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Soulcalibur VI

The official boxart of the game.
Developer(s) Project Soul
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Designer(s) Motohiro Okubo
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows (Steam)
Released PlayStation 4, Xbox One
JP October 18, 2018
NA October 19, 2018
EU October 19, 2018
WW October 19, 2018[1]
Genre(s) Fighting
Ratings ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Soulcalibur Pachislot

Soulcalibur VI (ソウルキャリバーVI, Sourukyaribaa Shikkusu) is the seventh installment in Namco's Soul series of fighting games. It is a soft reboot of the series which covers events starting pre-Soulcalibur, and was announced at The Game Awards 2017. It was released on October 19, 2018.


The game began development before 2014.[2] Like Tekken 7, Soulcalibur VI uses Unreal Engine 4. According to Bandai-Namco, Soulcalibur VI will focus more on story elements. According to the game's producer Motohiro Okubo, the game's code name in development was "Luxor" in reference to making the game feel more akin to the first Soulcalibur


Returning Characters

  • Heishiro Mitsurugi (御剣 平四郎, Mitsurugi Heishirō) is a veteran of the Soul series that has been in every game since Soul Edge. He wears a modified version of his Soulcalibur outfit.[3]
  • Sophitia Alexandra (ソフィーティア・アレクサンドル, Sofītia Arekusandoru) is the older sister to Cassandra and Lucius. She is a veteran of the Soul series and is returning since her last main appearance in Soulcalibur IV. Her outfit is derived from her Soulcalibur look.[4]
  • Nightmare (ナイトメア, Naitomea) makes his return in the game. His appearance is an updated version of his Soulcalibur costume. Once again, Siegfried Schtauffen returns as the character in the game as his face is revealed during Nightmare's armor break. Most of his armor is that of Siegfried's, albeit recolored to azure.
  • Chai Xianghua (チャイ・シャンファ, Chai Shanfa, Chinese: 柴香華 Pinyin: Chái Xiānghuà) returns since her last appearance in Soulcalibur IV, fighting with her Chinese sword. Her attire seems mainly inspired by previous alternate attires mixed with some elements and colors from her initial Soulcalibur appearance.
  • Kilik (キリク, Kiriku) returns once again using his staff. He suffers from malfestation, being able to turn into a malfested form by using Soul Charge. His costume seems to be a mix of his different appearances.[5]
  • Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (イザベラ・バレンタイン - アイヴィー, Izabera Barentain - Aivī) makes her come back with her signature sword. She appears younger with a modified version of her Soulcalibur outfit.
  • Zasalamel (ザサラメール, Zasaramēru) returns since his last appearance in Soulcalibur IV, using his scythe and wearing a brand new costume. He can manipulate time and has inherited some moves from his former alternate form Abyss.
  • Siegfried Schtauffen (ジークフリート・シュタウフェン, Jīkufurīto Shutaufen) returns using his Zweihänder once again. He is now redesigned to look younger since this game takes place roughly 17 years before Soulcalibur V.
  • Taki (タキ, also written as 多喜) returns since her last main appearance in Soulcalibur IV. Her costume seems to be a mix of her different appearances.[6]
  • Yoshimitsu (吉光) the original ancestor of his present incarnation with a same name from Tekken era return with a completely new look, while still donning an oni mask.[7]
  • Maxi (マキシ, also written as 真喜志) returns with his nunchucks. He wears a modified version of his Soulcalibur outfit.
  • Talim (タリム, Tarimu) makes her return with her signature dual Elbow Blades and her wind-oriented attacks. Her outfit is a mix of her three main Soulcalibur game appearances: her main costumes from II and IV, and her alternate costume from III.
  • Voldo (ヴォルド, Vorudo) returns wielding his katars and wearing a brand new outfit derived from his various appearances.
  • Astaroth (アスタロス, Asutarosu), the original axe wielding golem Astaroth, who is also Maxi’s arch-nemesis returns. His outfit is redesigned from Soulcalibur, with some red crack marks from his IV iteration on mostly his back.
  • Seong Mi-na (ソン・ミナ, Son Mina, Hanja: 成美那, Hangul: 성미나) returns wielding her signature spear Scarlet Thunder. Her outfit is a redesign of her pink bonus costume from Soul Blade.
  • Cervantes de León (セルバンテス・デ・レオン, Serubantesu de Reon) the infamous pirate captain of Seven Seas, the biological father of Ivy and the original known wielder of Soul Edge since Soul Blade, turned specter onwards (except V) returns with his infamous large sword and small gun-sword Minerva. Aside his sporting a mixed hybrid between II - IV due to his main spectral form, he is now being given the scar marks around his entire body, left from his defeat in his first appearance then through slaying one of his former crew in his resurrection, acting as a boost for his current main form when glows.
  • Raphael Sorel (ラファエル・ソレル, Rafaeru Soreru) the noble fencer from Soulcalibur II returns, sporting newer outfits, such as glasses, and no longer as a malfested vampire he was in III - V anymore.
  • Inferno (インフェルノ, Inferuno), the original main antagonist of the series and is will of Soul Edge, returning as an unlockable character. He appears as a monstrous skeletal demon wreathed in flames, and fights using an enhanced version of the fighting style of its puppet, Nightmare.

New Characters

  • Grøh (グロー, Gurō) is a brand new character who is a part of the mysterious Aval Organization, shown wielding a double saber. He is on a mission to rid the world of "Outsiders".
  • Azwel (アズウェル, Azūeru) appears in the Libra of Soul mode. He seems to use several weapons and his moveset involves magic and telekinetic powers, with the summoning of other weapons.

Guest Character

  • Geralt of Rivia (リヴィアのゲラルト Rivia no Geraruto?) is a witcher and the main protagonist of the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. He is based on his CD Projekt video game counterpart than from original novel.

