Old Kingdom Egypth

Pharaoh had a human. Pharaoh was crowned at a young age is to revive the faith of God Amon = Ra is now traditional, was renamed (similar appearance of the living God Amon) Tutankhamun to the throne.

Cents to Thebes from Amarna, and large-scale flood-control works, the young pharaoh had wielded its ability to fully, one day, Queen Anke Sena members would have fallen to the disease. Pharaoh lost a loved one is young, it came to pursuing the sword of the mystery of having absolute power has been communicated to the myth. Pharaoh was weakened at the end of it, that was never returned and was buried in personality finally, the huge temple.

After, people likened him to Amon = Ra, which is referred to as the Great Temple of Amon, so that the temple. Thousands of years ... then. Is that when Alexander the Great has been the expedition to Egypt. The Great Temple of Amon is a single old tank had been enshrined. Legend has tangled with the rope tied to a complex called the "Gordian Knot" tank, becoming the ruler of what solved the continent had been handed down this knot.

Alexander the Great heard the legend that is raised the sword of the waist, was cut under the cut with a sword knot. King is, he was declared to soldiers and fate is not determined by what the legend, and is opening up by their own hands.

Since then, the Great Temple of Amon, the location is to be cut open, that are equipped with a rope.


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