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Metabox is so named because it is intended to be the foundation for all message box templates on this Wiki. The primary goal of this project is to create a versatile message box that keeps certain 'types' of message boxes (e.g. administrative notices, featured page headers, or information boxes) organized by color, while offering advanced customization to able users.

Main parameters

text - This is the main text of the template itself. This is the only absolutely mandatory parameter.

headline - This parameter adds text to the header bar. This parameter is optional, but the header bar will remain even if no parameter is specified.

image - This parameter adds an image to the left side of the template. The image is resized to 60px automatically for the standard template, and 45px for small-sized templates. The File: prefix and brackets should not be included

  • This automatic resize can be overriden by adding the desired size in the imagesize parameter (raw number only, no 'px' needed)
  • This image can be set to link to a page by filling the imagelink parameter

type - This parameter sets the color of the template's background and header. There are six general types that can be applied:

  • type=admin produces a green metabox. This type is intended to be used for "official" notices or administrative messages.
  • type=info produces a blue metabox. This type is meant to be used for general information or notification messages.
  • type=notice produces a red metabox. This type is reserved for "urgent" notices or warning header messages.
  • type=feature produces a purple metabox. This type of box is for use by the various featured templates, such as {{Feat art}}.
  • type=delete produces a black metabox. This color is reserved for templates dealing with page merges, deletes, moves, etc.
  • type=cleanup produces a yellow metabox. This color is reserved for cleanup templates, templates dealing with style issues, etc.
  • type=absent produces an orange metabox. This color is reserved for users or administrators who will be absent from the wiki.

If the type parameter isn't specified or isn't specified correctly, the template will display with generic colors. The template can still be used in this way, but it's recommended to choose a type to display the box as.

Custom colors can be chosen, by specifying a color in the backgroundcolor and headercolor parameters; colors need to be in "hex triplet" format (e.g., #FFFFFF for white), but should exclude the number sign/hashtag.

size - If this parameter is set so that size=small, the template will display as a smaller, left-aligned box rather than the large, center-aligned standard template.

nocat - Use this parameter with any input for templates that are normally transcluded to other templates, such as {{Experimental}} or {{Under construction}}, so that the templates that are using it will not be categorized as Category:Templates using Metabox.

Custom Syntax
|headercolor = Example: FFFFFF (No hashtag # needed)
|backgroundcolor = Example: 000000 (No hashtag # needed)
|image    = 
|size     = 
|headline = 
|text     = 
|nocat    = 

Note on parameters

If Metabox is used as the foundation for a template, individual editors can be allowed to control the way the template appears on individual pages, so long as the parameter is carried over to templates based off this template. For example, {{Cleanup}} has an optional parameter, size, which is carried over from Metabox, since the Cleanup template is set up to allow the specification of a size parameter.

General Syntax
|type     = 
|image    = 
|size     = 
|headline = 
|text     = 
|nocat    = 

Color examples
Metabox: type=admin
This is a green admin/official messages metabox
Metabox: type=info
This is a blue informational metabox
Metabox: type=notice
This is a red urgent notice metabox
Metabox: type=feature
This is a purple featured content metabox
Metabox: type=delete
This is a black/red delete metabox
Metabox: type=cleanup
This is a gold/yellow cleanup metabox
Metabox: type=fanon
This is a white/blue fanon metabox
Metabox: type=absent
This is a white/orange absent metabox

Alternatively you can use the template associated with each metabox:

Click on each infobox link to learn how to use them and what parameters are needed.

The text of this template is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-by-SA) license. Please review the CC-by-SA license text for more information.

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