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"I cannot ignore your evil deeds."
— Taki

Taki (タキ, also written as 多喜) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games, making her debut in the first game of the series, Soul Edge. She appeared in all the following games with the exception of Soulcalibur V, in which she was replaced by her student Natsu.

What lies in her soul is Honor.

She is known as the Hunter of Darkness (闇の狩人 Yami no Garibito) in Soul Blade.

The Partial Shadow of Demon Sealing (封魔の朧影 Fuuma no Oborokage) in Soulcalibur.

The Sealed Sword of Godspeed (神速の封刃 Shinsoku no Fuujin) in Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV, and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

In Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, she is referred to as She Who Seals Off Evil (魔を封ずる者 Ma o Fuuzuru Mono).


Early Life

Taki was orphaned at an early age and was brought up by a ninja master named Toki. She was trained in the ways of the ninja, growing into an expert spy and a great schemer, techniques taught by Toki, whose clan lived in seclusion. Many among this clan had extraordinary abilities that had either been lost or forgotten by the general population. Taki, being blessed with supernatural powers of her own, decided to travel throughout Japan to conquer the evil demons who threatened ordinary people. To aid her in this task, she forged her own weapons with love and care, her favorite of which was a short sword, Rekki-Maru, which also held supernatural powers. During this time of civil war, many military commanders employed ninjas, but, Taki worked for herself.

One day, Toki suddenly summoned all of the members of the clan for a meeting - telling the assembled ninjas that Hachibei, a man who had once led the ninja clan with Toki, had stolen the spiritual ninjatō, Mekki-Maru, and had run away with his daughter, Chie. By the clan's law, the two were now nuke-nin, or rogue ninjas.
Ninja's were not permitted to leave their clan until they died because of the clan secrets, making the clan responsible for the nuke-nin, and often given the task to terminate them. In accordance with the code, Toki ordered the ninjas to hunt down Hachibei and Chie, kill them, and return the Mekki-Maru. Although this was the normal course of action, something in Toki's eyes made Taki suspicious of her foster father for the first time.

Hachibei proved to be a hard man to find, as his skill for remaining hidden had been the finest in the clan. Taki, with her sixth sense and massive intelligence network, eventually found a few leads. Chie had been Taki's childhood friend, and by following a slight trace of Chie, Taki was able to locate Hachibei. The two were running a small stall on a vacant road. An extraordinarily strong man named Li Long was living with them at the time, so Taki waited to confront Hachibei when the old man was out. Hachibei was surprised to see Taki at first, but his face soon filled with relief when she only requested for him to give her the Mekki-Maru. Before doing so, Hachibei revealed to Taki that Toki had been possessed by madness and that the Mekki-Maru had a dangerous control over the ninja lord now. He stated that it was for this reason that he had taken the sword, and left.

Soul Edge

Even though Taki had her suspicions about Toki, she still found it hard to believe that the dull blade Hachibei held in his hands had extraordinary spiritual powers. The old man explained that if Toki were to come in contact with the Mekki-Maru again, that he would surely kill him. He then gave the magical blade to Taki, warning her of what would happen if it got into her master's hands. Hechibei's trust caused her suspicion of Toki to grow, and so she let he and Chie go free and hid the Mekki-Maru where she was certain no one would find it. When Taki returned to the clan, she fabricated a story about Chie's Chinese lover taking the sword and killing both Chie and Hachibei. When Toki heard this, he grinned and ordered the clan to pursue Li Long and kill him as well. When he gave these orders, Taki realized that Toki was no longer the man she knew. The only explanation was that an outside source was affecting the Mekki-Maru, causing it to resonate with evil and warp her foster father. Hearing rumors of the cursed sword, Soul Edge, Taki felt certain that this was the source of evil and thus set out on journey to find the blade and destroy it.

For some time, Taki had noticed that her favorite sword, Rekki-Maru, had been acting strangely. Its once considerable power had weakened. When she had been called in to slay the Fury demons which had been confined in a temple, she was barely able to defeat them and seal the gates back. Though, after the revelations with the Mekki-Maru, Taki was sure that Soul Edge was affecting her own sword as well. Thus, she now had two reasons for going after the legendary blade.

