Tales of Souls is a game mode in Soulcalibur III. The mode acts like a story telling the tale of the character selected. The Paths that the Character takes are based on the player's decisions. However, these decisions will vary, but if the player follow some paths with some characters, he/she can discover secrets and Scenes. In addition to this, the player can be in some situations in which he has to Fight with Unknown Characters, like the doppelgänger (characters who copy whom the player uses to fight against this one, like Cassandra Alexandra or Siegfried Schtauffen). Also, even so, there are characters like Greed (who only appears against the female characters, most of the time against Talim), the created characters of every discipline, past characters like Hwang Seong-gyeong, Li Long, or Arthur, and the mystery girl Amy. The player can find Olcadan, and if the player wins every time, continuing on the correct paths, he/she can encounter Night Terror instead of Abyss as the final opponent.

This mode is very interactive, as the player has to press buttons in the cutscenes, and then the battle changes. For some battles, like Zasalamel and Cervantes, if the player doesn't press the right buttons, he/she begins with less life. When fighting Raphael, if the player doesn't press the buttons in time, he/she begins the stage in the poison state.

NPCs in Tales of Souls

If you notice one thing, there are some NPCs that can be fought in Tales of Souls mode.

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