Star Destroyer Docking Bay
Background music Imperial March (Darth Vader)
Qui-Gon's Noble End (Yoda)
Duel of the Fates (The Apprentice)
Main Theme & Blockade Runner (Other Characters)
Home to Darth Vader & Yoda (Laser Gates)
The Apprentice (Bridge Overhang)

The Star Destroyer Docking Bay is the arena for the Star Wars guest characters. It is a large hangar bay of an unknown Imperial Star Destroyer. Occasionally a TIE fighter and an X-Wing will fly in and out.

Bridge Overhang

Being that the stage is suspended over the docking bay, various craft can be seen flying beneath the fighters. This stage is unlocked with The Apprentice.

Laser Gates

Two force fields each glide across a section of the bridge, going back and forth. There is no fence to catch anyone that may fall off the side.

Loading Platform

The fight takes place on an elevating platform. As it raises up to ground level, the Imperial Shuttle is seen nearby. This stage can be bought together with Yoda and Darth Vader.


  • Unlike other stages in the game, no areas of the ground are destructible.
  • Playing on any of the Star Wars stages, the player can see the other two Star Wars stages in the background.
  • In Character Creation, if you pick the Star Destroyer Docking Bay - Bridge Overhang as background, and rotate the camera so you can see outside the Docking Bay, you can see the Coruscant, and out the other one the Death Star can be seen.
  • When you fight on one of the Stages, you can see that two of the other star wars stages can be visible.


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