Though it took time, Taki eventually tracked Soul Edge to an abandoned port town in Spain. When she arrived at the docks, she came to find a weakened pirate standing over an injured girl. And to Taki's surprise, in his hands was the demonic sword she had been searching for! Before the pirate, Cervantes, could deliver the final strike to the girl below him, Taki called out to challenge him. And thus, a battle like none Taki had ever fought before began. Although she had been improving her armor for years, it was designed for fighting ghosts and lesser demons and began to crack under the strain. Her sealing spells proved useless and Rekki-Maru had nearly lost all of it's power. However, Cervantes' battle with Sophitia had left him severely depleted and Taki eventually struck a fatal blow, causing the mad pirate to shriek in pain and slump to the ground. Even though she was exhausted from the ordeal, Taki still managed to carry the wounded Sophitia away from the harbor. As they left, they heard an immense explosion of evil energy from behind them, which turned out to be the release of the Evil Seed.

Once a safe distance away, Taki removed the shards of Soul Edge that had riddled Sophitia's body and treated her wounds. She accompanied Sophitia back to her family, and then left for Japan with the shards of the now destroyed blade. Taki hoped that with the destruction of Soul Edge that the Mekki-Maru had returned to normal and that Toki would be himself again.


When Taki returned home, she unfortunately found that Toki was still under an evil influence and was actually attacked by his assassins. After easily defeating them, she learned that their purpose was to steal the Mekki-Maru, which meant that Toki was aware that she knew of it's whereabouts. Taki quickly went to the spot where she had hidden the sword and took it home so she could keep it away from Toki and his clan.
In order to restore her swords' lost power, Taki attempted to bond a shard from the Soul Edge into Rekki-Maru. However, they were resistant to each other and would not join properly. Although, when she tried the same trick on Mekki-Maru, the two were immediately united and began to emit a dark aura. The aura was so dark that even common people could sense it, so Taki closed it in it's sheath and sealed it with magic cards. Mekki-Maru's power still shone through the magical seal, which led more of Toki's assassins right to Taki. She defended herself with her new blade, but she eventually ran out of power and was captured by Geki, Toki's right-hand man and highest ranking ninja. Exhausted from the relentless battle, Taki could do nothing as Geki took Mekki-Maru and claimed it in the name of Toki. Taki warned Geki not to undo the seal, but it was too late and his entire right arm was blown off by the shock wave that was released. Taki seized the moment, took the sword, and ran past Geki's stunned assistants Gaki and Doki. Thus, Taki became a nuke-nin like Hachibei.

Soulcalibur II

Toki's assassins were powerful, and Geki, who wanted revenge for the loss of his arm, was the most dangerous of them all. Taki was able to drive their attacks back, but she knew that she could not hold out forever. Taki was bewildered as to why there was still an evil influence affecting Toki. Even Rekki-Maru was still powerless. It was then that she remembered that Sophitia had only destroyed one of the evil swords called Soul Edge. Rumors reached her of a berserk knight that was ravaging Europe with an evil sword, and Taki was sure that the sword must be the remaining part of Soul Edge. Taki devised a plan to track down this Nightmare and pit the Soul Edge and Mekki-Maru together with the hopes of destroying both evil powers.

However, her trip was delayed when the powerful ghost, Gel-o-Fury, gained enough power from the Evil Seed to break Taki's seals in the bamboo forest, where she had trapped him. After he escaped, he headed toward the Hoko-ji Temple in Kyoto, a great temple of madness that was constructed by warped ideals that would be the ghost's final battleground. Taki used Mekki-Maru to defeat the Fury demon, and decided to share her fate with Mekki-Maru as she searched for Soul Edge.

During her time of using the legendary ninjatō, Taki realized that Mekki-Maru was a tremendous yet dangerous weapon, she just wished that there was some way to control it.

Soulcalibur III

A clan that opposed Toki revealed to Taki that he was located in the capital of the Hoko Temple. After given this information, Taki found and faced off against Toki in the Buddhist shrine.
Although it was fierce battle, Taki was given the ironic advantage of the Fu-Ma techniques that Toki himself had taught her. She also had the Mekki-Maru, the sword that her former master sought after.
In the end, Taki was able to defeat Toki, but as she stepped forward, preparing to put an end to Toki, he weakly called out "Taki... is that you? It's very dark..."

The female ninja was caught of guard. She didn't see any insanity in him when he said these words. She opened her mouth to call out her master's name, but suddenly, his eyes widened and an evil entity came out of his mouth and disappeared.

