The Tekken as it appears in Soulcalibur II, depicted as nothingness
General Information
Wielder Heihachi
Weapon Type Gauntlet
For sale in Extra Chapter 2
Price 9,800 Gold
For the video game series, see Tekken.

Tekken serves as Heihachi's ultimate weapon in the PlayStation 2 version of Soulcalibur II. When Tekken is utilized, Heihachi's gauntlets are removed. As Heihachi believes in absolute independence, 'Tekken' is the weapon best suited for him.

Weapon Gallery

A true warrior only needs one's fists!

Offense: 140% Defense: 135%

Note: Drains health over time.

Description: Heihachi's own fists that he has trained throughout his life. Strengthened to the very limit, his skin of steel can stop even blades, and his fists can pierce through armor. The tension he feels facing an armed opponent with his bare hands will surely be released in the form of crushing death blows. But staying tense for long periods of time will drain one's stamina.

Usage in the Tekken series

The word tekken literally translates to iron fist in Japanese. Heihachi himself is a completely self-made man and was raised on the philosophy that the path of martial arts is one of solitude. Heihachi has been known to have a body stronger than most human beings, having survived injuries that would have killed others. He has been known to survive being dropped down a mountain as well as a multitude of powerful explosions that instead sent Heihachi flying several miles away from the point that the explosion took place, merely having been knocked unconscious for a few weeks. For a long time, it was speculated that the work of the Devil Gene was to be the source of his power as displayed by his son and grandson - Kazuya and Jin - though it was later revealed that the Devil Gene comes from his own wife, Kazumi. His own power and resilience comes from his sheer will and determination and channels his ki in the form an aura or lightning wrapped around his body


  • The weapon Tekken is named after the Tekken series (also created by Namco).
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