use it to open the gates of hell and destroy the world."

Nevertheless, other than the copyrights, it provides no further information. The teaser website from 2nd Degree Media (affiliated with Anthem Pictures) have not since released any new information in almost two years since its appearance. The only change is the year release date was updated to 2007, otherwise there is no mention of any real developments. A few websites have published a possible 2008 Soulcalibur poster of Nightmare, although no such movie was released in that year. It is speculated by many that the Soulcalibur movie has been scrapped once again and that the official website is merely an abandoned web page. To further support the speculation, Namco has yet to make any official announcements of Soulcalibur's movie status.

The movie is likely in development hell, like the Metal Gear Solid movie or the Halo movie.


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  1. Q:Will Soulcalibur The Movie announce after the success of Tekken The Movie 2010? Maybe, if the film earns alot, the director will continue on Namco's next film and it might be Time Crisis or Soul Edge/Calibur The Movie.

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