Taki had no doubt that Toki was now heading for Soul Edge. She knew that she had to find evil blade and destroy it before Toki did, and since the evil sword was temporarily weakened - it could easily be found.

Soulcalibur IV

Taki came to the Lost Cathedral, and witnessed the battle between Siegfried, who had Soul Calibur, and Nightmare, who had Soul Edge. She expected the two swords to destroy each other, but the opposite happened. They unleashed a powerful cataclysm, which obliterated the cathedral. Taki barely escaped herself.

Even though the cathedral was demolished, Taki knew that the soul swords had survived, and it was most likely that they would clash with each other again. It was then that Taki learned that Soul Edge was in Ostrheinsburg, and that Siegfried was heading there with Soul Calibur. Taki wondered if this man had the will to control the spirit sword's power. Not wanting chance to decide this question, she hurried to do what must be done.

Soulcalibur V

Having thoroughly studied both the forging techniques of the blacksmith group and the demon-sealing techniques of the sealing group, Taki was the sole member of the Fu-Ma clan to be a veteran in both areas.

After Soul Edge was destroyed, Taki supported and raised a young girl who was a member of the demon-fighting Fu-Ma clan, Natsu. Natsu had the great demon, Arahabaki, sealed within her and was often shunned by her fellow ninja. Taki protected and trained Natsu to become a ninja like herself, and even though Natsu rebelled against the clan's rules, she never questioned Taki.

She supports her apprentice Natsu with her entire being, and has protected her from several crises. While she carries the burden of being responsible for the misfortune that befell Natsu's life, she is determined to do what must be done in the case that Natsu would turn into a demon. Though neither Natsu's appearance or behavior are of any special concern, the treatment she presents in her decorations appear to be worrying.

Before the events of Soulcalibur V, Taki had heard rumors about the appearance of Toki, who she was certain was dead. She left on a journey to the west, telling her disciple that she would be gone no longer than two weeks. However, she has not returned since...

Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul


Taki is fought at the Hoko Temple when she senses the presence of Soul Edge within the player. After she is defeated, she understands his/her true goal and gives him/her Mekki-Maru, trusting the blade to his/her care. She then directs the player and Cassandra to the Adrian Fortress in Spain to find and defeat Cervantes.

Physical Appearance

Ever since her debut in Soul Edge, she has always been easily recognized by her skin tight bodysuits, tied up hairstyles, and demon protecting armor. Though she has always supported colored tights as a base for her outfits, her armor and hair accessories have been consistently upgraded throughout the entire series.

In the first installment, Taki is wearing a "Japanese demon mask" as well as only being equipped with one sword, Rekki-Maru, as opposed to her carrying both Rekki-Maru and the legendary ninjatō, Mekki-Maru, which she obtained in later games. In Soulcalibur, she looks roughly the same as she did in the previous game though this time her metal face mask was replaced with a thin, crimson red, mouth covering. It was also the only game that Taki's primary outfit revealed her cleavage.

Soulcalibur II was first time that Taki appeared unmasked, and also was the one, and so far only instance were in her bonus outfit, her dark hair is let loose instead of being tied in its signature ponytail. In future installments, Taki was given demon inspired gauntlets, navy blue tights, and added fishnet elements to her primary costumes. The demon huntress's alternate outfits usually consist of tight, stylish robes, headbands, as well as thigh high stockings or boots.


As a ninja, Taki puts her mission above everything else. She will end evil through her own ways. She seems to show concern to some people who are connected with Soul Edge (i.e. Sophitia) and warns them the dangers of the evil blade. She can be emotionless and serious, as a ninja should be. She easily sees through deceptions and will use the best attack to defeat her opponent.

Taki truly cares for her apprentice, Natsu, having chosen to take an active part in raising her due to her own perceived failure in stopping Arahabaki in time. However, she has mentally prepared herself to 'do what's necessary' if the seal containing the demon within Natsu were ever broken. 



Soul Edge

Taki's sword breaks. She doesn't realize that Soul Edge is floating up into the air...


Soul Blade ( PSX ) Taki ending

Taki's good Soul Blade ending

Good Ending: The two swords fly at her, but she grabs them as they come to her. She then holds them down and purifies them. Wondering if she can use the swords, she returns home, and forges the blades into one sword. A demon appears, and she kills it with her new weapon. She then yells, "The deed is done!"


