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"Nobody's gonna get in my way."
— Spawn

Spawn (スポーン Supōn) (real name Al Simmons) is a fictional comic book character created by Todd McFarlane. Spawn is the anti-hero of the eponymous comic, published by Image Comics, and his first appearance was in Spawn #1 (May 1992). He appears as a guest character in the Xbox version of Soulcalibur II, he is also included in both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 online HD ports, along with Tekken's Heihachi Mishima. His main outfit is simply his signature costume from the comics, with his right boot protected by a bulky greave, and his alternate outfit is the same costume, albeit with the black parts colored blue, and with the cowl removed, revealing his horribly burnt face and his demonically glowing eyes and mouth.

What lies in his soul is Consequence.


Spawn appears as a tall man of slim but muscular stature. His outfit consists of a living suit which in the comics, is called Leetha, of the 7th house of K. It's a black jumpsuit with white accents with his face being covered with a mask from where green eyes glow from and a gold skull emblem located on his waist. The outfit is finished with red-colored gauntlets and boots with spikes protruding from them while chains were wrapped around parts of his body. In the comics, Spawn usually wore a very long and flowing crimson cloak. Due to rendering issues, the cape was omitted from the final design and became his axe instead. The only change made to his overall design was the boot on his right leg which was strangely enlarged.


Upon his death, CIA veteran U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Al Simmons made a pact with the devil in order to return to the world of the living.

His resurrection by the dark lord Malebolgia produced a result that was far different from anything Simmons had envisioned. His body, memories of the past, and even time were taken from him. His fate was to exist as a spawn of hell. He was then sent to the sixteenth century on a mission to retrieve the Soul Edge. Spawn had to obey his master, for it was his only chance of returning to his time period.

Soulcalibur II Ending

The Hellspawn fought his way through a long forgotten era to obtain the coveted Soul Edge. With Malebolgia's prize in hand, Spawn sensed an evil presence that threatened to twist and enslave him. "What do you take me for, a fool?" Spawn whispered, as the grip of his clenched fist loosened slowly in the swirling vortex of time and space. Spawn returned to his familiar black alleys, with nothing in his grasp.

Fighting Style

Spawn's cape can take the form of any object he has in mind, and to fight in this era he chose the form of a double-edged axe, known as "Agony". The cape itself is like an extension of his own limbs, and every weapon he uses is actually his cape mimicking the real weapon. Since it's like a part of himself, the weapon accommodates him perfectly. Due to the weapon, he has a small-medium range.

He can also use his Necroplasm in a Fire Ball form on both the ground and in the air. He can also levitate, which he can also use another move such as: a kick, his axe or a necroplasm fireball. This would later inspire the Katana and Shuriken.



Spawn's cape can take the form of any object he has in mind, and to fight in this era he chose the form of a double-edged axe, known as "Agony". The cape itself is like an extension of his own limbs, and every weapon he uses is actually his cape mimicking the real weapon. Since it's like a part of himself, the weapon accommodates him perfectly.


Soulcalibur II

  • "You're pissing me off."
  • "Got no time for this."
  • "Trying to piss me off?"
  • "Said your prayers?"
  • "Last chance to get outta my face."
  • "Is there an answer?"
  • "Get the hell outta my way."
  • "Has the devil got ya?"
  • "Nobody's gonna get in my way."
  • "You don't stand a chance."
  • "Strength is all that matters here!"
  • "You know about Soul Edge."
  • "Now, let's find out what you know!"
  • "You! Answer me!"
  • "So this is Soul Edge. Looks like somethin' that bastard wants."
  • "There, are you happy?
  • "Hm, ha, ha, haah!"
  • "Malebolgia, just you wait."
  • "What is Soul Edge?"
  • "I gotta go back."
  • "Gotta keep going."
  • "I'm sick of this."
  • "This is pissing me off."
  • "Wanda, is there still hope?..."
  • "You're not getting any sympathy from me."
  • "Get the hell out before I change my mind."
  • "I'll say it time and again... get outta my way."
  • "Time to die."
  • "Want me to finish you off?"
  • "Humph, all talk."
  • "You picked the wrong day to mess with me."
  • "Die."
  • "Burn!"
  • "Silence!"
  • "Fool!"
  • "Suffer!"
  • "Where you goin'?"
  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "Get lost."
  • '"Wanna die?"
  • "Getta load of... this!"
  • "Get the hell out!"
  • "Damn!"
  • "This can't be!"
  • "It's not might right to fight."


  • Spawn was considered as a guest character due to an agreement between McFarlane and Namco for the production of Soulcalibur-themed resin figurines. He was selected for the Xbox version for lack of a more signature or thematic character on that platform, since Tecmo (later known as Koei Tecmo) characters (from Dead or Alive) were not viable due to licensing concerns.
  • In the comics, Spawn uses bladed chains and a flowing red (and fully articulate) cloak to move and fight. These were considered for the Soulcalibur II version but Namco found the Xbox lacked the processing power to do these dynamic elements justice while maintaining an acceptable framerate. His axe is revealed to be his cloak.
  • The Spawn model used in Soulcalibur II is based on a McFarlane figurine. His thick, spiked right leg was designed that way to provide the model with a larger, more stable point of contact with its base.
  • Soulcalibur II was Spawn's first appearance in a fighting game. Until 17 years later, as he becomes a part of the roster of Mortal Kombat 11 as a DLC fighter, making him and Kratos the only two guest characters, so far, to also appear in the Mortal Kombat series.
    • In Mortal Kombat 11, when Spawn fights against Scorpion, Spawn makes reference to his appearance in Soulcalibur II, saying, "...Maybe that's why my soul still burns."
  • His Destined Battle, like the other guest characters in Soulcalibur II, is Raphael.
  • Spawn is the only guest character in the Soul series to have merchandise released within the Soulcalibur toy line - he was released as one of a set of Soulcalibur II figurines.
  • Spawn is the most foul mouthed fighter in the Soul series, along with Patroklos and Ezio.
  • Spawn is the first and so far only playable character in the Soul series to have American origins.
  • Spawn is the first and so far only guest fighter in the series to originate from a comic book.
  • Spawn is the first, though not human, of two black fighters in the entire Soul series. The other is Zasalamel.
  • Spawn's Japanese voice actor is famous for voicing Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid games, Ansem, Seeker of Darknesss & Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts, and Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII, as well as a dub actor for Nicholas Cage’s characters.


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