This Template is to link to alternative, different variations, or rebooted versions of characters/games etc. It is also to link to information, galleries, and other things to do with a certain subject.


{{Tab Template

All parameters, except tab1, are optional.

  • backcolor - background color of active tab; default darkred;
  • altbackcolor - background color of inactive tabs; default transparent;
  • bordercolor - border color of every tab; default blue;
  • borderradius - border radius of every tab; default 4;
  • height - height of tabs, in em; default 3.8em;
  • minwidth - min. width of tabs, in em; default 5.0em;
  • maxwidth - max. width of tabs, in em; default 12.0em;
  • tab1 - an arbitrary title of the first tab;
  • tab2 - title of the second tab; it must correspond to the part after "/" of the name of the page, to which it links
  • tab3, tab4, tab5, tab6, tab7, tab8, tab9 - like tab2


Here is an example if this where to be used on Yoshimitsu's page.

{{Tab Template
|tab2=Yoshimitsu I
|tab3=Yoshimitsu II

The tabs will link to pages Character Name, Character Name/Yoshimitsu I, Character Name/Yoshimitsu II, and Character Name/Gallery

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