Soul Blade (psx) Taki b -ending

Taki's bad Soul Blade ending

Bad Ending: The two swords fly at her, miss, then fly away. Taki tells her sword that she will repair it. She goes back to the forge, fixes Rekki-Maru, and confronts a demon. She's about to draw her sword, but she decides to seal it with magic instead. She then yells, "The deed is done!"



(DC) Soul Calibur - Taki ending

Taki's Soulcalibur ending

"Evil... begone!"

Taki's cry and Mekki-Maru both pierced through Inferno.

Taki wielded Mekki-Maru at her will, which bore the same evil as Inferno.

But the faint resonance of Mekki-Maru along with the doubt in her heart would not stop.

"...So there is no end to this?" Yet surely she would triumph somehow...

...And repeat her favorite line, "Demon slain. The deed is done."

Soulcalibur II


Soul Calibur 2 - Taki Ending HQ

Taki's Soulcalibur II ending

"Demon captured. The deed is done." As Taki whispered these words, the figure vanished into thin air.

Having obliterated the loathsome weapon, Taki set her sights east.

A familiar presence, bloated from devouring many souls, beckoned her.

As she ran, her unwavering gaze revealed a powerful inner purpose.

Soulcalibur III

Taki is seen running through a village, when she runs into a guard.


Soul Calibur 3 - Taki - Ending A

Taki's Soulcalibur III No Input ending

No Input Ending: Taki blocks the guards attack, when suddenly the guard drops to the floor. She realizes the guard was attacked from behind with a kunai. She quickly jumps out of the way as more kunai are thrown into her direction. An assassin, whose soul has been tainted by evil, appears behind her. "How pitiful" Taki says "To sell your soul to evil without preparing for the consequences." As the assassin prepares to attack, Taki leaps over him and slashes him from behind. She then looks down and discovers a piece of Soul Edge that the assassin has dropped. "Soul Edge, your scars run deep... even in death." As these words come out of her mouth, she tightly clutches the shard in her hand.


Soul Calibur 3 - Taki - Ending B

Taki's Soulcalibur III Input ending

Input Ending: Taki knocks out the guard and walks up to the bridge where Mitsurugi awaits. "A warrior of your caliber...should have no need for evil power. It's time to hand over...that evil shard you possess." She demands as they begin to fight. Taki then leaps backwards onto the railing of the bridge and states "Soul Edge, your scars run deep... even in death." She then leaps back at Mitsurugi, continuing the battle.


Soul Calibur IV Taki Ending

Taki's Soulcalibur IV ending

Soulcalibur IV

"Why do you stand in my way. Are you saying that my way is wrong, that I will fail?!" a defeated Siegfried asks as he falls to the ground.

"Unfortunately, yes." Taki replies. "Relying on such power will only bring rise to new evil. In the end, we must all face our demons alone." As Taki speaks, Siegfried grabs Soul Calibur, stands up, and allows himself to be crystallized. As he is doing this, Taki silently walks away.

The text-only epilogue reveals this: There is no way to know how Taki lived her life from that point on.
She sealed away a great evil and disappeared from history.

Tower of Lost Souls Skills & Details

Taki only made a minor appearance in the "Tower of Lost Souls" ascend mode where she appears in the floor "Unbinding Wave"

TOLS Ascend Mode: Unbinding Wave

Partner: Shura (Unbinding Wave Floor 27)

Skills on "Unbinding Wave"

1.Switch Speed Up


3.Strengthen Horizontal

Descend Mode Skills

1.HP Drain C

Default Skills


2.Soul Gauge Rate Up C

3.Start Dash C

Fighting Style

Being a ninjutsu practitioner, Taki is well-known for having unpredictable and deceptive strikes. She has several acrobatic movements, tech traps, as well quick and unique kick attacks; making her quite difficult to defend against. As one of the fastest characters in the series, she can easily evade and counterattack the opponent in various ways through either somersaulting, rolling, or even teleporting up in the air. Taki's kicks are very useful and damaging - for many of which have the potential to ring an opponent out. Also, her kicks, combined with the dual kodachi, make an excellent combination for combos just as long as the player knows how to execute them properly. Her low attacks also have their advantages, for she even has the ability to drop a numerous amount of darts while the opponent is down. Her throws can deal low to high damage and sometimes can be used in combos; even her aerial throws are something to watch out for. Her unblockable attacks are not difficult to dodge, however, there are numerous ways to use them in combos or set them up in tech traps, dealing an impressive amount of damage. When using Taki, the player must be careful when it comes to range, as it is Taki's weakness. When fighting at a distance, jumping closer to the opponent is risky as it leaves her open for attack, definitely making her a close-ranged fighter. Taki has been very iconic to the Soul series ever since it debuted. Many gamers are impressed with her fighting style as she is relatively easy to use. Taki is regarded as a high tier character, for she performs well in the tournaments and is among one of the best choices for players of all skill levels, whether they are a beginner or a Soul series veteran.