DLC Characters

Season 1

  • Tira (ティラ, Tira) returns as the first DLC character sporting a new look, mixing various costumes from Soulcalibur III to Soulcalibur V.
  • Amy Sorel (エイミ・ソレル, Eimi Soreru), adopted daughter of Raphael returns as the third DLC character, sporting a completely newer look with some design elements borrowed from Soulcalibur III to Soulcalibur IV, with a bit design element based on Soulcalibur V’s Viola, which eventually foreshadow their theorized connections.
  • Cassandra Alexandra (カサンドラ・アレクサンドル, Kasandora Arekusandoru), the younger sister of Sophitia returns as the final DLC character of Season 1, sporting a new look similar to some of her previous costume designs from Soulcalibur II and Soulcalibur IV, and a flashier fighting style, in addition to different element attacks.

Guest Character

  • YoRHa No. 2 Type B (ヨルハ二号B型, YoRuHa Nigō B-gata), is a YoRHa android from a distant future and the main protagonist of Nier: Automata developed by PlatinumGames and the series’ owner Square Enix.

Season 2

  • Hildegard von Krone (ヒルデガルド・フォン・クローネ Hirudegarudo fon Kurōne), the defender and princess of Wolfkrone. Hilde returns in this game with a new golden armor set that combines elements of her practical and regal costumes, which was her previous battle armor prior to the event of 1590 A.D Trilogy.
  • Setsuka (雪華), the beautiful royal snow samurai seeking for her master's revenge. Setsuka returns in this game, sporting a new look similar to some of her previous costume designs from Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV, while retaining the blonde hair color from the alternate of the third & primary of the fourth games.
  • Hwang Seong-gyeong (ファン・ソンギョン, Fan Songyon, Hanja: 黄星京, Hangul: 황성경), a Korean swordsman making a return for the first time in 15 years, with a brand new design after his classic costumes from Soul Edge, Soulcalibur & Soulcalibur III, including Assassin designs, while combining his fighting style with those of onmyoji techniques.

Guest Character

  • Haohmaru (覇王丸) is a ronin from the feudal era of Japan and the titular protagonist of the Samurai Shodown series by SNK.


Soulcalibur VI is a soft reboot of the Soul series[8] that it also takes place after Soulcalibur V, retelling the events starting from the second Soul game, Soulcalibur instead of from Soul Edge, while adding new scenarios, characters and general changes to the story, starting a new timeline. The main story revolves around the battle between the cursed sword, Soul Edge and the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, as well as having an individual storyline for each character, including on undoing the future tragedy happened in original timeline as the current center plot.

Game Mechanics

  • Reversal Edge

    Soulcalibur VI introduces a brand new feature called Reversal Edge, which can be performed using a single button. This triggers a slow-motion exchange with a single button input from each player, with the outcome decided by a much more complicated version of rock, paper, scissors. The background music also gets louder drums while this happens.
  • Armor Break makes a return from Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V. It appears to break different sections of armor, as it did in Soulcalibur IV, and it also seems to affect hairstyles.[9][10]
  • Another new game mechanic is called the Lethal Hit, an advanced system where landing certain moves in the right condition will send the opponent flying, and score an Armor Break after enough hits have landed.
  • Guard Impacts make their return into the game, and is free of any gauge cost.
  • Critical Edge returns from Soulcalibur V, largely unchanged.[11]
  • Soul Charge returns since Soulcalibur III, completely overhauled. It can cause certain characters to transform into different versions of themselves, granting special abilities.
  • Character-Specific Abilities is another new addition. Many characters have a unique trait that separates them from others beyond the baseline template.
  • Soul Attack is a strengthened strike that can turn the tide of a battle. It is a new game mechanic that is added in season 2.
  • Resist Impact is an ultimate defense move that can repel unblockable and break attacks. It is a new game mechanic that is added in season 2.

Game Modes



  • Soul Chronicle is a new Story Mode, recounting the events of the first Soulcalibur through a main storyline and a storyline for each character, including Geralt of Rivia.
  • Libra of Soul is a separate Story Mode. The player creates their own character and embarks on a journey.
  • Battle: Arcade Mode, Versus, Training.
  • Character Creation makes its return to the game with similarities to Soulcalibur V, and additional creation options like race.
    • With Geralt of Rivia's style being available, it is the first time that a guest character's fighting style is usable by created characters.
      • Subsequent guest character styles available include 2B's and, later, Haohmaru's style.
  • Online: Ranked Match, Casual Match, Rankings & Replay.[12]
  • Museum.[12]


The game features "Signature 16th century stages".[13] The stages are:


  • Stages have a time-of-day system where the time-of-day changes during each battle round.[14]
  • It is the first game in the series to be released on PC.
    • Additionally, it's the first game in the series to be released on eighth-generation home consoles.
  • It is the first game without default alternative costumes for characters, replacing them with palette swaps of the main costumes. However, like in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V, characters can be customized to have additional costumes.[15]
  • This is the third game to have more than one guest since Soulcalibur IV and the second game to have guests from more than one guest series since Soulcalibur II (mostly in HD version only, rather than previous console-based exclusives).
  • Some secondary weapon of characters have now a distinct name from the first. Beforehand, the first and second weapons of the characters had the same name.
  • The game's base roster does not have a single returning playable character that debuted in Soulcalibur IV - V.
  • On November 25, 2019, a new update introduced new moves for all the characters, adding new combo possibilities and new ways to overcome difficult situations. In order to provide even more depth to the game, two new Battle Mechanics usable by all characters were also added:


Character Artwork




Soulcalibur VI received "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 80/100 on PC[16] and 84/100 on both PS4[17] & Xbox One.[18]


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