I think we need a warning system

Alright... I've just got done reading all the changes you have been making to the rules of being an admin. However, I do have one question. Shouldn't you at least write on the conversation page of someone about to loose their admin rights to warn them that their administrative rights are being revoked? Personally, I just think it would be more professional to do that. The other day I had to unlock an ex-admins fanon pages because he originally locked them back in 2013 to prevent vandalism. One of the locked pages he just edited the day before he lost his status.

I'm not criticizing the way you run things. Actually, I'm glad you're the one running this Wikia. I just think it would be nice if you would warn people that you're going to remove their admin status or even give a warning when you're about to change a policy about adminship. --Oh Mario (talk) 14:31, February 26, 2016 (UTC)

Yeah I agree with you, I should warn administrators that their rights are going to be removed, however the majority of administrators who's rights have been removed were done by Wikia Staff and also they were inactive for years so a warning wasn't really necessary.. If you're talking about recent changes then yes I understand, I was going to warn said ex admin but honestly I was quite busy so it slipped my mind after I made the change.. I was also going to unlock all their pages that were locked (I also had to do this a few weeks ago too) when I could get around to it. I had a discussion with another admin about administrators locking their own fan pages the other day, we disagree on the subject.
You're right though, I will give more warnings. I personally didn't think I would have to give a warning about a change to admin policy seems that it appears on the "Recent changes" section anyway, I do understand how it can be beneficial though as they would be notified if I told them about a change on their own Message wall. So I will start giving more warnings, or at least try too, seems that I am the only admin running the Wiki at the moment things will slip my mind.. Hopefully if/when Soulcalibur VI is announced the Wiki will liven up and we can get some new admins in!
I have one last thing, one of the reasons I didn't give warnings about removal of admin status was for the sole fact that say for example I warned an admin who has been inactive for about a year or more.. An admin who has not contributed to the Wiki at all for that long. If I were to warn them, they get a notification and see what I have said, they may just come back to edit for the three - five days period just to remain an admin, then disappear again. Which isn't fair really, that would be just finding a loophole to stay an admin when they don't deserve the right.. So that is one of my worries. I will probably warn a day or so before though, which could prevent that scenario from happening.
EDIT: Also, Yuna.Fan's rights will be removed tomorrow due to they fact that they have been Inactive since 27 April, 2015 and have not made any constructive edits since, they last edited Talim on said date above. So if we go ahead with the warning system they would need a warning today. — JaseyJasee wallblog 15:04, February 26, 2016 (UTC)