Critical Finish

Blades of Vanquishment: Taki says "Ougi!", kicks her foe, and then performs a magical ninja spell in order to triple herself into three. Afterwords, they all slash through the target, jump into the air, and become one again. Finally, Taki takes down the helpless opponent in one fatal strike and tells them to "Stay Down." (Ougi, in this case, would literally mean secret.) Generally, this can be interpreted as her unleashing a "secret" art before the Critical Finish starts damaging the enemy.

Weapon Arts

Vanquish Blades: This move is presumably taken from Taki's SCIV Critical Finish. There's an evident similarity even between their names. At the beginning of this single middle Break Attack she crouches slightly and rushes forward, slashing the enemy horizontally with both of her blades in blue flames and colored lightning bolts. Time slows down a little during the strike, in case it's performed successfully. The enemy is thrown at quite a distance after the attack. Its range is long, its start is safe, but its main downside is that is starts slowly. You won't be stopped for sure, and it never stuns, however, it can continue a combo only when the opponent is thrown very high in the air. When he's caught in mid-air, he'll be thrown much closer to you, but even in that case there are no guaranteed combos after the Weapon Art. Ukemi can save the enemy from your quickest single attacks. The standing opponent can be hit against the wall by this attack, but never it can never be done to the him in mid-air. It fails, if the enemy's on the ground. You won't be punished when the attack guarded against. To make the most of this Weapon Art, you'd better activate it when you see the foe starting an attack or just randomly, as in any case you won't get punished.

Exorcism: One of her signature Unblockable Attacks is now a Break Attack. At the beginning of the Weapon Art, there's a short animation, in which Taki gets hold of her blades at her back, as the camera slowly zooms in. The range of this attack is extremely short and it can be interrupted both before and after the animation. However, the chances of being stopped are not too high. It starts quickly enough for you to continue some combos, when the foe is stunned and opened to mid-attacks or in mid-air. Sometimes you can even interrupt the opponent's attack with it. Although, there is a gap between the activation of the move and the attack itself, but in comparison with some Weapon Arts of other characters, it isn't very long. It won't hit the lying opponent. When activated with the opponent in mid-air, it can make him hit the wall, otherwise it can't. When the enemy is hit in the air, he's thrown close to you. If the standing opponent is hit, he'll fall to the ground pretty far from you. In both cases it doesn't stun the enemy and you won't be able to create any significant combos after the move, but quick low-damaging attacks will certainly turn into a guaranteed combo. It always bursts the guard in case the enemy blocks it.

Beast Rage: That's a drastic transformation of Natsu's Critical Edge. At first, there's an animation of Taki, during which she turns around quickly, raises her hands in the same way as she did in SCIV during her Ninja Cannon: Fury, as a big pink cluster appears in her hands. She stands with her arms up for a while and then she hits the ground with the collected energy, saying "Ready?". An enormous pillar of pink energy emerges, making blasting sound, quaking the ground, hitting the opponent six time and sending him into the air. As the enemy falls, he gets the additional seventh hit. When this energy stream disappears, you can see green spiral pillar, just as that of Natsu's Critical Edge. Long lasting tremor, that is created by this attack, doesn't have any actual effect, but perhaps it widens the effect of the move. Additionally, Taki steps a little forward during the animation, so it definitely is a mid-range attack. This middle attack never stuns, it can't be easily side-stepped and it has an immediate swift start together with numerous ways of extending or starting a combo with it. The last hit makes the opponent fly up high, enabling you to catch him with Taki's mid-air grab Stalker Drop. Although you can easily be stopped by any attack right before the animation. It works the same way on the opponent on the ground, while standing or in mid-air. However, some of the hits, including the last one, may miss when the enemy's too high in the air. It can't cause a wall hit, but it's absolutely safe even when blocked. Taking everything into consideration, this move is utterly useful in combat.

