Each month on Soulcalibur Wiki, we feature a fanon page on the Fanon Portal. There will be two different featured fanons, one for Featured Fan Character, and the other for Featured Fan Game. The Fanon that wins will be awarded with a special Template that will be on it's page forever. We appreciate your input in selecting the fanon which will be featured.

Featured User will also be coming soon

Voting Guidelines

Here you can vote for your choice for the next fanon page. To vote, follow these guidelines to submit your choice:

  1. Under the "Fan Character Votes/Fan Game Votes" Section, place the name of the page you wish to nominate in between three equals signs as follows: ===Fanon Name===. EVERYONE and ANYONE is free to choose ANY fanon page (excluding those that have already been featured). If the fanon page you want to vote for has already been nominated, proceed to step two.
  2. Place #--~~~~ underneath the nominated fanon page. The code will automatically convert into your user name and the time of your vote. You must sign your name. Comments can be placed between "#" and "--~~~~".
  3. Do NOT vote for the same fanon page more than once. Each bullet (#) counts as a vote.
  4. Please add new nominations to the BOTTOM of the list.
  5. Users cannot vote for or nominate their own fanon, and they cannot ask or encourage another user to make a nomination on their behalf.

Fan Character Votes

Nominate a Fan Character page and/or place your vote below.

Fan Game Votes

Nominate a Fan Game page and/or place your vote below.