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"Giradot's" Rebels to BattleStyle:Strife
BattleStyle:Sword & Shield to Dancer's Brassiere
Dancer's Rings to FanChar:ColColton: Stellar
FanChar:Comix777:Ayazuki to FanChar:LightningSakura:Frandlin
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FanChar:Xx St33L xX:Abigaïl to Fanchara:Mom
Fancharacter: Galadriel menroe to Hong Yun-seong
Hong Yunsung to Leather Belt
Leather Boots to New Legends of Project Soul
New Male Character to Rimless Glasses
Ring Out to Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur: Blade's Edge to The Deserted Graveyard
The Fierce to Xbox
Xbox 360 to Ω Sword & Owl Shield
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