Dragon Flames: This is a rapid combination of her former Unblockable Attack called Seal of the Fire Dragon and two last hits of Wind Sealing Rush. The first mid-range Break Attack charges faster, than in other Soul Calibur sequels, but it's still too slow to activate it randomly, as you're opened to any of the opponent's attacks during the charge. After the opponent is tossed in the air by the first attack, Taki proceeds with low-damaging horizontal kick in mid-air, changing the direction of the whole attack a little to the right. Then time slows down and she unleashes the last vertical strike in the air, sending opponent back to the ground. When he touches the floor, the sound of another hit is heard and the lightning comes down from above, however, the damage is not done. He bounces off and falls down at once, as Taki jumps over him. It looks and even sounds a bit confusing, but there are only three hit in this Weapon Art. With the opponent behind you, you still can't make any guaranteed combos after the attack, though you have a good chance of performing a throw while facing away. At the beginning of the attack Taki always says "This is...", but at the end her phrases vary. There can be "Pointless!", "Forgive me!", "It's over!" or just nothing. Despite a slow start, the first attack provides a safe medium range and always bursts the opponent's guard. After a Guard Break you won't have a lot of time to attack though, but at least it saves you from the punishment. If the first move misses, or the opponent guards against it, nothing else will be performed. Fortunately, some combos can be continued by the Weapon Art, because it works nicely on the opponent in any state. However, it tends to miss, when the enemy is lying on the ground. There's a very small possibility of hitting the opponent against the wall with the first hit, but the second one leads to a wall pretty frequently. It may also occur, that the finishing strike misses after a wall hit caused by the previous attack. The enemy won't be stunned by any of three attacks.

Falling Thunder: That's a fusion of two single attacks: a vertical attack Hover Lightening and a special grab called Bow Breaker. At the beginning Taki shouts and swiftly jumps up high with lightning bolts, leaving gust of wind and piles of flying orange leaves below. Then she takes out both of her daggers engulfed in light-blue flames from the back, slows down while in midair, before plunging and slashing her opponent without stunning him even if it's a counter hit. Immediately after that she perfroms a grab, quickly jumping backwards with an enemy in her hands, saying "No escape!", as everything around gets darker, time slows down once again and piles of orange leaves reappear. At the moment, when an enemy hits the ground, a vast explosion of transparent blue fire with tremor takes place. There's an energy pillar at its centre, reminiscent of the one we can see in Natsu's Critical Edge or Taki's Weapon Art called at Beast Rage. Sometimes she adds "It's over!" at the end. The grab is virtually twice as damaging as the first hit. The main advantage of this attack is its infinite range and an inevitable success of the grab, whereas its disadvantage maybe be considered its length. At the very beginning of this Weapon Art, no matter what's the distance between you and your enemy, and what's your position (you may stand backwards) Taki will teleport close to him, thus the first hit actually never misses. And even in case it's blocked, there's absolutely no way an opponent can dodge a subsequent grab. It has a quick, but not totally safe start, since there's a chance of being interrupted by long vertical attacks, capable of reaching you high in midair right before the launch of Hover Lightening. Overall, you can feel free to interrupt an enemy's attacks by it. In terms of chaining it isn't that bad either. When an opponent is hit by the first move while lying on the ground or in mid air, he'll be lying stunned and Taki will just jerk a little, instead of performing a full grab move, enabling you to add some guaranteed combos, including a guaranteed consecutive use of Falling Thunder. But it's far more challenging to use it in a combo if you're aiming at performing a grab as well. Basically, it's possible only after a counter version of Divine Cannon or with the help of a wall. It's easier to extend a wall combo by using it, though a successful performance of the grab won't be guaranteed anyways. It should be noted, that it can be also used in a combo to shorten the distance between you and an opponent and give you a chance to extend it, e.g. after the move called Wind Death Sault. It may occur, that the direction of the first move changes if you're standing under an enemy, or very close to him, but it won't affect a successful launch of the attack.


Soul Edge

  • "You're too easy to beat. (Tayasui aite da.)"
  • "Begone! (Kiena!)"
  • "You're finished already? (Yowa sunda ka?)"
  • "Uhuhuhu."
  • "Demon captured! (Yôma kanryou!)" - after beating Soul Edge


  • "Ready to meet your maker?"
  • "Say your prayers, misguided one!"
  • "Back for more?!"
  • "Hmph, haven't you had enough?!"
  • "Hmm, are you sure?"
  • "Demon defeated!"
  • "Why don't you disappear?"
  • "Shyaaaaaa!"
  • "Evil! Begone!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "Is that all?"

Soulcalibur II

  • "I'm through with words!"
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "Get ready!"
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Come!"
  • "I won't hold back!"
  • "Nothing personal, but I must win."
  • "It's useless to resist."
  • "I don't care who you are."
  • "Don't waste my time, let's go!"
  • "It's time for you to sleep."
  • "Time to meet your maker!"
  • "Destroy!"
  • "Evil, begone!"
  • "Want more?"
  • "Don't hate me."
  • "You let your guard down."
  • "That's all you've got?"
  • "Pitiful."
  • "You're all talk."
  • "Nothing personal."
  • "Ridiculous."
  • "Get out of my sight!"
  • "You're all show."
  • "Farewell!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "You're all talk. Stay down."
  • "Can't be!"
  • "I failed."
  • "What?!"
  • "It's not over!"
  • "I can feel the evil!"
  • "Haven't you had enough?"
  • "Demon Captured!"
  • "It's time for you to go home!"
  • "Evil..."
  • "...begone!"
  • "Silence!"
  • "Don't resist!"
  • "No escape!"
  • "Cut!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Mine!"
  • "No use!"
  • "Give up!"
  • "Forgive me!"
  • "Careless!"

Soulcalibur III

  • "It'll be over quickly. Get ready!"
  • "I'm sorry, but I cannot let you go."
  • "It's futile...Do you not understand that?"
  • "Your stubbornness will only get you killed."
  • "Well, at least your stance is correct. Heh."
  • "Wicked soul...prepare to die!" - Spoken to Abyss, after using a continue in Tales of Souls.
  • "You fool! You expect to win like that?!"
  • "Hehe."
  • "Haven't had enough?"
  • "Get ready!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "You ready?!"
  • "Let's see what you've got."
  • "Are you ready to die?"
  • "Who are you?!"
  • "I won't hold back." - Spoken to Night Terror, after using a continue in Tales of Souls.
  • "I'm through with words."
  • "Nothing personal, but you're in my way."
  • "Humph...Are you sure?"
  • "Time for you...to meet your maker!"
  • "I have no time to waste...let's go!"
  • "I have no interest...who the hell you are."
  • "It's futile...I will win."
  • "You won't be able to move for a while...try not to struggle."
  • "Quit while you're ahead...unless you want to die."
  • "I have no time...for someone so weak."
  • "That's all? You make it too easy." - Spoken after winning a battle with low damage.
  • "Having second thoughts? It's a bit late."
  • "You can't see through my moves? How pathetic."
  • "You had no time to use your..silly tricks."
  • "You couldn't even scratch me...is that all you've got?" - Spoken after winning a battle with a perfect.
  • "You really don't give up, do you?"
  • "Give it up...not that you're going to listen."
  • "Are you done now?"
  • "What a pathetic way to go."
  • "It's time, to go back to where you belong."
  • "That overconfidence...will be your demise."
  • "No matter how many you bring...you won't win."
  • "Ahahaha."
  • "That's all you've got?"
  • "Get out of my sight."
  • "Humph...Farewell!"
  • "Die already!"
  • "That was pathetic."
  • "Good bye."
  • "So pitiful."
  • "That's the best you can do?"
  • "You make it too easy."
  • "It's nothing personal."
  • "I'm rather disappointed."
  • "I expected a lot more than this."
  • "You're pathetic...crawl back home."
  • "It's time to end this once and for all...get ready!"
  • "Go back to hell!"
  • "Those eyes. You're possessed by the evil spirit."
  • "That's it...get ready!"
  • "You cannot defeat me so easily."
  • "Did you really think you could defeat me so easily?"
  • "Dammit!"
  • "Humph, I guess this isn't going to be so easy."
  • "Humph...a silly trick."
  • "Now...I must hurry."
  • "Damn."
  • "This evil energy...it's so...powerful!"
  • "I must put an end to this right now."
  • "Damn!"
  • "This is...Let's go!"
  • "He's close."
  • "How pitiful. To sell you soul to evil without preparing for the consequences."
  • "Soul Edge...your scars run deep, even in death."
  • "A warrior of your caliber should have no need for evil power."
  • "It's time to hand over...that evil shard you possess."
  • "You just don't...give up...do you?!"
  • "Too slow!"
  • "That Soul Edge in your possession...it's time to hand it over."
  • "...I guess I have no choice but to kill you."
  • "Metsu!"
  • "Messatsu!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "I've no choice."
  • "Fool!"
  • "Leave this place!"
  • "Summon forth...thy power!"
  • "Shaaah!"
  • "Ho!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Idiot!"
  • "Demon...be gone!"
  • "You've got to be kidding!"
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "Impressive!"
  • "No."
  • "What?!"
  • "Not bad!"

Soulcalibur IV

  • "Messatsu!"
  • "Don't even try!"
  • "Ready?"
  • "At least you stance looks good."
  • "Nothing personal. You're just in my way."
  • "I have no interest as to who you are."
  • "Are you ready to die?"
  • "I'm through with words."
  • "Pitiful."
  • "That should keep you quiet for a while."
  • "Farewell!"
  • "This just shows how much better I am than you!" — Spoken after winning with a "Perfect!"
  • "You fought well." — Spoken after winning with low HP
  • "Obliterate!" — Spoken after winning with a "Critical Finish!"
  • "You just never learn, do you?" — Spoken to Cervantes, in Story Mode
  • "It's time to go back to where you belong." — Spoken after defeating Cervantes and his followers, in Story Mode.
  • "I can't allow you to go any further." — Spoken to Mitsurugi, in Story Mode.
  • "How pitiful. You've fallen under the spell of the evil sword." — Spoken after completing Stage II of Story Mode.
  • "Wicked soul, prepare to die!" — Spoken to Nightmare, in Story Mode.
  • "The evil has been vanquished. But, there are still things that must be done." — Spoken after completing Stage IV of Story Mode.
  • "I cannot ignore your evil deeds."
  • "Now, it is over." — Spoken after defeating Siegfried, in Story Mode.
  • "So, you are your father's daughter." — Spoken to Ivy, in her Story Mode.
  • "Step aside. You're no match for me!"
  • "Unfortunately, yes." — Spoken to Siegfried, in her ending.
  • "Relying on such power will only give rise to new evil." — Spoken to Siegfried, in her ending.
  • "In the end, we must all face our demons alone." — Spoken to Siegfried, in her ending
  • "Ougi!"
  • "You've lost!"
  • "Blades of Vanquishment!" — Spoken during her "Critical Finish!"
  • "Perish!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "Too easy!"
  • "It's useless!"
  • "Demon...begone!"
  • "Ready?!...Messatsu!"
  • "Come."
  • "Ho."
  • "You've got to be kidding..."
  • "Fool!"
  • "Disappear!"
  • "Die!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "Stand down!"
  • "Down!"
  • "No escape...Messatsu!"
  • "No escape...Vanish!"
  • "You're mine!...Stay down!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Forgive me!"
  • "Metsu!"
  • "No, this can't be!"

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

  • "Are you ready to die?"
  • "Stand down."
  • "Ready?"
  • "..No escape."
  • "Obliterate!"


  • Rival of Mitsurugi.
  • Was sent by Toki to kill Li Long during Soul Edge, but chose not to do so (not revealed until later games). Appears as his Destined Battle in Soulcalibur III.
  • Defeated Cervantes with Sophitia's assistance in Soul Blade and returned her home after the ordeal with Cassandra as a witness.
  • Defeated Ivy in Soulcalibur. Informed her that she is the daughter of Cervantes.
  • Witnessed the battle between Siegfried and Nightmare before the events of Soulcalibur IV. She sought to stop both of them from colliding their swords with each other again.
  • Defeated Edgardo, who claimed to be a companion of Siegfried.
  • Faced the Apprentice in his intro in Soulcalibur IV (non-canon).
  • Killed Juju after she had become the host of Arahabaki.
  • Master of Natsu in Soulcalibur V.
  • Childhood friend of Chie.

Soulcalibur (Chinese Manhua)

  • In Volume 5 (Act.32) - Taki draws her Rekki-Maru and casts out the spell of mantra to transform her Kodachi into a small form of Soul Edge.
  • In Volume 5 (Act.33) - Taki, along with Sophitia, stabs Nightmare to death until his body detonates. The two women then faint and suddenly disappear from the flames of Inferno.


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